ISO Dentist who does crowns for implants


Dear Neighbors,
I am looking for a good dentist to put a crown on an implant. Apparently, it requires a particular approach and some finesse-- different than a crown on a standard tooth. 
Any suggestions are much appreciated. 
Quebec St. NW
ssnrjs @ yahoo dot com

Re: ISO Local Body shop


I go to GLS Autobody, A bit of a hike, but Lee, the owner, is great!!

christycleung @ yahoo dot com 

ISO Local Body shop

Barbara Goldschmidt

My car got dented and scratched in a parking lot. Although it's relatively minor, I'm looking for a body shop that can repair and restore.
Thanks for recommendations.
Barbara Goldschmidt
barbara@... [barbara @ elementaltouch dot org]

Re: Bruce Spiva for Attorney General Posters Have Disappeared from Streets and Roadways [Cleveland Park listserv]

Carren Kaston


Please note that the total disappearance of Bruce Spiva posters that I posted about originally had nothing to do with grassy medians. We're talking curbs and lampposts.

I'm glad to say that the Spiva signs have been replaced, thanks in no small measure to the efforts of people on this listserv who reached out to the campaign.

Carren Kaston   

- previous message -
The signs on Military between Utah and Oregon were removed/have been removed and have been removed because DPW keeps mowing that median and placing the signs on the side of the road. There are currently a few stacks on both sides of a various candidates by the St John's Fence and the big open field.
This has been occurring all over the city in these grassy medians.

Re: ISO Referral for good orthodontist

Barbara Allem

I highly recommend Dr Eduardo Gerlein, who is located on Friendship Blvd in Chevy Chase MD (301-951-4114).  
Cathedral Ave 

FS: Priority Start 20" Bike (fits kids 6-11) #forsale #bike

Eric Schuettpelz

Designed to introduce gears and increase the skills of riders graduating from a 16" bike. Light aluminum frame, 3-speed Shimano Nexus internal hub, and grease-free Gates Belt Drive.
Bike is in excellent shape and very clean. $200.

Located in Woodley Park.
Eric Schuettpelz
schuettpelze@...  [schuettpelze @ icloud dot com]

A Big Thank You! (was: We support Council Chair Mendelson’s Compromise 3D Redistricting Map)

Katherine SAMOLYK

I want to thank all the wonderful people that I met in the context of participating in the Neighborhood Voices redistricting effort and all of the people who sent kind messages of support for our efforts. 

I also want to thank Councilmember Anita Bonds for coming to the two meetings at the Cleveland Park Library and voting with Chairman Mendelson yesterday (who perhaps belatedly but ultimately tried to help us. I am grateful). And thank you to Councilmember Vincent Gray for voting with Chairman Mendelson as well. 

Finally, I want to thank Mary Alice Levine, the only task-force member who chose to support the overwhelming number of people who voiced concerns about the boundaries that the task force drew.   

As I have written before, the Ward 3 redistricting process did not have to turn into the contentious battle that concluded yesterday. That is Mary Cheh’s legacy. She chose most of the 11 task-force members. 

I also will be more gracious in defeat than Elissa Silverman was in her victory. It seemed mean-spirited that she found it necessary to say that she would be holding her redistricting celebration in Cleveland Park.   

Was the Ward 3 redistricting process  “democratic”? I will leave that for anyone who wishes to review what has been documented to decide. I, for one, look forward to seeing all of the written comments that Mary Cheh, the Redistricting Sub-committee, and other Councilmembers received during the past four months.   

Now it is back to campaigning for the upcoming elections.  


Katherine Samolyk 
Greenwich Parkway

Free - 2 Solid Cherry Bookcases #free

Lise Goldman

Free - 2 solid cherry bookcases to the first person to pick them up.

Lise Goldman
liseanng @ aol dot com

TONIGHT: Free Community Security Training (In Person or Virtual)

Craig Fifer

In the wake of the April 22 shooting in Van Ness, many residents are wondering what we can do to improve our safety and security in the future. Adas Israel Congregation in Cleveland Park will be hosting a special community-wide safety and security training program on Wednesday, June 8, from 7 to 9 p.m. You can attend in person or online via Zoom.

