Roofer Needed

cscusack <cscusack@...>


We need to replace the flat roof on our garage. If you've had a good experience with a roofer, we'd like to hear about it.

Thank you!


Recycling still not picked up

Adele Blong <amblong@...>

Trash was finally picked up in the alley behind the north side of the
2900-3000 block of Porter but the recycling has still not been picked up as of noon Friday. I've reported it to 311 as suggested by DPW rep Kevin Twine.

Adele Blong

My excellent housekeeper is looking for additional work

Julie McCune <julie_mccune@...>

Hi Neighbors,

My housekeeper, Flor, recently mentioned that she is looking for additional work. Flor is extremely reliable, trust-worthy, and has done an excellent job cleaning my apartment every other week for the past year and a half. Prior to hiring Flor, I used Maple Maids and then Green Clean. Flor does a much more thorough cleaning job and also charges less than both of these other agencies. Furthermore, both Maple Maids and Green Clean ruined or broke a household item, whereas Flor has never damaged anything in my house.

Flor is originally from Guatemala and is fluent in Spanish, but speaks, reads, and writes enough English to communicate effectively about any of your household needs. If you would like any additional information about my positive experiences with Flor, feel free to email me or call me at 202-210-8097. I will also note that I originally hired Flor after reading a positive recommendation for her on this listserv in 2007.

If you'd like to call Flor and schedule a cleaning, get a price quote, or find out more information, you can reach her at 301-589-1914.

I will also mention that Flor usually travels by public transportation and therefore you are expected to provide your own cleaning supplies and equipment. I actually prefer this because then I know what chemicals/products are being used in my home.

Julie McCune
Ordway St NW

Auto Glass recommendations?


Hi, neighbors,

This morning, I clipped a garbage can with my car (I am responsible, though irritated, as the garbage crew did not return this can to its proper resting place) and my passenger side mirror went flying.

The assembly is fine, and the mirror popped right back into place, though the glass is fractured.

I am looking for a an auto glass location that will fix this inexpensively. Only the glass with its plastic frame/backing needs to be replaced.

Online places will only sell me the glass (no frame/backing) or the entire assembly, or I think I could do it myself.

Can you all provide me with the names of any reputable auto glass locations in the area? I am near the Cathedral.

I appreciate your help!
Garfield and Wisconsin

seeking labor lawyer for COBRA denial case


Dear List Serve Community,

It has recently come to my attention that a major local employer is barring discharged employees from obtaining both COBRA and Unemployment compensation in violation of Federal Labor Laws. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer?
Thank you
Colleen Hackett

follow up to packages stolen in December...arrest made!

Thomas/Sarah Hentoff/Sloan


Back in January, I posted about two packages that were stolen from my front stoop. I wanted to follow up because, incredibly, a suspect was arrested (and is now out on bail) in Arlington, Va and the police there along with the US Postal Inspection Service are working on building a case against her.

I was notified by the USPIS because mail with my name on it turned up in a rental car that was recovered due to non-payment. Not just my mail was found in the car though-- police have identified 49 victims in DC and Virginia. (If your mail was also found in the car, you too will have gotten a notice from the USPIS. I know that at least two others were victims of theft from boxes I found.)

The police think that this woman drove through DC neighborhoods (around Dupont Circle up Connecticut Avenue into Cleveland Park) stealing mail and packages, dumping boxes along the way. She was compiling a journal with all sorts of financial information to then be used to open up accounts in the victim's name at various stores. Pretty chilling.

If you were missing mail (bank statements, credit card statements, packages, etc.) in the general time period of November 2008-February 2009 you should submit an online mail theft report with the US Postal Inspection Services . Because many of the individual thefts were relatively small, the Arlington police are working to document the grand total of the damages, and they are using the USPIS reports as the starting point.

You should also check with the credit agencies to see if any inquries were made in your name and place a fraud alert on your accounts. (The three agencies are: Equifax 1-800-525-6285; Experian 1-888-397-3742;Transunion 1-800-680-7289)

Sally Sloan

FS: Uptown Theatre 3/6/09 7:45 PM showing of Watchmen 2 tickets

Mary Davis <maryelizabethdavis@...>

Bought two tickets to the 3/6/09 7:45 PM showing of Watchmen at the Uptown on fandango several days ago for my daughter and a friend. Saw reviews today - much too violent for them to see. Will sell both tickets for $15. Can pick up at house or our office -- anytime today.


202 234-7300

disposing of old medication


Dear Friends,
Sometimes groups traveling to impoverished countries for medical mission trips can use donations of old medications. They will sort through and decided what they can and cannot use. I donated some pain medication to a Howard U. group that was going a trip to Haiti.
Warm wishes,
Maria Sgambati, M.D.

cabs to the airport


To the Nashes:

If you are going to use standard D.C. cabs, Diamond is more reliable than Yellow. Diamond will also take advance appointments by phone.

