Re: ISO excellent vegan restaurants with take out


And DC Vegan in Dupont Circle is outstanding! Delicious sandwiches, bowls and more. Easy online ordering for pickup & delivery; open until at least 8pm (becoming a rarity these days). 
Wisconsin & Macomb

Free Hay!

Elizabeth Henke

Hey! Hay!

If anyone needs hay to protect your newly seeded grass or any other reason, there are five garden bags full of hay for the taking on 29th street between Albemarle and Brandywine NW.


Compilation of men's haircut barbershops


Hi all,

I received many recommendations for reasonably priced men's barber shops.  

The one with the most recommendations was Camillo barbers shop, at 3921 Windom Place, near Tenley metro. There are three barbers there, though some mentioned "Diane" in particular. The cost is $20+tip.  

Also in the Tenley area is Tenleytown barber, at 4627 41st Street, the cost is also $20+tip, and was recommended.

Woodley Hair Style at 2643 Connecticut Ave. also got a number of recommendations. The cost is $25+tip.

Ernesto's at Van Ness near the Giant got two recommendations, and one person noted that he preferred Ernesto's over Camillo's. He charges $30.

Two people recommended Tony Campanaro at the corner of Connecticut Ave & Albermarle. He is appointment only and an interesting conversationalist to boot!  His charge is $20 for a standard cut.

Salon Familia on Livingstone Street near Connecticut Ave. got two recommendations. She charges $40 + tip, but that includes a shampoo.

One person noted Supercuts near Tenley.

- Warren 

ISO Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth Removal (Anthem network)

Dawna Steelman

Good morning,
I am looking for an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal who is in network with Anthem. 
I appreciate any feedback positive or negative. 
Appleton St.

Re: ISO an excellent and caring dog groomer

c c

NOMA Pet Services - - is professional, insured, experienced and loving. They care for many special needs pets with patience and understanding. 


ISO Night-Time Caretaker For Infant

Joanna Shalleck-Klein

My husband and I are looking for an experienced caretaker to care, starting immediately, for our three-month-old during the night and help sleep-train him. Hours would be approximately 8:30 pm - 6:30 am, preferably 7 days a week, but we are flexible. We live in North Cleveland Park and will pay competitively. Covid, flu, TDAP and other standard vaccinations are required. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please email me at jshalleckklein@... [jshalleckklein @ gmail dot com]
Thank you,
Warren Street

Re: ISO excellent vegan restaurants with take out


Good morning!

I'd be remiss if I didn't reply and remind you about Soupergirl! We'll deliver healthy, delicious, nutritious meals (soups, salads, sides, and more), right to your door. From chilis to calzones to rice pudding - we have something for everyone!

Please visit for delivery details.

Thank you!

Ordway Street

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Get Email Updates for Deals and Discounts for CLV Park Members #shopping

Abner Sam Sadik

Hey guys.

My name is Sam. I've been associated with this group since COVID hit when I posted on this group advertisements for PPE masks.

Ever since COVID started and the economy got bad I made a hobby for seeking discounted items and freebies online. Because of this, I recently created an email list of sending daily deals and discounts. If anyone is interested in receiving updates for deals and discounts, feel free to reply to me with the email you would like to receive deal updates with and then I will add you to the email list. Joining this email list is free, and searching for deals is a hobby of mine so its a pleasure to be sending out crazy deals updates to everyone.
I send crazy deals and sales like this daily to my email list:

1. J Crew has a massive sale where one can save up to 70% OFF on clothing -
2.  Amazon has an office chair worth $110 where you can buy for $50 if you apply the coupon code on the middle of the page
3. Walmart has a Farbware 20pc pot and pan set worth $120 selling just $50 
If you have any questions feel free to email me at samsadik118@... [samsadik @ gmail dot com] or you can WhatsApp me at +1-310-497-4191

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

- Sam Sadik

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Re: ISO where to buy homemade pie crusts

Stephanie Gerard

Yes! Organic Market in Cleveland Park  has excellent organic frozen pie crusts. Might even be whole grain. People think I made it.( Hah!)


- from original message -
Does anyone know where one can purchase a yummy, proper homemade pie crust? Or if there is an enterprising teen cook who specializes in homemade pie crusts and wants to earn some cash, contact me!

ISO Prizes and Wine Donations for Eaton ES's "Wintermarkt"

Grace Deng Benson

Dear Neighbors,

Eaton Elementary is holding two raffles as part of our "Wintermarkt" event on Saturday, 12/4, in conjunction with our annual tree sale. We'd love our local community to help donate raffle prizes to contribute to our fundraising efforts for the school. Proceeds will fund educational and enrichment initiatives that enhance the academic experience of all Eaton students. 

