Our housecleaner is available, fully vaccinated, and awesome! #cleaning #housecleaning


Hi, folks,

Julie has been cleaning our house for 3 years and is looking for more clients. I heartily recommend her for these reasons:

  • Excellent cleaning: Julie works a miracle each week for our messy family of 4 
  • Very reliable & flexible: She adapted easily to changes we requested during covid
  • Pet-friendly: She house-sits for our cats (and our pandemic pup loves her too)
  • Great at unpacking & organizing: She helped us move 2X
  • Wears mask/very covid-cautious
  • Got 2nd covid vaccine on March 25
Feel free to email me with questions or to contact Julie directly; her cell is 202-317-1554.

Julie (and, yes, she and I have the same first name!)