ISO Recs for hotels/ inns on Martha’s Vineyard

Andrea Kenoff

For late September for two people where we can enjoy the island & get to the restaurants with ease.

Thanks, Listserv folks, as always, and have a lovely weekend !

Andrea K.

ISO Ground Cover for Lawn


I am ready to give up my fescue lawn. Looking for suggestions for a ground cover suitable for a small, flat yard with lots of sunlight.

Upton St NW

FREE: Buggaboo chameleon 3 #free

Beth Mendelsohn

Great condition - comes with rain over,
Bassinet, sun canopy etc

Pick up 34th Street!

Beth Mendelsohn

ISO Gutter / Downspout Repair

Nathan A

I need recommendations for someone who can fix my gutters/downspouts that are causing drainage problems. I’ve tried several people and can’t find anyone reliable - please help!

Thank you,


For Sale: 9x12 West Elm Rug #forsale

Valerie Hallow O'Keefe

We have a 9x12 West Elm Rug for sale. It is roughly 5 years old with some wear. $75 OBO. 
Links to images on GoogleDrive

Valerie O'Keefe
(570) 974-6879

Re: ISO Info on Selling High-end Bags & Shoes

Susan Lukas

I have been very pleased with selling through Clothes Encounter in Capitol Hill, across from Eastern Market


Have an hour or so a week for an older neighbor in need?

Frank Finamore

Cleveland & Woodley Park Village is in great need of additional volunteers to help out with driving, tech tutoring, cooking meals, and leaders to work with our committees! Our next virtual volunteer orientation is tomorrow, Tuesday, September 7th at 5:30pm.  To register please go to  

Here’s a bit about our greatest needs for volunteers who want to provide direct service to older residents of our area:

Drivers play an integral role in helping our members get to and from crucial medical appointments, or even appointments to get their hair cut. Having neighbors drive them gives our members a sense of security and offers a chance for socialization for both the member and volunteer. This need will only increase with the need for booster vaccines.  Many appointments happen during the workday, but one-way drives to appointments can be done in as little as a half-hour.

Tech tutors to help our older residents learn how to use iPads, troubleshoot general computer problems, become more confident with their cell phones, and more. The issues aren't usually too complex, so even if you aren't an expert you can really help solve a lot of problems. Hours for this type of help are VERY FLEXIBLE.

Volunteer cooks make meals each week to a small number of older residents. This involves cooking batches of easy-to-reheat, nutritious meals for those who have trouble cooking for themselves or those who could use more food security. This program started during the pandemic by a group of local families and we’ve continued the program because we know that food insecurity is an issue within our community.

For those that are not seeking direct service volunteer work, we are also seeking committee members to work on our Volunteer and Membership Committees.  The Volunteer Committee analyzes types of requests that we receive, assesses which volunteers are active, plans volunteer appreciation events, etc.  The Membership Committee members review attendance at events and requests for assistance, reaches out to socially isolated older residents, welcomes new members with phone calls, etc. A lot of this work can be done on your own time and is very flexible.  Committee meetings are only held once a month and last just one hour or so.  

Thanks for considering these opportunities. If you want to volunteer with your kids (who might be especially good with technology) we welcome them too. If you have any questions, please call or email me.  

P.S.  Our village serves those from the Taft Bridge to Upton Street, Rock Creek to the East, and McLean Gardens to the West. For complete details on where we serve, go to  Our closest Village is Northwest Neighbors Village ( ) so if you live North of  Upton Street, you might check out Northwest Neighbors Village. Finally, if you have older friends or relatives in other areas, you can find out if they have a Village near them at Villages are now numerous and throughout the United States!

 Frank L. Finamore, Jr.
Executive Director & Woodley Park Resident
Cleveland & Woodley Park Village
202-655-1258 (while working remotely)
202-615-5853 (office) 

Our Summer Spritz Fundraising Gala was great fun. You can watch it or make a donation on 

Our mission: Create opportunities for older adults to be actively engaged, support those who need it with volunteer assistance to help them live independently, and work to create a welcoming community for people of all ages.

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

Re: ISO place to donate nice clothes

Nana Nkrumah

Another option for such donations is Martha’s Table.

Nana Nkrumah

Editor's note: Clothing donations at Martha's Table are now at a drop-off bins at two alternate locations, due to covid restrictions. Here's the notice on the clothing donations webpage at Martha's Table:

Thank you for your interest in donating clothing and baby items to Martha’s Table!

Martha’s Outfitters is an innovative, no-cost community store focused on supporting families with young children in the crucial early years of a child’s life. Martha’s Outfitters offers baby items, children’s clothing, and professional workforce attire for adult caregivers.

As our clothing program is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, we are no longer accepting donations at our location on MLK Jr. Ave. SE. We have several options for clothing donations including donation bins, The Commons in Southeast D.C., and The Maycroft in Northwest D.C.

Donation Drop-off Hours At The Commons In Southeast:
2375 Elvans Rd. SE Washington, DC 20020
Monday-Friday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Donation Drop-off Hours At The Maycroft In Northwest:
1474 Columbia Rd. NW
Monday-Friday 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Closed Weekends

- previous message -
Suited for Change right in DC on 15th St, NW thrives on exactly the types of clothes it sounds like you have, providing core assistance for women going on first job interviews and everything and precisely need that type of appropriate dress. The site lists the days they accept donations and you have to sign up for a time and there is not a single notation about not accepting donations due to Covid and all else. Though it does look like they are open for regular business hours just 2 full days during the week. But every detail you could want (202) 293-0351 seems to be there, the link for their website:

ISO Rapid PCR covid test locations

Jennifer Dryer

Hi all,

I’m looking for a site that does PCR COVID testing with rapid results that will charge insurance. I think there’s one in Georgetown, but wanted to see if anyone had any sites they would recommend.

