Volunteer opportunities for students (community service hours), adults and kids

Elizabeth Workman

Want to be a Part of a Movement to Make a Difference in the Lives of People in Need? 

Join the Goods For Good (G4G) Volunteer Team! 

G4G seeks to strengthen our community through collective acts of kindness and offers dozens of ways to get involved.

Check out our virtual AND in-person opportunities in April for students, adults and kids to engage in-person. In-person activities have limited spaces so sign up NOW! Yes, community service hours provided for students!

Learn more about G4G and the various ongoing community service opportunities open to adults, families, and students). Just click to register for one of our 45 minute Zoom calls. No pressure, no commitment…just information!

Information Zoom call for Adults:
Tuesday, April 12, 5pm - 5:45pm
Thursday, April 21, 6pm - 6:45pm

Information Zoom call for Students:
Monday, April 11, 5pm - 5:45pm
Wednesday, April 20, 6:30pm - 7:15pm

See you there!

Elizabeth Workman 
Elizabeth@...  [Elizabeth @ GoodsForGoodDC dot org]
Facebook @GoodsForGoodDC
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Re: ISO: Dog acupuncturist


A neighbor was happy with Dr. Meg Hamilton who comes to your home to treat your pet. 610-304-4822.  


ISO June rental 2/3 BR - 12 to 26 months

Charlotte Perry

Hello Neighbors,
Seeking a 1-2 year rental for a World Bank family of 4 coming to DC from France. They will need 2 to 3 bedrooms. They have 2 6-year-olds so the property needs to be in an excellent public elementary school district like Key, Mann, Janney or Stoddart.  Willing to go as far out as White Flint on the Red Line. 
Move in as early as June 1 for 12 months. If they really like the place they will commit thru August 2024 (26 months). 
Please let me know if you have suitable accommodations for this wonderful family. Just share a link and I forward it to them.

All the Best,
Charlotte Perry 
charmperry @ gmail dot com

ISO Moving Boxes #iso #boxes #movingboxes

Lauren Henn <l.catherine.henn@...>


I am planning a move this week. Does anyone have any moving boxes (of any size) they would be willing to part with? 

Thank you!

l.catherine.henn @ gmail dot com

FREE: Glass Fireplace Doors, Medicine Cabinet, Clothes Rack and More #free

Alison Garrett

The free items are available for pick up 3233 Klingle Rd NW alley.

Alison Garrett
Nutmegonl @ gmail dot com

Free: Two Mini Dehumidifiers #free

Nathaniel Rodriguez-Fuller

I have two small dehumidifiers for free, I upgraded to a larger one. They probably need to be blown clean with compressed air but both should work. Pickup on Macomb Street. 


naterv @ comcast dot net

Academy of Hope & Fun Scavenger Hunt on May 21


Want to have fun while doing good?
Hope & Seek is a virtual and in-person scavenger hunt filled with adventure, competition and family fun. Use clues to find, photograph and share landmarks and items in DC. Compete in teams to finish the clues, raise money for a worthy cause and receive prizes!

All proceeds will give seven adult learners at Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School with specific learning needs the opportunity to receive a psychological evaluation, Typically not covered by medical insurance, these evaluations will allow them to receive the appropriate testing accommodations on the GED test. 

For more than 35 years, Academy of Hope has provided Washington, DC residents ages 18 to 70+ with free workforce development and adult education programs. Learners at Academy of Hope also have access to services like career development, college transition assistance, and student support, which help them during their journey and beyond. Through these programs and services, learners have gained the career skills and education needed to pursue viable paths to economic self-sufficiency. 

Adult learners will be able to use this documentation to access accommodations in college and at work, too, so your participation or donation will have a lasting impact! All activities will take place outside with masks and socially distant, according to the CDC guidelines.

Register to compete or donate to support a team today!

Saturday, May 21
4:00 pm - 6:30 p.m.
Rock Creek Park’s Picnic Grove #1 (closest address: 2401 Tilden St NW, Washington, DC 20008)

Susan Ratigan

ISO help digging plants before April 11

helen francke

I need to temporarily remove and store plants lining my back walk while it is repaved, which may take place as early as the week of 4/11. I will pay $25. per hour. Any weekday or next weekend is OK. Call or email with any leads.

