Re: safety inspection audit

Jenny Arnold

JanWe did a safety audit at Sawtell earlier this year. It was done with help from our local council officers who had an audit form plus the knowledge of potential hazards we had not thought of. There was not much that required action at the time, some issues which we are adressing as time goes on. It is a work in progress. Hope this helps Jenny Arnold
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 09:14:10 +1100
Subject: [cnswplayers] safety inspection audit

At our recent Club Meeting there was a discussion on the necessity [or otherwise] of a Safety Audit. This would include indicators such as yellow lines and striped tape indicating potential safety hazards, and a marked assembly point in case of fire.

Is there an Audit Form appropriate to the average Croquet Club premises?

Are there any clubs that have carried out such an Audit, that will share there conclusions about the success or necessity of such a procedure please?

Jan Sage - Taree Croquet Club

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