Vaccine sign-up success this morning

kathi sullivan

Hi Andrea,

We had four people trying, 3 on computers, one on the phone, for 1 appointment. We got one immediately, but we were all trying at exactly 9 AM. By the time the confirmation came, the site was shut down. I had only gotten to the second page of the questionnaire when my son nabbed the appointment, so you need fast fingers as well. Something that a lot of us in this age group do not have.

Kathi Sullivan

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[snip] Did anyone have success in getting a vaccination appointment through the DC Dept of Health this morning? I will try Med Star again on Monday. [snip]  

Linda LaScola

No — my husband and I tried simultaneously at 9 AM sharp — tried several locations, across town and nearby - no luck.

If the city wants to vaccinate more people from multiple wards, perhaps the city should find a way to target them more precisely.

We are simply following the directives, and not having any luck. 

Linda LaScola
Conn Ave

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Did anyone have success in getting a vaccination appointment through the DC Dept of Health this morning?  


Hello to all,

After reading all the emails of people racing to be vaccinated, I am left with astonishment and disappointment.

How this, what I believe to be the most advanced and most accomplished (I thought/believed) country in the world, is failing so miserably in delivering the vaccine to it's citizens?

It's been ten months since the beginning of the pandemic. We all knew, professionals and laypeople alike, that we are waiting for the vaccines and that we all/most will need one sooner than later. The scientists did their remarkable job and created a few with almost the speed of light -- just to see the bureaucrats screw up the delivery process. 

Many will blame Trump, and believe me, I would've  too, but in this case I don't think it's his fault. 

The state's governments failed to do their job. They had ten months to create a system, based on priority. With the technology and the intelligence of technical engineers it should've and could've been done and ready with a click of a keyboard, the moment the vaccines were approved.

If the scientists succeeded, the administration should've! with their simpler task, requirements and risk. 

To me it's embarrassing to admit how low, we as a country, fell.  

It says a lot about our states government's  leaders and their employees, about their abilities and concerns to their responsibilities. Shame and disbelief is what I am left with. 

Take care of yourselves the best you can.