Woodley Park
hafrancke1 @ gmail dot com

Re: ISO: Dog acupuncturist

Lakshmi Mahalingam

Dr. Nicole Luensman is the anesthesiologist at Friendship Hospital for Animals. In addition to overseeing anesthesia policies and protocols, she is certified in veterinary acupuncture
Physical rehabilitation can also be helpful in relieving acute or chronic pain. It can often benefit senior pets and offset the aches and pain of aging, including arthritis or other degenerative joint conditions. Friendship Hospital for Animals has Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners (CCRP) as well.

FREE Outdoor Fire Pit #free


In the alley off 34th Street between Porter and Ordway (#3420) we placed a used (and apologetically dirty) but working outdoor fire pit free to the first person who can use it.  Picture is attached, we don’t need it any longer. Hope it can find a new home or we’ll take it to Ft. Totten.
34th and Porter
pacummins02 @ yahoo dot com

FS: 2 tickets to Orlando Pride at Washington Spirit today 4/3 4pm #ticketsforsale

Jessica Lee

Selling two tickets to the Spirit/Pride game at Audi Field today (4/3) at 4pm. I can send electronically via Ticketmaster. Would love to get how much I paid ($45/ticket) but willing to take best offer. Section 117 row 15

McLean Gardens
jessicacourtneylee @ gmail dot com 

TAKEN: FREE: Adult diapers, underpads and dental care supplies #free

Roshanak Ameli-Tehrani

All items have been claimed pending pickup. Thank you everyone.

Roshanak Ameli-Tehrani

Re: CPCA to Sponsor IN PERSON Ward 3 Candidates Forum - Apr 7 at CP Library

Katherine SAMOLYK

Will this forum be recorded for people who cannot attend?

Greenwich Pkwy

- original message -

Please join the Cleveland Park Citizen's Association IN PERSON for a Ward 3 Council Forum LIVE and IN PERSON on Thursday April 7th, 2022 at the Cleveland Park Library
Councilmember Mary Cheh is retiring and there is a large field of candidates that have expressed interest in running for the vacant seat in the primary election on June 21, 2022. 
Meet & greet with the candidates from 6-6:30 pm. A moderated forum  will start at 6:30pm. 
Confirmed Candidates: Phil Thomas, Monika Nemeth, Eric Goulet, Matthew Frumin, Beau Finley, Deirdre Brown and Ben Bergmann.

Alli Bernstein
Corresponding Secretary
Cleveland Park Citizens Association 

Re: ISO: Dog acupuncturist

Helen Qubain

Hi Sarah,
I took my cat to Muddy Branch in Gaithersburg. Had good experiences with them. It takes me 30 minutes driving when there is no traffic. They squeeze me in when I need them to and the vet called specialists to get other opinions on my cat. They went above and beyond.
Good luck,

Do You Get the Economist? Apparently I Can't

Nancy Bekavac

Dear Fellow USPS Customers,
Beginning about six months ago, my copy of The Economist stopped coming on Saturday, or Monday, and sometimes slipped to Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, it just stopped coming AT ALL to my large building on Devonshire Place. I have contacted The Economist. They gave me several issues of credit, checked the address and assured me it would be coming.
Are you surprised IT IS NOT COMING AT ALL. I have spoken with the building attendants who sort the mail. They have not seen it for several weeks. I note some other subscription holders have gotten theirs. I am green with envy. No, digital is not enough.
Ideas? Suggestions? Targeted complaints?
I have asked, respectfully, if The Economist would like to take over USPS, but so far, no response.
Do I sound exhausted and upset? I know the fact that I get SOME mail and SOME publications some of the time makes me what amounts to a favored customer. in the Friendship Heights Post Office delivery area. But I want more. I want regular, dependable, timely delivery of a publication I already overpay for.
Yours in exasperation,

Nancy Y. Bekavac
Washington, DC
Cell:     310 736 8912
Home:  202 758 0499

Re: ISO covid vaccine booster - easy experience at Ward 3 COVID Center


Thank you Louise for highlighting the Ward 3 Covid Center at Friendship Heights. I went there in the late afternoon on Saturday (it was open until 8pm on Saturday), and the Ward 3 Covid Center was just as you describe. There were about 4 nurses there waiting to give vaccines to the public, and just one or two other patients besides me. 

