ISO Spring yard cleanup - gardener helps out people who lost jobs

Katrina Brandon

My long-time gardener, Demetrio Gomez, (240-285-2903) works at American Plant, but does private work on evenings and weekends. He had some new guys this weekend hauling mulch bags, dirt, etc. and they are his relatives who have lost their restaurant jobs. Demetrio buys everything from American Plant, so you are supporting them. He found pallets for me and brought good dirt to make a pallet garden (google it - very cool if we are in this cornavirus thing for awhile). He is totally trustworthy, and I highly recommend him, and with an expanded crew he can get your yard looking nice quickly. He can come and give estimates for a one-off cleanup, aerating the yard and reseeding the grass, mulching, pruning, etc. Even though some of his guys are used to restaurant work, they have done yards and have buddied up.  He has also been patient and happy to move plants for me when I've changed the configuration of the garden over the past few years.

Contact me if any questions - katrinabrandon @ gmail dot com