Summer Camp Registration Open & Spaces are filling - Adventures on The Hill #student #childcare #summercamp

April Brooks

Summer Camp Registration has begun and spaces are filling fast at our Capitol Hill and Takoma campsites. Availability by weeks in Takoma is as follows:
Week 1 - The Science Lab: 11 spots remaining
Week 2 - Inventor's Workshop: 8 spots remaining
Week 3 - Cooking For Life: 8 spots remaining
Week 4 - Let's Travel to Australia: 10 spots remaining
Week 5 - Cartoons and Animation: 6 spots remaining
Week 6 - Intro to Robotics: 5 spots remaining
Week 7 - Let's Travel to World Islands: 4 spots remaining
Week 8 - Exploratarium: 2 spots (waitlist)
Week 9 - How Stuff Works: 2 spots (waitlist)
Week 10 - Farewell Summer: 4 spots remaining  
Head over to to secure your spot and request the calendar via email to [info @ adventuressummercamp dot com]. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.. 
Have a wonderful day!
April Brooks

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