My only quibble is that it seemed a bit silly that upon entering the Ward 3 Covid Center, they had each patient fill out a long form by hand, and then, once that was completed, the patient would hand the paper copy to the clerks who then basically had to ask each person about spelling and things like that on the handwritten form the patient had just filled out, with the clerk then laboriously entering that same information on their laptops. While I have no specific knowledge, my hunch is that it is likely costing DC taxpayers a few thousand dollars each day to run this Covid center with so many trained medical personnel and additional clerks on duty (and there is one such Covid center in each Ward), so it might be more efficient to just have each patient fill out the information on an iPad or laptop. But this is just a minor quibble, and the whole process took less than 10 minutes. It was a far better experience than going to, say, a CVS where I have not had good luck and it has been the case that at a CVS there is often just one overworked nurse who is behind schedule and where my experience has been that the patients typically wait long after their appointed time to actually see the CVS medical specialist.

The speed, uncrowded nature, and friendly atmosphere of the Ward 3 Covid Center will make this my preferred option for any further booster shots that may be needed if it remains open for such a purpose.  Thank you again for highlighting this useful service in Ward 3.

- Warren

The referenced message is Message  

For Sale: PS4Pro, Controller, & Games #forsale

Carla Galli

Playstation 4 Pro, in good condition, for sale.  Includes 6 disc games - Madden19, NHL20, The Show19 Baseball, The Incredibles, Playgrounds 2, Star Wars Jedi.  Also includes PS4 controller, PS4 charger, and unopened PS4 skin sticker.  Asking $450. Thanks!
Carla & Leo
36th & Ordway Street
carlagalli617 @ gmail dot com 

Taken: Extra Vace sandwiches


These have been claimed.


Price Reduction - Sunny Brand New Rental in Woodley Park

Listserv Sponsor

Price Reduction - Sunny Brand New Rental in Woodley Park

  • Brand New Appliances
  • Sun all day long
  • Huge California Windows
  • 10 minute walk to Woodley and Cleveland Park Metros
  • Private Green Space
  • Private Entrance
  • Tons of Easy Street Parking

For photos and contact information go to:

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

Still Life with Robin: Our Oscar-Worthy Town - The Sequel

Cleveland Park Editor

by Peggy Robin

Last week's "Still Life with Robin" column listed more than a dozen movies set in DC -- many of them multiple-Oscar winners or at least multiple nominees --followed by another half-dozen that were snubbed at the Oscars but still managed to show off our highly cinematic city.

In that column I admitted it was an incomplete list -- and I wasn't wrong! Quite a few of you wrote in to tell me about this or that good one that should have been included.

So here's my make-up column with some of the very best movies set in DC that either were or shoulda been contenders.  This time around, I haven't looked up all the stats on which ones snagged a stauette -- or even a nomination -- or were shamefully overlooked -- just noted a few of the more prominent winners. If you want the full picture, there's always IMDB.

And now.....(deep announcer voice): Presenting TWELVE Award-Worthy Movies Set in or Near DC (this time in alphabetical order):

Absolute Power (1997). Clint Eastwood stars in this thriller of murder and political intrigue. A sexually rapacious and easily manipulated President is caught up in a conspiracy to cover up a murder. Some critics dismissed it at the time as unbelievable that such a figure of such evil, combined with such stupidity, could ever be elected to to the highest office.


Air Force One (1997). Harrison Ford is a macho man/war hero former pilot and now President. A quarter of a century ago, this was boffo stuff at the box office, mainly because Ford was so plausible as man-of-action President and decorated flier. Meanwhile, back In Real Life, actor Harrison Ford has had no less than six reported incidents due to pilot error, including two crashes.


Arlington Road ((1999). OK, Arlington Road's in Bethesda, not in DC -- but it still counts! The main character is a college professor who starts to suspect that his friendly new neighbors just might be terrorists. Question: Even in 1999, was the salary of a single-parent professor enough to afford a detached house in Bethesda?


