Expert SAT/ACT Test Preps Available for the Nov and Dec Tests

Liz Ronkin

Is your student or a friend taking the November 5 or December 3 SAT? How about the December 10 ACT? The standardized tests are back, and Chevy Chase Prep is perfectly poised to assist students to push forward!

Chevy Chase Prep coaches students and their families through successful academic transitions all year around. We're seasoned educators with extensive experience with SAT/ACT preparation and competitive college admissions. Also, we coach the HSPT, SSAT, PRAXIS Core for Educators, and GRE. Local references attest to students' confidence and performance on standardized tests, and to our overall expertise.


- Hold advanced degrees in our fields and offer more than 75 years of combined experience.
- Expertly coach the HSPT, SSAT, SAT/ACT, PRAXIS Core for Educators, and GRE.  

- Boast a 95-plus percent record with first-choice high school and college admissions.
- Earlier launched successful distance learning initiatives at Georgetown and Harvard Universities.
- Capably delivered in the COVID-19 environment, and are happily moving beyond.
- Are lifelong NWDC neighbors who welcome international families. 

Please email us for more information and to discuss a plan.

All best wishes,

Maggie Ronkin
Founding Owner
Chevy Chase Prep 
chevychaseprep@... [chevychaseprep @ gmail dot com]
twitter @ChevyChasePrep  

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

ISO: Bumbo

Summer Kriegshauser

Anyone ready to part ways with their baby bumbo? I am looking for one of the newer versions, like this: Bumbo Multi Seat, Baby Bumbo Seat with Tray, Converts into a Booster Seat and Highchair, Baby Bumbo Seat (Taupe)

Summer Kriegshauser

Nanny Available for August

Tracy Roosevelt

We have a wonderful Nanny starting work with us in September. Marilyn is available short term for August (August 1-28) in case anyone has last minute childcare needs. She has extensive experience with families in Cleveland Park, is fully vaccinated, and drives. She is also legal to work on the books. Please feel free to email her at smithmarilyn57@... or reach out to me if you would like to discuss further.



Re: In Appreciation - Len Oliver

Marti Thomas

Many of us had the pleasure of meeting, learning from, and working with Len and Eleanor on shared concerns about Hearst Park. They wore our green Hearst Park shirts with the Willow Oaks at several DC Council budget hearings. Len described how he trained for the Olympics on Hearst Field! 
Great neighbors, wonderful humans. Much love to the family.


Wow! DC Stoddert Soccer started by Len on our little field in Glover Park. 
What a tremendous coach and person who touched the lives of so many. He literally experienced the rise of soccer in America in his lifetime. Many of our kids trained with and played for him. 
May his memory be a blessing to his family.

Rick Gersten
Editor's note: Let me add my condolences to the Oliver family. Len and Eleanor Oliver joined the Cleveland Park Listserv in 2000, when it was just a few months old. Len contributed so much over his 22 years of participation in this group -- including writing about kids' soccer, Hearst field, giving lots of "how-to" advice, and of course, his always-reliable endorsements of the local businesses and the service providers he found most helpful. I just looked up the first message he ever sent to the Listserv: It's Message  
 on how to deal with gypsy moths. We will miss you, Len! Eleanor, sending you lots of love!

Re: In Appreciation - Len Oliver

GLENN bass

Oh gosh, this post literally made my stomach sink. Len Oliver, a soccer legend no doubt, but also one of the nicest guys I have ever met in Cleveland Park. A blessing to have him as a neighbor down on 34th Pl before he moved to more conducive living conditions (less stairs) for he and his wife.  We (me and my dog) enjoyed many walks through the neighborhood where he would tell stories of coaching soccer throughout the years.  Funny too, as he frequently compared my elderly dog Ace with himself as they hobbled along together with some aches and pains during the walks. There wasn't a single time I didn't get excited for a Len Oliver sighting. 

Rest easy Coach, rest easy. You remain one of a kind.

