DC Health COVID-19 Test Results Missing 1 Week Later [Cleveland Park Library]

Carren Kaston


Just to let you know that I've been unsuccessful in obtaining any information about the nasal swab sample I submitted on Dec. 23 at the Cleveland Park Library at 7:50 pm.

I'm concluding that either my sample got lost or the pickup that evening took place earlier than usual.

Before putting my sample in the collection box, I actually went into the lobby of the library at 7:50 pm and asked the people handing out tests whether the 8 pm collection had taken place yet. They thought it hadn't -- mainly based, I think, on their idea that it wasn't supposed to take place before 8 pm. But perhaps they were mistaken about that evening's collection time.

I did not receive a confirmation that my test was received, although I did receive confirmation that I successfully registered my test. So whatever happened evidently went amiss after I put my sample in the box but before it was delivered anywhere.

Carren Kaston

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We just received results for a DC Health test submitted Tuesday 12/28 at midday today 12/30, so a turnaround of only about 1.5 days.

Mary Gooderham

My confirmation of the sample having been picked up from the library often came around 7 pm or so, even a tad earlier. Perhaps without declaring it they don’t pick them all up at 8 but some are earlier. They always confirm the pickup and then you wait for the result. 
Mine took up to 4-5 days around Thanksgiving. Wish I’d known about registering/checking with the lab directly. 
So we ended up finding same day free testing through CVS, https://www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/clinic-locator/covid-19-testing/washington-covid-8359.html or https://www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/covid-19-testing . It's a rapid PCR. There's just one place that does it, you should put in your location as Zip Code 20024 in the “finder”

Mary Gooderham
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