Sidewalk Palooza - Walk the neighborhood to identify sidewalks in need of repair

Cleveland Park Editor

Here's a terrific idea from ANC Commissioner Erin Palmer (ANC 4B02) for a "Sidewalk Palooza" - walk-through of neighborhood streets to identify and call for sidewalk repairs where needed. The map below does not show any Sidewalk Palooza events set in Ward 3, but there's information in the message about how to set up one for anyone willing to take the lead.
-Peggy Robin
Every year DC launches a spring Potholepalooza event to rapidly identify and fix dangerous potholes. But while potholes get all the attention, our equally important sidewalks and pedestrian safety needs go neglected. The city's own data shows that the average pothole 311 request is fulfilled in 3 business days. Sidewalks are 270 days.
It's time to draw some attention to this discrepancy and the way that it makes life harder and less safe for everyone--especially people with disabilities, parents with strollers, and seniors. So let's come out together to document our neighborhoods' pedestrian infrastructure needs and build some community along the way.
Join a Sidewalkpalooza event in your area from June 4th-11th! Because sidewalks need love too!
Go to the map at and click on any walking figure to see the time and place that neighbors will be documenting sidewalks in need of repair.
Don’t see an event in your neighborhood? You can lead it! It’s easy and we can walk you through it. Just send us an email at sidewalkpalooza@... and we can get you set up.
Sidewalk Palooza 

Re: Hearst Park Construction - No Reliable Information on status and delays


Good question! And speaking of environmental degradation, take a good look at the latest erosion nightmare on the eastern perimeter down slope of the Hearst Field property as runoff courses downhill toward Springland Lane and into the Melvin Hazen Trail watershed. And this is a post mitigation scenario.

It appears the lack of reliable information can be attributed to no one paying attention but the contractor.Our commissioners and council member report that they have been reassured all is well. Really? Drainage, erosion and runoff have become the topics most likely to be avoided by our Ward 3 leadership.

Anyone notice the collapsing storm drain at the NW corner of 36th and Ordway? The structure is literally falling into the abyss and encroaching upon the roadbed. But hey, it's only been that way for about three years...and getting worse. All those dedicated bike lanes everyone is so preoccupied with won't keep your foundations from crumbling. Hedge your bets with sump pump stock, or demand answers, not platitudes, from our elected officials.

Environmental integrity first please.

Rodger McHugh

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May I ask a straightforward question that has been broached in previous messages: Why is water, seems like fresh water, being pumped 24/7 onto Quebec Street? This seems wrong and a environmental degradation.
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Re: ISO retina specialist

Brian Lockett

Dr Adam Weneke at Johns Hopkins' Wilmer Eye Institute is wonderful, calm, and listens well. 
Wilmer Eye Institute
6430 Rockledge Drive. Suite 600
Bethesda MD 20817
Brian on 34th

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You couldn’t do better than at the Wilmer Eye Institute in Bethesda, affiliated with Johns Hopkins.

Re: ISO #moving and #storage suggestions #moving #storage


Yes, Bookstore Movers offers these services! They are great!


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I think Bookstore Movers might be able to do that. They were great with my recent move.

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We’re looking for a company to pack up nearly everything in our house, store it for a week while we have our floors refinished, and then put everything back. Looking for suggestions from this email list. 

Re: ISO contractor to put screened-in porch on unfinished deck

Margo Arnold

Dear Janet:

I recommend Juan Reynoso, DC Green Construction.
His telephone number is 202/973-2719.

Margo Arnold
Veazey Terrace

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor

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Seeking a contractor who could create a screened-in porch on an unfinished deck. Any recommendations?

ISO Experience with Jered Home Repairs & Remodel or Jared Next Day Landscape

Elaine Smith

Does anybody have experience with a handyman/landscaping outfit called "Jered Home Repairs & Remodel" or "Jared Next Day Landscape"? They left a flyer on our door but I'm wondering if anyone has worked with them.

Thanks for any assistance.

Davenport St NW

Re: Hearst Park Construction - No Reliable Information on status and delays

joan mccarthy

May I ask a straightforward question that has been broached in previous messages: Why is water, seems like fresh water, being pumped 24/7 onto Quebec Street? This seems wrong and a environmental degradation.
Thank you,
Porter St.

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Re: What consignment shops are open?


Inga’s is well stocked, but daytime hours only.  

Monday - Saturday, 11 AM - 4 PM; Sunday CLOSED
During shop hours call 202-337-3072 for information, or after hours leave a voice message.
Inga’s is located in The Palisades community at 4830 MacArthur Boulevard NW, Floor 2, Washington, DC 20007

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I know that Inga’s at 4830 McArthur Blvd, NW is open.

