ISO: pool to use for swim lessons for my son (2x a week for 1/2 hour each)

Marianna Sachse

With covid class size restrictions, we have weren't able to get our almost 5 year old into swim classes this summer. We've found a private instructor and thought we had a pool lined up, but that fell through. I know it is a lot to ask, but I'm looking for someone with a pool that would be kind enough to let us use it 2x a week on the weekend for the month of June, and then once a week after that for the month of July (if the situation is working for everyone.)

Our son has motor planning issues, and our swim instructor is also an occupational therapist that has generously offered to squeeze him in two times a week on the weekend, for a half hour each time for the month of June, in the early to mid-afternoon. He's undergoing a great developmental leap thanks to his regular occupational therapy, and we are really hopeful that we can take advantage of that and get him swimming this summer!

Thanks in advance!