GC Handicaps

Wal Mills

This list is too quiet.

The Croquet Association (UK) has extended the lower end GC handicaps to -3 reasoning that, quote:-
"It has been obvious for some time that the lower end of the GC Handicap scale was far too cramped with players of a very wide range of playing abilities all sharing a 0 handicap."
While there doesn't seem to be statistics for all of Australia, for NSW at least, this very issue is at the other end of the scale.

The latest statistics for NSW GC show as at March 2014

100 players in Division 1 (0 to 4
H/C) (6.5%)
523 Division 2 (5 to 8 H/C) (34.1%)
912 Division 3 (9 to 12 H/C) (59.4%)

That's not counting those who don't seem to have a handicap of any kind (1458 or nearly 50% of registered NSW members!).

I don't understand why the higher handicap players are penalised in the current system (with H/C range and Index) and why any discussion is at the lower H/C end.

Unfortunately my submission to the ACA on this doesn't seem to have been loud enough.

Can I hear any voices?


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