Few show up for "Christian Storytime" at the Cleveland Park Library

Leila Afzal

Apparently lack of parking may have caused the low turnout.Wink
Leila Afzal
Cleveland Park
The actor and former Trump staffer came to Washington to spread their values — and promote their books. Few seemed to care.
Perspective by Ron Charles, Book critic
March 31, 2023 at 3:27 p.m. EDT

Behold. Kirk Cameron and Brave Books, a conservative publisher of children’s stories, have teamed up “to win back Story Hour and stand up for truth and Biblical values.” The evangelical actor, best known for his appearance on “Growing Pains” in a previous century, has been traveling around the country promoting his new Brave picture book, “As You Grow.” Cameron markets his Freedom Island Tour as a wholesome alternative to the Drag Queen Story Hours promoted by woke Marxist librarians. Christian patriots, supposedly imperiled and opposed by a godless state, are encouraged to attend not merely to hear children’s books but to demonstrate their allegiance.

The Brave Books website says, “It take courage to stand up for truth.” It take grammar, too, but God works in mysterious ways.

Wednesday morning, the Freedom Island Tour came to the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library in D.C. to vanquish the arrayed forces of evil. But the forces of evil never arrayed. Instead of angry protesters, Cameron and his fellow Brave authors confronted a mostly empty sidewalk. Misinformation purveyor Jack Posobiec, author of “The Island of Free Ice Cream,” spoke ominously of the recent “Christian massacre” at a Nashville elementary school. “If we back down,” he warned, “they win.”

At least seven uniformed police officers and several members of a private security team wandered back and forth. Apparently, this is what winning looks like.

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