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Max Murray

Hello All

We have provided a contribution to annual membership fees and that went /goes down well. We have also provided an anuual subscription to the Australia Croquet Magazine . Both area bit different from the bottle of wine etc.

Max Murray

On 09/07/2012, at 9:15 PM, Roger Evans wrote:

Hi All,

With croquet being a fairly low profile sport that doesn't attract much
sponsorship, prizes given to winners of tournaments are generally quite
modest. I doubt whether many players are encouraged to enter a
tournament because of the prizes on offer but a club hosting a
tournament would like to be able to give the winners a prize that they
will value.

Some of the prizes I have seen have included: bottles of wine, inscribed
glasses or mugs, basket of food, medallions, ornaments, framed prints or
paintings, croquet accessories (eg socks, scorers, ball markers etc).
A few clubs provide cash prizes but, unless the club has sponsorship,
cash prizes are probably not an option (if they have to be paid out of
the tournament fees).

Does anyone have any suggestions of what a low cost (say under $30)
universally appreciated prize might be?

Roger Evans
Jamberoo CC

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