We're looking for:

- Bottles of wine for a "wine pull" raffle
- Range of new or like-new items including: board games, boxes of chocolate, coffee beans, tea sets, candlesticks, crafting kits, sports equipment, vases, frames, scarves, a set of wine glasses - the list could go on!

If you are able to donate, please send an email to our Home and School Association:
eatonhsa@... [eatonhsa @ gmail dot com] and we will arrange a contact-less pickup from you.

Your continued support of our school is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, 

Grace Deng Benson
Eaton Elementary School

Re: ISO where to buy homemade pie crusts

Dina Curtis

If you strike out you should try Whole Foods pie crust in the frozen section. I usually make my own pie crust from the Cooks Bible cookbook recipe but Whole Foods is really good. 


- from original message -
Does anyone know where one can purchase a yummy, proper homemade pie crust? Or if there is an enterprising teen cook who specializes in homemade pie crusts and wants to earn some cash, contact me!

Re: ISO recommendations for dentists #dental #iso

Gayle Teicher

I could not agree more with this recommendation! I’ve been going to her for years - Dr. Lambert, a GREAT and PAIN-FREE Dentist! 


- previous message -
Dr. Lambert, a GREAT and PAIN-FREE Dentist!  You will love her…
She is in Chevy Chase right across from Saks. (conveniently)

Re: ISO excellent vegan restaurants with take out

Sara Jeffries

Hip City Veg (burgers and sandwiches, fries,  salads) – located in Dupont 

Fare Well on H Street (breakfast, brunch, dinner, and vegan sweets from Sticky Fingers Bakery) 

I regularly order from both.


- original message - 

I have a vegan house guest. Looking for suggestions of terrific vegan restaurants from which we can pick up food, to eat at home.
Thanks very much

Youth personal training solution for under-active kids and teens #youthfitness


Nowadays kids are under-active for all kinds of reasons such as…

  • Feeling unconfident keeping up with others
  • Learning differences or special needs
  • Too much screen-time 

At Adaptive Movement, you don’t need to play sports to have a coach.

My name is Jason and I help kids of all abilities live healthy and confident lives through private and small group youth personal training. 

A/M services include…

  • Private training for one to one attention
  • Pod training with family and friends 
  • Live Action Fitness: a small group fitness adventure RPG for teens 
  • Parent coaching to help kids make healthier choices with fitness and nutrition


Start today by visiting to schedule an online consultation! 

You don't need to play sports to have a coach
Jason Dellavalle
Certified Personal Trainer
Youth Fitness Specialist and Nutrition Coach

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Re: ISO excellent vegan restaurants with take out

Carla S墈nz

To add to Shouk and Chaia, Fancy Radish is great and Equinox has a great vegan menu. NuVegan Café has delicious vegan soul food (our family’s favorite: the fried “chicken drumsticks” and the garlicky kale salad). There is Beefsteak, too. Indique and Byblos in our neighborhood have several tasty vegan options. And Baked by Yael has vegan cream cheese to go with their (vegan) bagels. Busboys and Poets is great for vegan. And Asian and Ethiopian restaurants as a rule have many vegan options too. 

Don't forget Soupergirl, which started in our hood! They have an entirely vegan menu and make for a great holiday gift because you can have the soups delivered to all sorts of places. (Most recently for us: Charleston SC). We have gotten them for non-vegan, non-vegetarian friends that have loved them!

Hope this helps,

Porter St

- previous message - 
Shouk - 100% vegan - and heavenly!
Chaia Tacos = vegan 
Amsterdam Falafel is either vegan or vegetarian and can accommodate vegan. Vegz also 100% vegetarian but I believe offers cheese, but surely can easily accommodate vegan.
Now I'm salivating!

Re: ISO an excellent and caring dog groomer

Gayle Teicher

For a wonderful dog groomer Naomi Carbon is unbelievably gentle
She was the only one we trusted to take care of our aging dog. He trusted her and so did we. 


NNV Zoom Lecture Thurs, Nov 18 at 11am: Ageism Unmasked

Sal Selvaggio

When: Thursday, November 18
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Price: Free!
You will need to register for this event by clicking on the link below. You will be sent an email with the Zoom link prior to the event. 

Ageism Unmasked
Speaker: Tracey Gendron

Dr. Tracey Gendron will explore the phenomenon of ageism within all levels of society. The cultural narrative of aging as a single story of decline will be discussed and challenged. The negative impacts of ageism and stigma will be covered along with simple strategies for disrupting them in daily practice. 

