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Max Murray

Hello Roger


I spoke to our greenkeeper today and he used a product called ”Monument Selective Spray” on our court to get rid of the Kikuyu and I can vouch that it works.   He makes  a few points though:

1.       Use it strictly in accordance with the directions;

2.       Don’t expect quick results because it is slow;

3.       It got the best results when it was used as soon as you see Kikuyu appear however small - don’t wait for it to develop to save mixing small quantities; and

4.       The product is expensive but he could not remember the actual costs - just that the Treasurer complained (but then all Treasurers complain).


Hope all this helps.



Max M



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Hi Max,

Thanks, it would be appreciated.   We often received advice from a Turf Consultant from Living Turf who suggested the idea of using a diluted solution of Roundup in winter time once the Couch had gone dormant but perhaps we diluted it too much (about 1%) or maybe we didn't get the timing right.  Unfortunately the Living Turf consultant we were using has now moved across to SimPlot to establish a turf division for them and so he is a bit harder to get access to, despite the fact that he lives locally (Kiama)

I will be interested in what you greenkeeper suggests


On 31/01/2012 7:47, Max Murray wrote:


Hello Roger


We had that problem and our greenkeeper did use a selective spray which worked.   I will see him on Thursday and ask the name of it.



Max Murray




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Hi Players,

Does anyone have a good method for removing Kikuyu grass out of a Couch croquet lawn?

Last winter, once the Couch had gone dormant, we spot sprayed patches of Kikuyu with dilute Glyphosate (roundup) and it seemed to kill the Kikuyu but it has returned again this summer.  Selective herbicides available these days can selectively get rid of most types of weeds but we don't know of one which will kill Kikuyu without also killing the couch.  Does anyone have a solution?

Roger Evans

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