Medical Care in America (was: Is Sibley any better?)

Leila Afzal

Not to depress us even more, the following is a brother's experience in Switzerland. My brother was visiting our family in Switzerland when he developed a horrific toothache on a weekend. Our uncle's dentist was out of town and the dental office said the only option they could suggest was a "dentist is the box" (my phrase) office at the train station. Desperate, my brother went. He took the elevator down deep underground. As he entered the offices, he said it looked like the fanciest dental office he had ever seen. He received phenomenal care including an emergency root canal. He was given medication so he could fly back to the US to finish the procedure with a crown. As he was leaving, he went to the receptionist to pay the bill. My uncle said this is Switzerland, we don't have a cost. But the receptionist apologized and said that is only true for Swiss citizens and since my brother wasn't one, he would have to pay the 50 Swiss franc charge. My uncle was mortified. My brother was ecstatic.
Leila Afzal
Cleveland Park
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