Tracey Gendron, Ph.D., is an associate professor and Chair of the Department of Gerontology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Gendron has a Master of Science in Gerontology, a Master of Science in Psychology, and a doctorate in Developmental Psychology.  Her research is focused on the language, expression, and perpetuation of ageism and aging anxiety as well as on elderhood as a stage of development. Her personal and professional goal is to understand, raise awareness of, and disrupt the deeply embedded, normalized, and invisible ageism that is within us all. She is the author of the book Ageism Unmasked: Exploring Age Bias and How to End it, which is scheduled for release on March 1, 2022.

Northwest Neighbors Village is a local non-profit dedicated to building a supportive community where older adults are valued and age with dignity. We are delighted to offer these programs for free to our neighbors, and keep you engaged and learning. To learn more about us or to support our efforts to enable older adults to thrive in Northwest, DC, please visit our homepage.

P.S.  Our village serves neighbors from Upton Street to the Maryland line. For complete details on the neighborhoods we serve, visit Northwest Neighbors Village's website.  Our closest neighboring Village is Cleveland & Woodley Park Village, click here for complete details on the areas they serve.  The Village movement is growing in the DC area and across the United States!  Click here to learn more about the DC Villages.  To find a Village near your older family member or friend, visit the Village to Village Network's website.


Sal Selvaggio
Northwest Neighbors Village Outreach 

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Fabulous Poinsettias, Wreaths, and Hanukkah bundles! Support Wilson Crew! #youthfitness


Order wreaths, Hanukkah bundles, and poinsettias all while supporting a wonderful cause, Wilson High School Crew! 

Rich, full wreaths are 24” Frasier fir with a red or a silver bow. Beautiful, long lasting poinsettias come in a 7-inch pot wrapped in foil and make terrific gifts. Hanukkah bundles include one box of 45 non-drip handcrafted Hanukkah candles and three bags of premium Belgian milk chocolate coins. Each item is $30.  

Visit this link to purchase directly: (You can also support the team without purchasing an item.) The Winter Sale is one of our biggest fundraisers, and we are grateful for your support!

The sale runs through Thanksgiving. Only local delivery in the Washington DC area is possible. Poinsettias and wreaths delivery will start December 1st. Hanukkah bundle delivery will start on November 27th.

Wilson High School Crew is the oldest high school rowing program in the District of Columbia. It is the only public school rowing program in DC. The team consists of almost 100 student-athletes who compete at regattas up and down the East Coast. Among many awards of distinction, of special note are the Women’s Youth 4+ victory at the Head of the Charles in 2021 and the Men’s Varsity 8+ victory at SRAA Nationals in 2019.

As crew is not an official sport recognized by the District of Columbia Interscholastic Athletic Association (DCIAA), Wilson Crew is not funded through DCPS or Wilson High School. Instead, our rowers are responsible for raising all their own funding. The team’s fundraisers underwrite the cost of equipment, coaching staff, travel, competition fees, and—most importantly—scholarships for many rowers. Part of the mission of Wilson Crew is to provide any athlete with the opportunity to row, regardless of their financial circumstances.

If you have any more questions about the sale or Wilson Crew in general, please visit us at, or reach out to me directly - ckoppell @ yahoo dot com. 

Follow us on Instagram!

@wilsoncrewwdc, @wilsonvarsitygirlsrowing, or @wilsonvarsityboysrowing   

Carla Koppell 

Pet Portraits

Jacqueline Bruce-Yamin


I'm Jacki Yamin, and I'm a local artist who specializes in pet portraits. I know how much we love our furry (or not) companions. If you think you'd like to have a portrait done of your lovely pet, you can check out my work at

Hope to hear from you!

syaminart@... [jsyaminart @ gmail dot com]

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You get what you pay for – use Well-Paid Maids!

Well-Paid Maids

You get what you pay for. It’s a tough lesson, but most people learn it sooner or later. It’s true for your home, it’s true for your car, and it’s true for your cleaning service. 
Most cleaning companies offer bargain-basement discounts and do everything they can to cut costs. They hire contractors, not employees. They cram tons of appointments into each day.  They pay low wages with no benefits.
Not surprisingly, their cleaners are overworked, underpaid, and stressed out. The end result is to be expected – hurried and lackluster cleanings by people who hate their jobs. If you want a truly clean home, you need to hire a company that treats its employees well. 
That’s where Well-Paid Maids comes in. We are the DC area’s first and only living-wage home cleaning service. All of our employees make at least $20 per hour and receive a full benefits package, including 22 paid days off, health, dental, and vision insurance, and 100% employer-paid commuting costs.
Not only is it the right thing to do, it means we employ the happiest, hardest working folks in the business. Book a cleaning today at and see the difference a living-wage makes. You won’t regret it!

Have questions?  Please email us at support @wellpaidmaids dot com. 

Hope we can serve you soon!


Well-Paid Maids
(202) 715-1646

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