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Max Murray

Hello Wal

My views are opposite to those given by Arthur.

I am short and need all the help i can get when playing a shot to go any distance (like across court) . I have a John Woods mallet and chose the design which gives me some whip in the shot i.e not rigid. I find that most useful and helps me a lot.

It's really up to you to decide and to do this I suggest you get two different mallets and try and sort out what suits your game best. If you are in Adelaide, Fenwick Elliot should be able to allow to try out both versions which i think you should do before you buy.

Sorry if this confuses the issue. As regards length I am not sure that Fenwick Elliot mallet handles can be just cut down in length.

Max Murray

On 12/02/2013, at 11:54 AM, Arthur Sawilejskij wrote:

Hi Wal,

Stick with the standard graphite shaft - the soft fibreglass shaft will be too sloppy and you would notice the difference immediately - your accuracy will suffer and your hands will curse you.

Another thing to consider is that if you are tall(ish), consider getting a longer handle - depends on your grip.

At my club the six foot men using the Solomon Grip seem to prefer a 40 inch handle.

If you find it too long, you can always move your grip down a bit or easily cut off some of the length.


On 12/02/2013, at 10:17 AM, Wal Mills <walm@...> wrote:

I'm a mid range (handicap 6) golf croquet player with less than two
years experienceand limited competition.

After due deliberation I'm ordering a Fenwick Elliott Mallet and am
undecided whether to order a standard graphite shaft or the soft glass
fibre shaft.

I would be interested in anyone's experiences or suggestions.


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