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Kevin Moss

As hundreds of Cleveland Park residents can tell you, Consumers’ Checkbook has the ratings and advice you need to make an informed decision the next time you’re looking for a local service. Washingtonians have relied on us to help them save time and money for more than 45 years.

Consumers’ Checkbook provides ratings and advice on a wide range of local service providers and healthcare professionals, from auto repair shops to doctors to plumbers to vets and everything in between. We’re nonprofit and do not accept advertising or kickbacks from the businesses we review, like most other ratings organizations. Our evaluations are based on more than 400,000 ratings collected in surveys of Consumers’ Checkbook subscribers and other local consumers, extensive undercover comparison price shopping, checks on complaint records at local consumer agencies, and much more.

Let us show you how Checkbook can make a difference in your life. As a special invitation to Cleveland Park Listserv members, we’re offering a discounted Checkbook subscription for first-time subscribers. We invite you to visit to join for $18 for one year, a savings of $10 off our regular price.

Kevin Moss
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