The first part of the training will cover the basics of situational awareness -- how to recognize and report suspicious or potentially dangerous behavior and threats. The second part will cover what to do if you are faced with an active threat, including how to prepare in advance, and how to commit to action during an incident. The training incorporates the principles of the nationally-recognized “Run-Hide-Fight” approach to surviving active threats. You’ll also learn about the importance additional trainings such as Stop the Bleed™. 

This training will be presentation-style, so no specific dress or physical abilities are required. The program is open to people of any faith or no faith from the entire community. 

Representatives of the Metropolitan Police Department, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, and the news media have also been invited to help strengthen community connections.

The training will be conducted by the Secure Community Network (SCN), the official safety and security organization for the Jewish community in North America. Instructor Robert Graves brings decades of federal law enforcement experience as SCN's Regional Security Advisor for the National Capital Region.

Register now for this life-saving training at:

Craig Fifer
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
Secure Community Network
(and Cleveland Park resident)

For Sale: Crate and Barrel Kitchen Island w/Woodblock Top #kitchencart #kitchenisland #forsale

Jeffrey Fistel

Crate and Barrel Kitchen Island w/Woodblock Top = $50
White rolling cart with two doors and 3 drawers   

Chestnut St NW 20015
Email if interested: jeffrey.fistel @ gmail dot com
Text: 202-515-0027

Jeffrey Fistel

Friend of the Listserv

For Sale: Wine Rack, Gliding Rocker, Classic Wooden Rocking Chair #forsale #rockingchair #winerack

Jeffrey Fistel

For Sale: Wine Rack w/Standing Character; Gliding Rocker and Classic Wooden Rocking Chair

Wine Rack w/Standing Character = $25 Holds 10 bottles of wine

Gliding Rocker (w/out foot stool) = $35  Solid and sturdy - need new cushion, but very comfortable

Classic Wooden Rocking Chair = $45    Beautiful wood – in very good condition

Buy 2 of the 3 items - Save $10

Chestnut St NW 20015
Email if interested: jeffrey.fistel @ gmail dot com
Text: 202-515-0027

Jeffrey Fistel

Friend of the Listserv

Meet Bare Hair Salon

BARE hair studio

Five of the top stylists in DC came together to create their own ECO-FRIENDLY OASIS in the city --

Meet BARE HAIR Studio 
An Eco-Friendly Oasis in the City
4545 42nd Street NW #107
202 688 5581

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor

URGENT - ISO black suspenders by 10 am


Good morning-

This is a long shot but does anyone have a pair of black (mens) suspenders that I could borrow for the day? Would need by 10 am. Will pick up and drop off in Cleveland/Woodley park area.

elizabethgimbel @ gmail dot com 

Re: Dog Anal Expression - Update and Thanks

Nancy Bekavac

Thanks to all the helpful neighbors who sent suggestions.  Because I am taking my dog on a driving trip on Saturday, the time crunch meant I couldn't book a grooming or vet appointment. But Petsmart in Bethesda takes walk-ins for the service in the afternoon for a modest fee. Hurrah!


- previous message -
I also go to Palisades for vet, but recently started going to the PetSmart store in Bethesda ( ) for nails and anal expression. $12 and much faster than my vet— when I’ve walked in on a weekday I’ve not experienced any wait.

TAKEN: small vacuum cleaner with attachments #free

Lynn Berry

Thanks to all who expressed interest.


For sale: (2) Kid's Desks w/5 drawers + Kid’s Ikea 6-drawer dresser #kidsdesks #studentsdesks # kidsdresser #studentsdesks #forsale #kidsdesks

Jeffrey Fistel

(2) Kids Desks w/drawers (white) + Kid’s Ikea 6-drawer dresser (white)
Two (2) white student’s desks = $35 each

Will sell both for $60

Length = 47”  (~ 4 ft)
Height = 29”   (~ 2 ½ ft)
Width = 23 ½” (~ 2 ft)

(1)   Kid’s White Ikea 6-drawer dresser (like new) = $75
Length = 57 ½” (~ 4 3/4 ft)
Height = 35”    (~3 ft)
Width = 18 ½” (~ 1 ½ ft)

Local pick up only – Chestnut St NW  20015
Email if interested - jeffrey.fistel@... [jeffrey.fistel @ gmail dot com]
Text: 202-515-0027

