Tenleytown Automotive Introduction #repair

Tenleytown Automotive

Hello Everyone! 

I just met a delightful women by the name of Christine who introduced me to this Listserv so I will apologize in advance if I am not following the protocol as this is my first time using it.    

I wanted to first introduce my self and my shop to the group. My name is Philip Rosen and I own and operate the Tenleytown Automotive. We have 2 locations on Wisconsin Ave, the original shop at the Shell gas station @4900 Wisconsin Ave and we just took over the entire Exxon down the street @4244 Wisconsin Ave. I would like to offer our services to everyone on this ListServ and if you mention that you heard of us here enjoy a discount on your service as a courtesy from me to you!

I would also love to ask since I am new to running the Convenience Store aspect if anyone would have recommendations on items that you would want to see more of (or less of lol)  as well as feed back you may have for me.  

The Exxon as you may have noticed is in severe disrepair from the previous owner but little by little I will make it more presentable. We do not want to be just another gas/service station we would like to add some character to the space as well as become part of the community.  

We are also huge supporters of the community and Woodrow Wilson HS, as you may have seen our banners and names on some of the souvenir cups etc.

I want to thank all of you for your time and if you are still reading this long post....we are excited to be able to reach out to you and look forward to many years in this AMAZING community!

Tenleytown Automotive

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