ISO local baker for custom cookies



I’m in search of a local baker who can do a large custom order of cookies for a holiday party akin to the attached photos.

Thanks in advance For the recommendations!
Maria Elena
mariaelenaj @ gmail dot com

Margery Goldberg

Alessi Kidd, Jelly Roll Soul
Really delish. I use her for my openings and parties, she will deliver.
Creatively Yours,
 Margery E. Goldberg
 1429 Iris Street NW  Washington DC 20012-1409
202-783-2963-gallery  202-957-3869-cell

Baked by Yael

For custom cookies, I recommend Maribeth's Bakery:

Send a message to Maribeth's office manager, Nicole: nicolevanwert@... [nicolevanwert @ comcast dot net]. She can answer any questions you may have!


Baked by Yael
3000 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008
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