Question about CP Metro Station status Re: Why I support Amendment 2123 of the Comprehensive Plan

Christopher Backley

I’m not weighing in on the ANC discussion per se, but I want to ask about one point raised in the message below. It asserts that the Cleveland Park Metro station is scheduled to be closed in July 2021. It was my understanding that the recent influx of more federal aid allowed for WMATA to revise its budget so that it could avoid drastic cuts like closing 19 stations.
Did something change? Is the CP station somehow still scheduled to close?

- from previous message -
Dear Sauleh,
I'm not sure I really understand your assertion "we don't have enough people". How many new units of housing, affordable or not, do we need to revitalize the Cleveland Park Business District? You must have some idea and it would be good to share now with your constituents. Because this seems to be the crux of the argument for higher density along Connecticut Avenue. Clearly, we would need to build on top on the buildings that currently exist. This will make the strip seem more congested. You would also need to do away with Sam's Park and Shop by removing its historical designation. But some other points regarding your email:
* The metro stop is slated to close in July 2021 and the bus routes altered as well. What is the ANC doing about that as that will negatively affect our community plus drive more people to drive their cars downtown. The altered bus routes will also take people away from Cleveland Park. How fast do you intend to erect new housing to get all these people to move here? [snip]