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Roberta Flint

Thanks Nolan and Tim

This was my understanding but in a doubles game today was convinced by my opponents that this is not correct and I could hoop in the turn just not from the stroke, so I went ahead and scored a hoop!!! They won anyway so no significant difference to outcome.

I was also looking in the rules under double not singles so had not read rule 37.

Thanks again



On 22/09/2013, at 3:39 PM, "Nola Scott" <nola.sco@...> wrote:

Law 37 states that a bisque is an extra turn (not just an extra stroke) and
a half-bisque is a restricted bisque (turn, not stroke) in which no point
can be scored for any ball. This means that if a hoop is run in a turn
started by a half bisque it cannot be counted and that would be the last
stroke of the turn.
Nola Scott

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I need clarification:

Can a hoop be scored in a turn that was started with a half bisque?

Or is the only limitation of a half bisque that a hoop cannot be run off the
stroke when the half bisque is taken?



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