Late-night Metrobus service expands, additional service restored starting Sunday

Cleveland Park Editor

Beginning Sunday, June 6, Metro customers who need to get to work or home late at night will have more options when Metrobus extends late-night service on dozens of bus lines throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia. Buses on 36 of Metro’s busiest routes will operate until 2 a.m., seven days a week, providing a vital link for those that depend on public transit.
The return of late-night bus service coincides with the region’s pandemic recovery as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and the region prepares to fully reopen. In addition, Metro will add more frequent service and restore more routes as part of service improvements to more than 60 routes. The service changes will increase Metrobus service to approximately 85 percent of pre-pandemic levels.
This comes as Metro’s Board of Directors is considering additional service improvements and fare changes, as riders return to bus and rail this summer and fall.
In May, Metrobus ridership reached the highest levels since the pandemic began. Weekday bus ridership is now up to 50 percent of pre-pandemic levels. More than half the weekdays in May saw ridership top more than 190,000, including four days when ridership exceeded more than 200,000 passenger trips.
To better serve customers in key areas of Fairfax County, five Metrobus routes will be operated by Fairfax Connector beginning on July 10:
Fairfax Connector Route 703 (formerly Metrobus 3T)
Fairfax Connector Route 715 (formerly Metrobus 15K)
Fairfax Connector Route 803 (formerly Metrobus 3A) 
Fairfax Connector Route 834 (formerly Metrobus 29C) 
Fairfax Connector Route 835 (formerly Metrobus 29W)
The change will restore and enhance service with connections to McLean, East Falls Church, West Falls Church, and Pentagon Metrorail stations.
Customers can find additional information on the June 6, Metrobus service changes at, including a detailed list of service changes by route .
For routes that will be operated by Fairfax Connector, schedule and service information can be found on the Fairfax Connector website.
This announcement is available on the web at: 

Re: ISO #moving and #storage suggestions #moving #storage


I think Bookstore Movers might be able to do that. They were great with my recent move. 


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We’re looking for a company to pack up nearly everything in our house, store it for a week while we have our floors refinished, and then put everything back. Looking for suggestions from this email list. 

Free: Art and posters from Prague 1989 to give to a Czech person, anyone interested?



I am sorting things for an upcoming alley sale and would like to find the right home for some paper posters and original artwork from a Prague visit right after the wall fell. I think these things would be meaningful in a Czech home or even the embassy and would like to give them away. Does anyone have contacts who might like these? Also a few things from Poland and Hungary, from the same trip.

Thanks for your help,

Judy Shapiro
Woodley Park 

Free cardboard boxes #free

Jennifer Patterson

I have 7 empty large cardboard boxes (14 1/4" x 18 1/4" x 12 1/2") and 32 small boxes (7 1/2" x 11" x 5 1/4") in excellent, clean condition, perfect for shipping or storage.  If you are interested, please let me know, and I will leave them out for pick up.


ISO: pool to use for swim lessons for my son (2x a week for 1/2 hour each)

Marianna Sachse

With covid class size restrictions, we have weren't able to get our almost 5 year old into swim classes this summer. We've found a private instructor and thought we had a pool lined up, but that fell through. I know it is a lot to ask, but I'm looking for someone with a pool that would be kind enough to let us use it 2x a week on the weekend for the month of June, and then once a week after that for the month of July (if the situation is working for everyone.)

Our son has motor planning issues, and our swim instructor is also an occupational therapist that has generously offered to squeeze him in two times a week on the weekend, for a half hour each time for the month of June, in the early to mid-afternoon. He's undergoing a great developmental leap thanks to his regular occupational therapy, and we are really hopeful that we can take advantage of that and get him swimming this summer!

Thanks in advance!

Large Multi-Family Yard Sale - This Sunday - 10am to 3pm #yardsale

Ashley Bloom Kenny

Head over to Yuma St NW this Sunday, June 6th for a HUGE Multi-Family Yard Sale! (10am to 3pm)
Five families, between 44th & 45th Street, are participating and their front lawns will be full of tons of great items at super low prices!
Some of the items include:
Toys, Books. Antiques, Lamps, Dishes, Collectables, Light fixtures, Shoes, Games, Designer Clothes, Crafts, Holiday Decor, Chairs, Jewelry, Vintage Beads, Paintings, Electronics, Purses, Coffee Maker... and much, much more!

 Ashley Bloom Kenny


ISO #moving and #storage suggestions #moving #storage

Kenneth Nellis

We’re looking for a company to pack up nearly everything in our house, store it for a week while we have our floors refinished, and then put everything back. Looking for suggestions from this email list.

―Ken Nellis

Re: ISO Pet Bunny Rabbit

Karen Davis

Our daughter had a bunny who lived to be 14. A dwarf, he was smart, a good pet -- attached himself to her -- who enjoyed being walked on a leash outdoors, gamboling around the house, etc. He also loved our house sitter, who came mostly to stay with him whenever we were out of town. (If he'd had a bunny companion, wouldn't the companion have gotten most of the attention? I don't honestly know, but that's what happens with birds.) We bought him at a school auction -- meaning we got a gift certificate at the auction that was redeemable at a rabbit "farm" in Potomac. No idea whether that (sort of) place still exists.
Karen Davis
Connecticut Ave. - previous message -
Bunnies can be wonderful pets. They are highly social and do well with another rabbit friend. As mentioned, the House Rabbit Society is a wonderful resource. Bunnies can be clicker trained and learn cues just like other animals.
One of my bunnies lived for ten years, so it is a commitment. Here’s a photo of Lion, my very sweet and petite Lionhead rabbit who lived a decade. [photo available at Message   ]
Many shelters have bunnies available, too. Lion was a rescue.

