Re: Yahoo! accounts hacked

Wal Mills <walm@...>

Sometimes they just steal addresses and send them so you think the email is from your friends or infiltrate your friends computer and send out to everyone in their address book.

It pays to have uptodate virus software.


On 17/07/2012 6:58 AM, Roger Evans wrote:
Hi Wal,
Thanks for the reference.
In the past 2 months I have received spoofed emails from three different
people I know and the common factor was that each had a Yahoo email
address. I suspected that something might have been wrong in the Yahoo
camp but hadn't seen the reference you gave.
Interestingly, I used the checker on the PBS site for the spoofed email
addresses and it showed that they were not on the list of addresses that
had been hacked.

As the article indicates, it certainly pays to have secure passwords for
dealings on the Internet.


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