Mary's Center's annual Thanksgiving Food Drive #community #thanksgiving

Magali Ceballos


My name is Magali and I work at Mary’s Center, a community health center that provides DC and MD communities with medical, dental, behavioral health, and social services. 

Each year, we have a Thanksgiving food drive to provide hundreds of families with a Thanksgiving meal. This food drive is made possible by our generous partners and donors who set up food collection bins at their work or in community spaces. However, due to the current circumstances, we’re finding that we won’t be able to follow our usual model.   

We’re committed to ensuring that our participant families receive a warm Thanksgiving meal so we’re changing things up a bit. We have created an Amazon Wishlist for anyone who is able to and would like to donate to our annual food drive. It can be found here.    

We greatly appreciate your support in making this Thanksgiving food drive a possibility!  

Magali Ceballos