Re: Use of GC Handicap Cards in Club Competitions

Margaret Sawers

I agree with Alan there should only be one handicap card per player. How can a player possibly have two handicaps.

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In ac and gc all clubs and players should use one card only, players that use 2 cards and the clubs that do are basically cheating. The idea that you are a 10 at home and 12 in outside comps is a just an opportunity to attempt to gain a free shot or two from an unsuspecting opponent
Every serious Competition game is recorded on your card. If you could win something be it a trophy, name on board or in the paper it's a serious competition game and goes on your ONLY card. Friendly games are not included as that is when you try more adventurous options.

Simple system
Alan Honey


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I know some clubs have internal club cards while others only use the one card system.
I know some clubs always record all competitive games in their card, I also know of some clubs who never use (not even for club championships) handicap cards.
How can a player represent their club as "club champion" in the states "Champion of Champions" competition if they don't have any record whatsoever of even competing in their club's championship.
Perhaps it is time for our state body to set down some guide
lines for the use of handicap cards. I think it would be nice to see more uniformity in club play.
I would be very interested to hear your(and I am sure,varied) opinions.
Pam Owen

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