Feed the Fridge provides meals around the city. Would you consider helping? #supportsmallbusiness #community #donatelove #homeless

Leah Craft

Dear Neighbors,
I am writing to ask you for your help. I recently came across Feed the Fridge (https://feedthefridge.org), a new, local, innovative nonprofit that is helping to solve two of DC's major COVID-related issues: bringing business to our struggling restaurants and getting meals to those who are without income/food and/or unable to leave their homes for risk of COVID. Founded nine months ago by local restaurateur, Mark Bucher (of Medium Rare), Feed the Fridge strategically places refrigerators all around the DMV and stocks them with pre-packaged healthy meals from local restaurants who then receive payment for the meals they provide (up to 100 daily per fridge). In just nine short months, Feed the Fridge has given 25,000 healthy, restaurant-quality meals for free to our DC neighbors. And most recently, Mark partnered with the District to get refrigerators into schools so that children who typically rely on school for their meals will still be able to access dependable food sources for themselves and their families even while studying remotely.
Mark could use your help. Sadly, the need for prepared meals is much greater than Mark's current capacity to pay for the cost of transporting the meals, the meals themselves, and the refrigerators to store the meals. Here is how you can help:
1. Sponsor a Fridge - the more fridges around the DMV, the more meals that can be provided, and the more bellies that can be filled! Each fridge costs $800. 
2. Donate! All donations are tax deductible. 
3. Connect us to your employer! Feed the Fridge currently has no corporate sponsors or partnerships, but given its efforts to feed those impacted by COVID in the DMV and save the local restaurant community -- it should! We'd be grateful for any introductions you could make for Feed the Fridge. (Shoot me an email or a DM - craft.leah @ gmail dot com -- let's talk!)
4. Volunteer. Feed the Fridge has only one paid employee, but many volunteers who help with food pick-up and delivery, sanitization of the refrigerators, etc. These are the current needs for volunteers:
- Community organizers to help raise funds or identify  locations for more fridges.
Who am I? I am a volunteer advisor for Feed the Fridge who feels passionately about supporting DC restaurants and who is blessed to know that my family will always have food on our table, which we will never take for granted. And I'd love your help. 
Looking forward to hearing from you!
With gratitude,
craft dot leah at gmail dot com
49th St NW
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