Negative Encounter with Veteran Compost Driver Today


I had a bizarre, ugly encounter with a driver in a Veteran Compost van this morning. As I pulled up to a 35th St stop sign, this van turned onto street going in the opposite direction. He pulled up to the front of my car blocking me from moving.  Making hand gestures indicating I should get out of his way, I gestured back he should move. He began vigorously waving his arms, shouting at me to move, shouting curses, calling me the B-word. He then put his van in park, and continued to wave his arms and shout for 10 minutes. I called 311, got out to take pictures of the van, at which point he moved and I left. I am leaving out some details, but this was not your average cursing drive-by.
If anyone has had a similar experience, please contact me offline at TRBECK@....
Ordway St.