Free Sneeze Guards, Face Shields, Box Fans, Shelves, Gloves, Plastic Containers, and more for community organizations doing good work #free #ppe #covid19 #MutualAid



Hello, my name is Jonah Docter-Loeb and I am writing on behalf of Print to ProtectWe are looking to distribute the infrastructure we accumulated and purchased for this project to local charities, community organizers, and non-profits who could use the materials. We can likely deliver the products to wherever they are needed.

All the products listed below are free to organizations doing good who could put them to good use.

The links are an approximation of the product, please reach out for exact specifications. If you happen to know of an organization who might need any of the supplies listed below, please encourage them to fill out this form. Most of these items are in mint condition.

  • 200+ clear sheets of plastic which are 24in x 30in x 0.002in. These can be used as "sneeze guards" when hung from the ceiling. These are also available to businesses (though priority will be given to non profits)

  • Medium quality 3d printed face shields (Not for medical use. To request face shield for medical use, please check out

  • 16 heavy duty plastic shelving units 

  • 2.5 gallons of hand sanitizer from Mount Defiance Distillery

  • 2 mighty air movers and 6 box fans Perfect for cooling off volunteers/organizers in the summer or increasing the ventilation of an indoor space in the winter

  • 67 pairs of reusable neoprene gloves for cleaning

  • <100 medium sized and 250 small pairs of disposable gloves 

  • Assorted small plastic storage boxes of varying sizes: 25 twelve quart, 25 twenty quart, 5 twenty-eight quart, 9 ninety quart, and 2 thirty-eight gallon heavy duty bins

  • 4 twenty-eight oz spray bottles; each filled with hand sanitizer

  • Roll of shop towels and 100+ reusable cloths for cleaning

  • 2 gallon pump sprayer with a bleach-water mix (comes with ph testing strips, 7 safety goggles, and a somewhat full bottle of concentrated bleach)

  • An impact sealer with 2 rolls of 14in to 16in polyseal bags 

  • Basic first aid kit

  • 30 high quality unassembled 24in X 15in x 12in cardboard boxes (no tape needed for assembly!)

  • Various office supplies: hole punchers, exacto knife, name tags, sharpies, pens, post it notes, and tape

Once again, if you are interested in any of these materials, you have until December 9th to fill out this form. At that point we will use responses to determine the most efficient and equitable way to distribute the materials.

We are hoping to distribute these materials over the next few months, assuming there is no uptick in need for 3d printed shields for medical professionals.

Thank you for your time!

Best wishes,
Jonah Docter-Loeb
Lead Organizer of Print to Protect  

Want to get involved? While Print to Protect is no longer in need of volunteers, check out the DC Mutual Aid Facebook group. There are lots of kind, well educated, and fortunate people on this listserve. Consider asking community organizers how your skills can assist their movement. Through the DC Mutual Aid Group, they do a lot of good helping communities hit the hardest by the pandemic and economic + racial inequality in general.

Also consider donating blood! It’s safe, easy, makes you feel like you are helping, and is a good way to get out of the house. Consider donating at Children’s Hospital or through other drives listed here

Background on Print to Protect:

This past spring – through help from groups like this one – we were able to organize the 3d printing and donation of 16,000 face shields, cpap valves, door openers, and ear protectors to hospitals and clinics across the dc area. As traditional manufacturers of these items caught up, we suspended production in June and held onto a small stockpile of shields. Even with the recent surge of cases, it appears that many of the dc area medical professionals we donated to have enough PPE. As well, because face shields are now readily available to the general public, 3d printing shields is a less time and cost effective solution. 

That said, if you know of an organization (medical or otherwise) which is in an urgent need of face shields that cannot be satisfied by traditional manufacturers (due to cost limitations and/or distribution issues) we are still accepting requests for face shields on our website – – and we might be able to provide some shields. 

Feel free to email me directly at jonahdocterloeb@... [ jonahdocterloeb @ gmail dot com] with questions, comments, ideas for the future of Print to Protect, advice for a teen taking a gap year, or dad jokes :)