School of Rock Opening in Cleveland Park #student #summercamp


Hello Cleveland Park!

We are happy to announce the opening of a brand new School of Rock in Cleveland Park! The school will be located at the end (near the gas station) of the Sams Park and Shop. The School will be opening in May with an eye on the summer for Camps! Check out the camps that are being offered at:

Once summer has ended we will begin with our normal curriculum and using the School of Rock method. Playing an instrument is a fun and rewarding skill that lasts a lifetime. Check out what we offer during the school year at:

About us: We are also parents not just business owners. We have a son who because of medical issues can not play team/contact sports. Our family placed a lot of value on the skills learned in these activities, however we had to find another outlet for our son. That's when we discovered School of Rock, and his profound personal growth has inspired us to open our own school and provide this opportunity to children like ours, and frankly, to children who aren't into sports. As it turns out, MUSIC IS A TEAM SPORT! Everyone is welcome at School of Rock and we strive to be a community leader for all of our families.

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