John Carpenter's "The Thing" 70mm blow up question


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I watched a 70mm screening of The Thing last night, and a few questions popped.

Apparently there were very few 70mm prints made, and, apart from the fact that most of the cyan and yellow layers had completely faded away, leaving a magenta tint on most of the film, which is a bit annoying for a film that's supposed to look "cold", the level of detail and grain was what could be expected from a prestige 70mm blowup.

Now, I noticed a few shots where the focus was good on the subject in the frame, but HUGE optical flaws (diffraction like) could be clearly seen everywhere else on the frame, that I dont remember seeing on the original print years ago, or the DVD edition. Where could that come from ? Were the shots done like this and my memory is failing me, or can someone here who maybe worked on the 70mm blowup remember and explain please ? 

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