36th St

Free: Vintage Wood Dresser


1950s era solid wood Morganton dresser in good vintage condition. It has three drawers that slide smoothly, and additional storage cubbies on the top. The measurements are 47" h x 42" w x 19" d.

It's too big for our new space, so would be thrilled for this to go to a new home. Please contact me at rothmandc @ gmail dot com with questions or to arrange pickup.

Calvert St by the bridge

Free: Furniture

Stuart Sotsky

Downsizing giveaway! Life Fitness elliptical trainer, 2 Henredon green loveseats, Bedroom white nightstand, desk, chair and double bed frame. Free to someone who can take them prior to move.  Reply to sender.

Ordway Street NW


Free: American Art Review Journals



I have about 18 issues of American Art Review journals from the 2000's and 2010's to give away.  They have beautiful color illustrations.

Let me know if you are interested and I will put them on my front porch for pickup.


Porter Street

Re: New speed limit on Connecticut Avenue of 25 mph

Thomas L. Hutcheson

I don't think we should take out-of-state drivers' failure to pay tickets as given. For one the City can ensure that unpaid tickets go into their credit reports. For another, traffic enforcement personnel should have access to the plate numbers of egregious scofflaws and opportunistically arrest the driver or boot and impound the car.

All that said, I still think that new signage plus more speed cameras will help, will pass a cost benefit analysis. 
Thomas Hutcheson
- previous message -
I believe the point that most of us are making is that putting up signs marking the speed limit in Connecticut Ave at 25mph will do nothing unless it’s enforced, which doesn’t happen now, and MD residents come to respect (be responsible for paying) their traffic tickets from DC, which also doesn’t happen now. In other words, the ideal isn’t reality.

Baby stuff for sale/free #forsale #free #baby

Hua Liu

I have a few baby stuff available if anyone is interested in picking up at Van Ness:

1. NEW Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer in its original package in pink
2. Lightly used Nuna LEAF™ Grow Baby Seat   
3. Free Enfamil sample formula 
4. Free Huggies size 2 diapers
5. Almost NEW Snuggle Me™ Feeding + Support Pillow in Birch

Pics attached. Email me directly at hualiu1026 at gmail dot com  

Hua Liu
Van Ness

FS: Designer furniture #forsale #furniture

Barbara Silverstein

One sectional sofa
Two curved living room chairs
One 36” round coffee table

Rowland Pl
blsilverstein @ gmail dot com

ISO travel agent to design Scotland trip

Patrice Gancie


We would appreciate any recommendations for a great agent who can help us customize a tour of Scotland—cities We’ve been quite happy with past recommendations for trips to Italy and Scandinavia, so are hopeful someone can share the right person or agency.


Patrice Gancie
pgancie @ aol dot com

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Purse stolen from car on Porter St

Ellen Berick

One of the cleaning crew had her purse stolen from a car (unlocked) on Porter St, around 36th at approximately 10:30 this morning. the policewoman who responded said it would likely be discarded after the thief took cash. If you see a blue and green purse PLEASE alert the 2d District Police Station 202-715-7300. and me [deberick82 @ msn dot com].

Thank you,
Ellen Berick

Re: New speed limit on Connecticut Avenue of 25 mph

Karen Davis


I believe the point that most of us are making is that putting up signs marking the speed limit in Connecticut Ave at 25mph will do nothing unless it’s enforced, which doesn’t happen now, and MD residents come to respect (be responsible for paying) their traffic tickets from DC, which also doesn’t happen now. In other words, the ideal isn’t reality.

Karen Davis
Connecticut Ave

- previous message -
The reduction in speed limits is a proven way to decrease pedestrian and bike fatalities. Source one of many ( ).
There are plenty of bikers and pedestrians who already use Connecticut Avenue. I, for one, am excited by the slower cars and protected lanes. I walk my daughter to school in a stroller most days and each crosswalk is a gamble with drivers speeding and not looking before they turn. In one week alone, we had to walk around three different crashes in intersections along Connecticut Avenue.
The changes to Connecticut Avenue will increase safety. This, in turn, will promote even more people to walk and bike. We need to stop glorifying the car above all us. Plenty of people use (or would use) other forms of transportation if the infrastructure was designed for it.

