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Max Murray

I don't disagree with Pam but I think Club handicappers should take more
action in ensuring that players handicaps on entering a tournament reflect
their true ability.
I do not like the two handicap system and resist suggestions to develop this
within our club at Narooma. Also I think that tournaments should have a
clause in the entry form that where entrants do have two handicaps they will
play in that tournament off the lower of the two. This produces some
interesting results.

Max M

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I would like to see all new GC players start with a 12 handicap but on
starting to play competition this handicap then reduced to a 10.
Most players have gained quite a bit of experience before they enter
competition. I would also like to see the 2 card (club and
competition) system abandoned for ever. How many times have we seen a
player with a club handicap of 6 or 7 entering a competition with a
handicap of 8 or 9 receiving 2 or 3 extra turns. These people may have
had years and years of experience but because they have not entered
competitions they are receiving a definite advantage. I know
tournament managers have the discretion to alter a players handicap,
but it probably take several games before the change takes place.

Pam Owen


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