ISO tree service - count me a fan of Adirondack Tree Experts

June Kronholz

I asked Adirondack Tree Experts to give me an estimate to remove a few limbs from two trees that I worried were looking sickly.  An arborist came out within 48 hours, gave the trees and limbs a good look-over, declared them aging but healthy, urged me not to remove the limbs, advised me to "spend your money on something else," and left without charging me.  Which is to say, if I EVER need tree serving, my business will do to Adirondack.


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I second the recommendation for Adirondack for tree removal. They very effectively, in our case, cut down and then removed in pieces a very large oak tree growing precariously on a hill side. Care, professionalism, meticulous clean-up.  
Best to all

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Adirondack Tree Service - amazing experience. I cannot recommend them enough!