facebook group

Alix Verge <alixverge@...>

Croquet NSW has started a facebook group for its members to more easily communicate information like club activities, players successes, general discussion, equipment for sale or wanted to buy .. anything croquet oriented.

To become a member simply log in to facebook (if you have an account already) and search for Croquet NSW and put in a friend request.

If you are not yet a facebook member go to www.facebook.com and register with them. You will need to supply your email address and a password. For those who do not wish to share their identity you can easily set up a special email account with one of the web based email applications eg hotmail.com, yahoo.com.au (eg 26-0-tp@... or 26-0sxp@...) and become a phantom member.

Please join,


PS: Simon we know TPNLPC !!!!!

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