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Max Murray

Dear all

I note with interest the discussion regarding Divisions . At Narooma CC
we totally ignore divisions -people are simply croquet players and some are
better than others.

As Club Captain I am responsible for that decision. It is my belief that
mixing the skill levels is the best way to transfer skills and for the
weaker players to pick up from the stronger. It also encourages the stronger
players to pass on some of the knowledge they have acquired over time. Of
course we pair up players with about equal skills from time to time.

Located where we are at Narooma we have not been successful in convincing
other clubs to visit nor for that matter our players to travel regularly.
So we do not have the benefit of Pennant. A lack I regret and I am always
looking for a solution.

Max M

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Dear all
It is wonderful to read the diversity of ideas.
A few ideas of my own:
1 I believe the division range too wide. There is a substantial
difference (Div 2) between a player on 5 and one on 8 and players on 5
play doubles to stay on 5 particularly at the time of Pennants. To
discourage this we should narrow the division range. I think we
should go back to handicaps of 1 to 10 with first-time players
commencing on 9. The divisions could then be, Division 1 (handicaps
1-3), Division 2 (handicaps 4-6), Division 3 (handicaps 7-9).
2 Players in the middle range of a division who start to come "down
the ladder" should not go past the bottom line of that division. They
remain there until they "climb up". (Incidentally I believe this
should also apply to Association Croquet). I could not believe
(refereeing a GC Pennants match) that one of the players was down to
10. Another loss and she would have been wiped off the planet.
3 I also believe that double-taps should be abolished because of
diversity of judgments of referees, let alone players. They can cause
angst and friction in a match and add too much complexity to the game
which is not really needed.
4 When I started playing Golf Croquet (over 14 years ago), if you
"snuck" your ball into a hoop which was not "running the hoop" then
you had to hit it back out again. I suppose good "jump shot" player
would not like this but it is worth considering for Division 3.
All for now.
Mary Gibson


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