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For reading to be fun, it has to be easy.

We make reading fun by teaching children to read using the latest research. We offer explicit, systematic instruction designed to help your child become a fluent reader.

Children who attend school virtually meet with their reading coach during breaks in the school day. Others meet with their coach after school or on weekends.

The earlier you intervene to help a child who is behind in reading, the quicker they'll get caught up and learn to love reading.

Feedback from some of our happy children and parents:

Sylvana (4th grade), after a few months of reading coaching: “I used to cry all the time because I couldn’t do my homework.  Now I can actually read the directions and do it!”

Father of a 1st grade student about 4 weeks after her first lesson: “I know Clara is really enjoying all of this and I can see how it is helping her to grow in skills and confidence.”

Mother of an initially reluctant 4th grade student, after our first lesson: “I talked with Thomas right afterwards and he was really happy with how the session went.  He even said he had fun!!”

Amber: “Daniela Feldhausen is amazing!! We started with her in April, worked hard all summer and now [in November] my 8 year old is reading at a second grade level!! She was still at kindergarten level when we started.  Massive improvements thanks to her!!”

Laurie: “She is tutoring my 5th grade son 3x/week and even though we’ve only been doing it a few weeks, he’s made a ton of progress.  We were able to work the schedule so that he sees her virtually during an elective period.”

Check out our website and contact [Daniela @ KidsUpReadingCoaches dot com] for more information.


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