Jeffrey Fistel

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

FREE treadmill (more info!) #free



I am looking to give away my treadmill by the end of this weekend!  It is a Pro-Form 505 CST.  I have had it for the past five years and walk on it 30 minutes daily, so it remains in excellent shape.  I'm moving and just don't have the space to take it with me.
Dimensions: 36" W x 60" H x 75" L (36" L when in the folded position)
Comes with extra belt, roller, lubricant, and original manual
Comes with sound & bounce absorption mat for underneath ($60 value)
Weighs about 200 pounds
**Treadmill must be disassembled to move 
I priced it out with Dolly, and it costs about $100 if you have them move the treadmill for you.  So much cheaper than a new one - and faster too, if you've noticed how many treadmill models are backordered!  Two strong individuals with a pick-up truck or utility van could also do it on their own.  
katie.kunin @ gmail fot com

ISO tech guru who knows Outlook /pop server/ forwarding from Gmail

Cleveland Park Editor

Dear Listserv,

I've got a complicated email set-up that itakes everything coming in to my Gmail address and forwards it to a pop server that sends it on to the Outlook folders on my laptap. It's an antiquated way of getting email but I don't want to change it because I have so many folders and filtering rules set up in Outlook, just as I like them, on my actual computer that it would take me ages to shift everything over to another web-based system.

But now Gmail has stopped forwarding, and I can't send or receive anymore in Outlook. I had this same problem last week and after a lot of tinkering around with the forwarding settings in Gmail, plus multiple reboots, I managed to get everything working again. 

Today, no matter what I do, I can't seem to fix it. Now I need a tech guru who is familiar with those old pop servers and how to get Gmail to forward. Since I fixed it myself last week, I'm hoping that I've just missed a step this week, and that it's an easy fix. In other words, I don't want help from someone with a two-hour minimum. Or someone who will try to persuade me to ditch the whole set-up and give up using Outlook on my computer.

If you've got a recommendation for a tech person who can help, please email me at peggyrobin@... (peggyrobin @ gmail dot com) and I will try to keep up with the recommendations that come in to my Gmail account ,since nothing is getting forwarded to my Outlook inbox!

Thanks in advance,

Peggy Robin

Council Votes 10-3 Against Mendleson's ANC Map

As a matter of procedure, Chairman Mendleson had the prerogative to make his map the Bill that was to be voted on but the full Council.  Mary Cheh introduced an amendment to restore the recommendations of the Council subcommittee that was debated by 7 different Councilmembers. The vote was 10-3 in favor of Mary's amendment, with Bonds and Gray siding with the Chairman.

I won't deign to recap what was said, as the video will be posted at the Council website by tomorrow.

Steve Seelig

Ward 3 map amendments defeated

Barr Weiner

As you may already have heard or watched, Chairman Mendelson’s map amendment failed, The Council voted 10-3 in support of the previously approved version. Only Council Members Bonds and Gray voted with Chairman Mendelson.  

Chairman Mendelson did an extraordinary job, presenting the case clearly and compellingly. However, in the face of CM Cheh’s and CM Silverman’s assertions that a sound public process produced a sound Ward map, other Council Members were unpersuaded that a problem existed warranting his late-stage intervention. The tone was, unfortunately ugly, attacking Chairman Mendelson, to the point that several Council Members expressed objections to it.
Thank you to everyone who supported Chairman Mendelson’s efforts and who has engaged in the process throughout. We knew from the start that we were unlikely to get the results we hoped for, but we did have an effect. More of Cleveland Park remains within ANC 3C, and other neighborhoods benefitted from the Ward-wide campaign in which CPCA and CPHS participated.
Cleveland Park remains a neighborhood regardless with shared interests and issues to address. We all want to see our neighborhood thrive as a diverse and vibrant community, and appreciate living in a beautiful area worth protecting.  
While the redistricting process for our Ward sought justification in division, my experience has been that our community has ample capacity to identify common ground and work together to protect and promote what matters to us. This is what the Cleveland Park Citizens Association is about, and I look forward to moving forward together with neighbors from throughout our wonderful neighborhood.
Barr Weiner

The Cleveland Park Citizens Association is a non-profit membership organization open to all Cleveland Park residents with a board elected by the membership. CPCA’s mission is to protect and promote the diversity, vibrancy and tree-lined historic character of Cleveland Park.  If you're not already a member, please consider joining your neighbors in CPCA (