100 Years of Wisconsin Holiday Cookie Recipes available on-line

Katherine SAMOLYK

I have been baking holiday cookies for decades---for teachers, caregivers, co-workers, friends, and family. Periodically, people have requested recipes and they are now available on-line!  


(You can buy cookie tins etc. at: https://www.e-cookietins.com/. Holiday items go on sale the day after Christmas.)

Featured recipes have changed a lot over time. I still use recipes from my childhood.  

p. 8 Pecan Fingers 
p. 12 chocolate dipped creams. This is the most requested recipe!! (I tint the dough pink then use a cookie press to create a more oval shape—like Milano cookies—and spread a thin layer of melted chocolate chips on the bottom of the cookies after baking) 
p 14 Spritz Cookies (requires a cookie press)  
p 20 Bourbon Balls (my oldest sister’s favorite) 
p 25 Chocolate Log Cookies (requires a cookie press) 
p 37 Frosted Cookie Canes  
p 42 Scotch Shortbread (I create 1.5-2-inch-wide logs of dough, wrap them in plastic wrap, and chill the dough.  You can roll the logs in sugar, heath bits, etc. before slicing into cookies)   
p 44 Toffee Squares (Some people in my family do not like nuts---so I sprinkle Heath Bits on top instead) 

Happy Baking,

Greenwich Pkway