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The situation that bothers me is when the more experienced player thinks they are doing some sort of favour to others in the club by saying ‘don’t worry about that Rule’. It is as though they are being treated as incapable of learning. I’d love to play them and break every rule in the book, and see how they would react.
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Laugh out loud.
Yep had plenty conversations like that, there is a very small set of croquet players that like things just so and they do there utmost to discourage any form of change be it for the better or worse, luckily the more you play and your game improves you find yourself well removed from this minority you just have to learn to side step them. However croquet has about 95 percent great people and only 5 percent not so great.....much better than other sports like Aussie rules where about 20 percent are great.....
I can recall a true story of a new very keen croquet player who was asked to pay more for his membership as he was on the lawn practicing as often as he could the reason given was that he would wear out the lawn......luckily the good folk in the club stepped in and he still plays.
Good luck

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How should we react (when discussing the new GC Rules) when the conversation goes like this?


Q; “What do you think of the new rules?”

A: “I'm not going to read the new rules. I'm not a competitive player. If I make a mistake someone will tell me.”


I have never had a problem with playing with new or inexperienced players (if they are keen), but this sort of comment is very down-heartening and must effect those new players who are trying to improve and learn the game.


What are the feelings of other cnswplayers?


Pam Owen


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