What to Give Someone Who Has it All? Cooking Lessons!

Ariel Voorhees

Dear Neighbors,

If you’re like me, you neither need nor want any thing for this year’s holiday gift. What we’re searching for is a creative outlet that can help us find pleasure in the everyday. 

Enter cooking lessons!

What if you could be more comfortable, more capable, and more playful in the kitchen? How great would it feel to prepare dinner with confidence that it’ll be delicious? 

I offer cooking lessons to help you master exactly what you want to learn in the kitchen. Each lesson is tailored to your goals and dietary preferences. 

Or perhaps you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to mark a special occasion. I offer Cooking Lesson Dinner Parties in which your group learns to cook together and celebrates its shared efforts with a feast!

And if you want to skip the cooking entirely and find dinner waiting in your fridge, cooked just for your family and ready when you are -- I do that too! There’s more detail at GatherRoundChef.com

Who am I? I'm your friendly local family chef. I help busy DC families come together for dinner every night by taking weeknight cooking off their to-do lists. 

I also Pack the Freezer full of food for new and expectant parents, or anyone who’s looking ahead to a busy time. 

What you can do now:

If this is something you might be interested in, reply to me at ariel@... [ariel @ gatherroundchef dot com] and let’s chat. Start by February 1 for a 15% discount on your first cooking session (code: NEIGHBOR). 

To your health,

Ariel Voorhees
Gather Round

Ariel Voorhees
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