ISO repair for crocheted blanket #iso #repair


We have a crocheted blanket that my grandmother made, which my daughters love.  But it is at least 35 years old, and has started to unravel in two places and has developed a big hole.  It was never a particularly high-quality item, I don't think, but it has sentimental value.  If anyone has had something like this fixed, or has thoughts about where we could get it fixed, we'd be most appreciative!

David Gossett
Ordway Street
dgossett at gmail dot com

Margaret Romig <Margaret.romig@...>

I would check with Looped Yarn Works in Dupont. Even if they can't do it themselves, I bet they could help you find someone who can. (I'd do it myself but I'm a knitter so I'd be all thumbs :)
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