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Hi Everyone,

It is still very early days for this group and it will take a while for people to come on board, although we have 6 people already.

Even if/when we get a lot of people subscribed to the group I don't anticipate that there will be a large number of emails but, to make it easier to segregate emails originating from this list from your other e-mails, I suggest making a separate folder in your 'In' box (call it CNSW players or whatever) and then set up a filter to automatically send e-mails from this cnswplayers list to that folder.   You will note that any e-mail sent via this list will have the [cnswplayers] prefix inserted in front of the subject heading and this makes it easy to identify the email to send it to the new folder.

Depending on what e-mail client you are using you will probably find the mail filters under the 'Tools' menu.  The software will help walk you through the set up, but the filter will be of the form:   "if Subject contains [cnswplayers] then move it to the cnswplayers (or whatever you have called it) folder". 

I am not familiar with all the e-mail clients (I use Thunderbird personally) but I am happy to help anyone who isn't familiar with setting up a message filter.

Roger Evans

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