Marcia Kass
Wilshire Park

Re: Missed Recycling


Yes. I called and received a second one within a couple of weeks (free). Call 311.


(not to sound all virtuous, but I would prefer the recycling bin the size of a supercan, and the recycling cart would be enough for the trash most weeks)

--- In cleveland-park@..., "SKBennet BENNET" <SKBennet@...> wrote:

We recycle three newspapers plus all the usual suspects. The recycle bin is really too small to hold a week's recycling, and items such as cardboard left on top can get wet. Maryland has much larger recycling bins; is it possible to get a second bin, or a bigger one, in DC? I realize that recycling is becoming uneconomical for the local jurisdictions as prices for bulk newsprint etc. have fallen, but hopefully, for the sake of the environment, it will continue.

Susie Bennet

Great band: Lox and Vodka

Bonnie Roskes <bonnie@...>

I posted here a few months ago looking for a band for my
father-in-law's birthday party, and wanted to let CP'ers know that we
ended up with a great ensemble: Lox and Vodka. Many neighborhood
parents know singer Caron Dale as a wonderful early childhood music
specialist (she sings at the Gan on Fridays), and she's also a member
of L&V. They played a wide range of genres:  jazz, swing, motown,
classic rock, and of course a few Jewish tunes, and got everyone up
and dancing.  They were able to work within our budget and helped
make the party a night to remember. You can find them at or call Caron at 202-966-7270.

Bonnie Roskes
Ordway St.

Babysitter Needed for March 21


Have a friend coming to town in 2 weeks with his two month old baby. Am desperate to find an appropriate babysitter for the evening of March 21. Any recommendations?

Alton Place

Babysitter Needed Saturday Night

Michael Harvey

Dear Neighbors,

We're seeking a sitter for our three kids (10, 7 and 3) on Saturday night starting starting around 6:15 pm. If interested, please give me a call at 202-285-7714 as late as 10 pm. Thank you!

Katy Harvey
Porter Street

Re: Ordway St. neighbor seeks shoveling help on regular basis

Richard S Rothblum

I have posted multiple time that I am willing to arrange for snow shoveling for anyone who wishes it. If you can't afford to pay for shoveling, I have some volunteers who are willing to work for free. Just send me an email or call me at 202 244 3023 or 202 255 5211 (my cell phone).

Richard Rothblum
(ANC 3C07)

School, Snow & Trash

Mary Davis <maryelizabethdavis@...>

Can anyone explain to me why the city thought it was completely acceptable to require DCPS students and teachers to go to school on Monday with only a two hour delay yet justifies not requiring its massive garbage trucks to pick up the trash? No more snow fell in the alleys than on the streets and sidewalks as far as I could tell. And I think those trucks can handle driving in the snow a lot better than the kids managed walking on unshoveled sidewalks. It is now Thursday, the snow has melted, and our trash still has not been picked up. Any insight from those in the know would be appreciated.


Bardeo's and Ardeo did not shovel

Jean Bout

Not only was Sabores the one whose sidewalk had not been
cleared. Bardeo's and Ardeo's sidewalk had not been
By the noon of last Monday, the 3300 block Connecticut 
Avenue sidewalk was cleared except that of Bardeo's and
Ardeo's. I did ask the management last Monday at 6:05 p.m.
to clear the thick layers of ice on their sidewalk for the safety
of passersby. Since the ice was still there the next day at
night (Tuesday) , I had to ask the same manager. It was
yesterday ('Wednesday),  when the icy sidewalk was
covered with sand.

Re: getting rid of un-needed medicines

Rebecca Wolsk

I recently read--probably on one of the blogs I subscribe to--that unused medication can be donated to The Starfish Project at the Center for Special Studies, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.
Guidelines for donation can be found at this link:

I haven't donated to this organization myself so can't vouch for it, but did make a note of this because I'm always on the lookout for ways to reduce waste!

Becky Wolsk

FS: Queen futon frame

Elena Juris <elenkamail@...>

We are selling a basic Queen-sized futon frame... nothing wrong with it, we just don't have room in storage.  Works great as a bed with a futon mattress.  $60 OBO.
If you want a mattress, we could be convinced to part with ours but we may keep it as an extra mattress for visitors.

Devonshire and Connecticut

lost dog

alpenblick22 <stiegl3@...>

A neighbor just came to my door to see if my dog was loose because he saw one unattended that looked like my dog. My dog is home - so someone else's small gray and white dog is loose on Newark Street between Highland and 34th.

Elizabeth Byam

Pizza Bingo at the MPD - March 28

Rhonda Hardy

The Second District Police Station is having a pizza bingo for children ages 7-10 on March 28, 2009 at 7pm. The event will be from 7-9pm at 3320 Idaho Ave NW in the community room. If you are interested in your child participating in this event, please email me because only the first 15 children registered will be allowed to attend. There will pizza, juice, and prizes!

Officer Rhonda Hardy-Robinson