Thank you,
Lowell St.

Editor's note: This question was on the listserv just a few days ago, and here's the info about SameDay Health testing in Georgetown with all the information you seek:

Sept 1 2021
This place in Georgetown is terrific. It was fast (they promise PCR reports in 40 hours, but it was more like 30 in our case), covered by insurance, and had all kinds of times open. Also they tested our 2 year old, which not every provider does. And they had slots open when our local CVS locations did not.

About a month earlier than that -- July 30 -- there was also a compilation of testing sites posted in Message with a good amount of helpful info, but with some of the entries not mentioning type of test or insurance coverage.

We welcome more responses if there's new information -- but we are not looking for duplicate replies of the information already in the Listserv archives. You can find instructions to search the archives here: Good search terms are "covid" AND "pcr". (When searching for a message that contains two terms in no particular order, put them inside quotation marks and separate them with "AND" in capital letters.

Wouldn't You Like an In-Home Professional Massage?

Laurie Lee Massage Therapist

Dear Friends and Neighbors on the Cleveland Park Listserv,

My name is Laurie Lee. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist who comes to your home. I’ve had 2 Pfizer vaccines, and more than two weeks have passed. I am busy massaging the world ONE BODY AT A TIME. You deserve it. It’s been one heck of a year.

60 minute Massage is $140. (Pack of 5 is $650)
90 minute Massage is $165. (Pack of 5 is $775)

Call / Text / Email me to set up your IN HOME Massage.

With a year like we just had, SELF-CARE is extremely important.   

Laurie Lee 
LMT NCBTMB Licensed and Board Certified 
c: 202.438.6369  
LaurieLee2@...m [LaurieLee2 @ aol dot com]

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

Re: ISO help to finish our deck, insulate & hang doors, & install Hardi-plank siding on our sun porches #iso #contractor

Margo Arnold

Dear June and Caleb:
Archie Starks, JC Enterprises is your man. He does a lot of varied work in Cleveland Park.
He has a fabulous positive attitude and shows up and works to completion.
His telephone number is 301/873-5938.
Margo Arnold
Veazey Terrace

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor   

Re: ISO dent and ding repair for an old car #iso #autobodyrepair

Margo Arnold

Dear Sarah:
I recommend Maurilio Sanches, M2 Imports. He LOVES cars, is amazingly competent  and provides excellent pick up service  to your home.
His telephone number is 240-645-7188.

Margo Arnold
Veazey Terrace

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

Free: Oogie Boogie Man costume #free

Christopher Backley

Anybody want a free Oogie Boogie Man costume? I bought it last year and wore it only twice — once to try it on, and once on Halloween. It was indoors only on Halloween, so this thing is super clean.

Here’s the Amazon link. This sucker cost like $120. If you want it, it’s yours!

Disguise Adult Oogie Boogie Prestige Costume

We live near Connecticut and Porter.


Re: Who can help us deal with little ants with wings?

Linda Hughes


Richard Langis who owns Colonial Termite and Pest Control was my “go-to” termite guy during the 40+ years I was a Realtor. He’s honest and uses full strength products to eliminate little critters. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Richard Langis
Colonial Termite and Pest Control
301 670-6916 or 301 258-0669 (I apologize that I’m unable to remember which is his cellular number)

Linda Hughes

Re: Junk hauling companies that deliver to charities

michaelsmithot <michaelsmithot@...>

I just wanted to share my experience with Donation Nation.

My realtor turned me on to

They were fantastic. They showed up on time, they took everything I had designated as junk, and then they took more when I realized they were up for taking pretty much anything and everything I wanted to get rid of.  They emailed me a tax-deductible form on the spot.

5 stars.

Michael from Porter

ISO dent and ding repair for an old car #iso #autobodyrepair

Sarah D

Can anyone recommend a mobile paintless dent repair service, or other provider who can deal with minor dents and dings in an old car? It's not worth a trip to a full-service body shop for this old car, but I also don't want it to rust while there are good years left in it. 

Thanks for any advice. 

-Sarah D.
sbkdesq at hotmail dot com

ISO help to finish our deck, insulate & hang doors, & install Hardi-plank siding on our sun porches #iso #contractor


Hi Neighbors -

We need to get our sun porches insulated, exterior doors hung, and Hardi-plank siding installed. We have all materials on site and are seeking someone who's reliable (shows up and works to completion) and experienced.

Please email us - marlavender@...

- June and Caleb

Who can help us deal with little ants with wings?


Hello List -
We suddenly have lots of tiny ants, some with wings and some without, all over the metal frame of a sliding glass door. There are more on the wooden window frame of the window on the floor above.
There are many websites describing the difference between flying ants and termites, and I'm hoping these are the former. I think they look more like the  photos of flying ants, but I'd like to be sure.
Can anyone recommend a company to diagnose & remedy this problem?
Klingle Road

ISO Information on Selling or Seller for eBay


I'm looking for information on a place I cam take several items for sell on eBay.
Any experiences or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Tom Higgins

FS: Black Bob jogging stroller #forsale

Lauren Wright

In great shape, with rain cover, tray, tire pump. Asking $100 obo. 

Pick up at 35th and Porter ASAP. Email me directly please!

laurenswright @ gmail dot com 

17001 - 17020 of 195156