Re: Alternative ending for GC games

John Eddes


I agree that running the 12th hoop is generally a disadvantage if it
makes the score 6-6.

But I agree with Tony that no matter what hoop is played next the player
playing first will have an advantage.

And I disagree that other sports start from a position of no advantage
even though it is reduced by restarting not playing on 'as time is
called' - in league one side must kick off to the other giving the
receiving side first opportunity (and usually three opportunities in the
first 5 minutes compared to 2 for the side kicking). Soccer has the
dreadful penalty shoot out but one team must kick first thereby having
an advantage if successful in putting the pressure on the opposition.
Tennis starts a tiebreaker with one player serving and a similar
position to soccer and golf requires one player to hit first thereby
showing the opposition what they have to better.

On 1/07/2012 6:52 AM, sweetpkev wrote:

Hello players

A few weeks ago an alternative ending for GC games in a match of best
of 3 or 5 games, when the games are equal (1-all or 2-all) and the
points are equal (6-all in a 13 point game), was made that we should
consider having a 2 hoop (points) lead, to decide the winner.

I would like to put forward another option for consideration.
I think we will all agree that the person winning the 12th hoop (in a
13 point game) is at a disadvantage, playing in sequence the other
player has a distinct advantage of being first to play to hoop 3. Most
sports -- football (all codes), tennis and golf -- as examples play
their tie-breakers from a position that is of no advantage to either
side or player.

My suggestion is:

"At the completion of hoop 12, all balls are then lifted, taken to
corner 4 and continuing in sequence play is then set for hoop 7."

Having already played 3 or 5 games with the result tied at the end of
the 12th hoop this would then give both players a chance to show true

Pam Owen
Jamberoo Croquet Club

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