Wonderful, experienced nanny available late August/early September #nanny


Our son is starting preschool this fall and our time with our wonderful nanny, Ivy, is sadly coming to an end. Ivy started with our kiddo when he was six months old and she has guided him expertly through tummy time, crawling, walking, independent eating, and so much more. Ivy is super loving, nurturing, and reliable. Our son adores her, as do we!

  • 14+ yrs nanny experience, the last seven focused on infants/toddlers 
  • Experienced with sleep training, baby-led-weaning, paced bottle feeding, crawling, walking, and other crucial ‘firsts’
  • CPR/First Aid/AED certified for infants and adults, fully vaccinated including TDaP and COVID. Takes COVID seriously.

Feel free to reach out to Ivy directly at BayAreaNanny415@... [BayAreaNanny415 @ gmail dot com] and we're also happy to answer any questions (Kirtan Mehta, mehta.kirtan@... - mehta.kirtan @ gmail dot com].

Ivy is available starting in late August/early September and is looking for solo or shared care, full-time. She'd like to work in Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, or nearby.


Re: New speed limit on Connecticut Avenue of 25 mph

Stephanie Gerard

A huge problem will occur if Beach Drive is closed (entirely or by sections -- one never knows!) in summer, as is proposed.

Beach Drive is not a pedestrian walkway, not Central Park. There is a parallel walking/biking trail. Bicyclists may use the roadway as well but are supposed to observe traffic laws. The speed limit along Beach Drive is a manageable 25mph.

Why force drivers going to MD or upper NW onto side streets and to Connecticut Ave, Reno Rd and Mass. Ave? For what?

Eliminating reversible lanes, leaving all-day parking on commercial streets, and letting Beach Drive do its job (provide a leafy pleasant drive away from the central city) would tamp down speeding, frustration, accidents all over.

There are not enough daily bicyclists in hilly NW DC to warrant reconfiguring lanes. And are there even any buses anymore?

Inter alia: 
More speed and red-light cameras, yes. 
Left-turn arrows, yes. 
Dangerous HAWK lights, no. Regular stop lights instead, yes.
Yellow speed humps, yes. Stoplights/stop signs at every intersection and t-section on Connecticut Ave, yes.  
Bollards and sticks, no. 
Driving/ walking while phoning, no.

Walkers gonna walk, bikers gonna bike, jaywalkers gonna jaywalk = accidents gonna happen. Pie in the sky to expect mass conversion away from cars and to become Denmark. 

Steph Gerard
Woodley Rd

Re: New speed limit on Connecticut Avenue of 25 mph

Betty Sinowitz <Bettyelain@...>

The 30-mph limit means cars go 45 mph on most roads, unless they receive notifications about cameras on their phones.

- from previous message -
A 30 mi. per hr. limit is not very fast and one might note that that is the limit in the Chevy Chase, Md., strip of Connecticut with the cameras praised by proponents of the so-called improvements. No one feels that even one pedestrian casualty is acceptable but in reality, there are few. [snip] 

ISO contractor to rebuild a deck

Fani Brown Brandenburg

ISO reliable contractor or deck company to rebuild an aging deck.
Thank you,
Fani on 38th
fbrownbrandenburg @ gmail dot com

Re: ISO Info on cost of 9000 BTU mini split installation

Shazmah Hakim

We had one installed last summer for our basement. The compressor is outdoors and there are two wall units - one in the basement bedroom and one in the basement family room. The total cost was $10,000. We have been very happy with the system. We don't use it much in the summer as the basement stays cool. We run it 24/7 during the winter months and the cost is not much more than $15-20 additional on our PEPCO bill.

Shazmah Hakim