Born Yesterday (1950). If you have time to see just one of these movies, make it this one. Bubbly and sparkling, but with some sharp political ribs showing through, Born Yesterday is a comedy about a would-be power couple, a corrupt scrap-metal dealer/tycoon and his naive but not-so-dumb blonde mistress, played by Billie Holliday in a Best Actress-winning performance, who move to Washington with the aim of becoming members of the power elite. When the tycoon hires a journalist to try to teach his rough-edged mistress the manners and airs of Washington high society, he is shocked to discover that she has learned far more than how to talk "couth": she's learned far too much about his corrupt business dealings -- and has learned she has the power to do something about it, too.


Enemy of the State (1998). Will Smith (does that name ring a bell?) plays a young Washington lawyer who gets entangled  in a conspiracy to murder a congressperson and ends up on the run as the main suspect. Of course, the handsome and resourceful leading man is no patsy, and does whatever he needs to do to avoid capture and eventually clear his name. Smith won two awards (neither of them Oscars) for the role: Favorite Actor in an Action/Adventure Film from Blockbuster Entertainment, and Outstanding Lead Actor in the NAACP's Images Awards for 1999.  


In the Line of Fire (1993). Clint Eastwood plays a secret service agent on the JFK detail on that fatal day in Dallas - and he's been wracked with guilt ever since -- and has to track down a new threat to the president's life. Eastwood sticks to his usual gruff, wooden, man-of-few-words persona; the real scene-stealer here is John Malkovich, madly chewing the scenery as the insidious assassin who taunts and torments the secret service agent about his past failure to save the president's life. 


Jackie (2016). Spend a bit under two hours with a depressed and sometimes suicidal (but always beautiful) Jackie Kennedy, as embodied by Natalie Portman, as she reminisces about her husband's murder, her stillbirths and miscarriages, and other times gone by. Does this sound like a good way to pass an evening? Well, that may be why I passed on it -- but it did win Best Costume Design at the BAFTAs (British equivalent of the Oscars). 

Die Hard 2 (1990). If you loved the original "Die Hard," (1988), you might enjoy this DC-adjacent sequel, set mainly at Dulles Airport (Northern VA), which has its hero, John McLain, single-handedly battling some bad guys who have taken over air traffic control and are keeping dozens of planes in the air. The gaping plot holes are not the only trouble with DH2 - it's also got a bunch of small but annoying production errors - most notably when McLain rushes to a pay phone (for those of you in Gen Z, it looks like this: that is emblazoned with the logo "Pacific Bell," a phone company you would not have found, back in those days, anyplace east of the Pacific time zone. 


Slam (1998) is a movie set in real locations around DC, from the poorest projects (fictionalized with the nickname "Dodge City") to the real DC jail and courthouse, and on to one of the ritziest parts of town - our own Cleveland Park. A poor boy but talented rapper is caught up in a cycle of drug violence but wants to break free. The film won a number of prestigious awards for independent filmmaking.


St. Elmo’s Fire (1985). The "brat pack" actors play recent Georgetown grads now making their way in the working world of Washington, DC. There's a lot about jobs, apartments, hookups, commitment and marriage -- all bound up in the usual '80s angst. Plus a lot of drinking at their favorite hangout, St. Elmo's bar -- and an awful lot of talk. If you like most of John Hughes's body of work (The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, et. al.) you'll probably like this one -- though it was not directed by Hughes but by Joel Schumacher.


Strangers on a Train (1951). Hitchcock's clever crime game makes DC mansions and streets seem gloomy and sinister -- still, not quite as menacing as the atmosphere at the small town amusement park where much of the non-DC part of the action takes place. While the movie is a dark and cynical take on life in and out of the nation's capital, the original novel by Patricia Highsmith is even darker and more sinister yet


Thank You for Smoking (2005). Can you make a funny movie about a morally bankrupt but sometimes charming lobbyist for Big Tobacco? Author (and former Cleveland Park resident) Christopher Buckley managed to pull it off in the book,, but whether the movie be the judge.

Still Life with Robin is published on the Cleveland Park Listserv and on All Life Is Local on Saturdays.

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