ISO 3 Bedroom House in CP

Luisa Gomez

Good Afternoon Neighbors-

My small family will have to relocate by January to a new house in the immediate neighborhood. The online search is taking me in circles (Zillow to Atlas to Mojo etc etc) and is typically a revolving door of open houses run by “agents” who have never even seen the house before. It’s such a pain! And to some realtors’ surprise, I refuse to fill out applications on a house I haven’t seen.

I prefer to pay someone directly who has actually done their research, knows the property, and can move things along! I’d happily pay a reward to someone here for connecting me.

Basic requirements are 3 bedrooms with yard. I’m flexible on rent depending on the layout because it could potentially be my work space.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Luisa G [fooeyme @ gmail dot com]