Get Out! The AU Katzen Arts Center Has Reopened to the Public

Cleveland Park Editor

by Peggy Robin
Good news keeps coming. The Zoo is open. The cicadas are singing! And AU's art museum has reopened and is welcoming neighbors with timed entry passes - all free.
Here's the what, where, and how. If you need the why, you'll get it when you visit the exhibits.
The American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center has reopened to the public and welcomes back patrons and neighbors with limited hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
Visitors may reserve timed tickets now for June. They will receive a health and safety form via email 24 hours prior to the visit. To enter the museum, visitors must agree to AU’s health and safety guidelines, including wearing a mask throughout the visit and maintaining physical distance.
The three exhibitions now on view are:
Peace Corps at 60: Inside the Volunteer Experience brings the world home through the stories and objects of 30 individuals, representing a sampling of the 240,000 people who have volunteered their service. The exhibition, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Peace Corps, spotlights cross-cultural understanding as nations and people around the world are undergoing major economic, social, and migratory change. The exhibition invites viewers to understand what volunteers and host communities experience together. Objects on view include clothing, musical instruments and items used in food preparation in host countries.
Raya Bodnarchuk: This is a True Picture of How it Was exhibits 1,926 works of gouache and ink paintings shown together for the first time. Through her long career, Bodnarchuk has never wavered in the pursuit of her craft or commitment to mentoring the next generation of artists. Best known for her sculpture, collage and silkscreens, this exhibit began as advice to her students to “Do something you love every day” and evolved into a brilliant chronicle of six years of her life beginning in 2013 and concluding in 2019.      
The Long Sixties: Washington Paintings in the Watkins and Corcoran Legacy Collections, 1957-1982 is a survey of paintings by Washington artists that tells the story of political engagement (or lack thereof) in the arts during the “long” 1960s. Curated by AU Museum Director and Curator Jack Rasmussen, the exhibit contains selected paintings that draw upon memories of what Rasmussen calls “a formative time” in his life. The narrative addresses the history of systemic racism and sexism in the arts, and its enduring impact on the art shown in museums today. It also emphasizes the need for politically engaged art through the present day.  “My perspective includes the acknowledgement of persistent, systemic gender and racial injustice, bias, and violence that was present in the ‘50s, laid bare in the ‘60s, and continues to the present day,” Rasmussen said. “It is clear to me that the defining characteristic of most white mainstream art made between 1957 and 1982 in Washington was an adherence to aesthetic and commercial constraints that encouraged artists to remain silent when their voices are most needed. What pushback there was against this tendency was led by Black and women artists, whose work has been systematically underrepresented in the collections of Washington museums.” All current exhibits also may be experienced virtually online.      
Free timed tickets are now available for Tuesdays and Thursdays in June, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1:00-2:30 p.m. Each visitor must register individually, and tickets are non-transferable.   
Email museum@... with questions about your visit.
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8031   
The Get Out! Events column is posted on the Cleveland Park Listserv and on All Life Is Local on Thursdays.    

Re: Dr. Stephen J. Kominsky - response to a previous message


The purpose of this email is two-fold:
First, I wanted to respond to a negative message that was sent on May 25, 2021 by a fellow Cleveland Park ListServe member [] regarding Dr. Stephen J. Kominsky, a prominent podiatrist here in Washington, DC.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kominsky for many years now and I find him to be "tops" in his field. Dr. Kominsky has operated on my feet three (3) times and I have always been pleased with the results.  And, his staff is exemplary, too. Always professional, polite, accommodating and courteous. My appointments always run on time and, in fact, many times I get in to see the doctor BEFORE the scheduled appointment time. I highly recommend Dr. Kominsky for any podiatry needs you may have.
Secondly, I took the liberty and shared with Dr. Kominsky the negative comments that were made about him and he asked to respond accordingly. Here is what he had to say (in bold):
"I do not usually involve myself in group chat boards and message boards such as this because I feel that it is anyone’s right to express their feelings about an experience (positive or negative) that they have had BUT, this is an exception.
I am responding to allegations from a woman (name intentionally omitted) that claims that I told her that I had “inserted a stitch into the bone” during her surgery, and that I had to operate a second time to remove it. She is mistaken; there is no procedure where a stitch is inserted into the bone, and therefore there would be no reason to have to remove it during a subsequent procedure.
As for the part where she went to a doctor that stated “he has seen multiple patients of mine over the years”, that is not at all unusual.  Doctors practicing in the same community often see patients of neighboring physicians for a multitude of reasons ranging from second opinions to complications from a procedure. The mere statement that he has seen patients of mine is not disparaging.
This woman then went on to say that “may be ok for nonsurgical matters” is disparaging. I was the director of one of the top foot and ankle surgical training programs which is at Medstar Washington Hospital Center for 25 years;  I am a capable and competent surgeon. 
Thank you for allowing me the platform to respond to these allegations."
John Williamson
Sedgwick Gardens
Connecticut and Sedgwick Street, NW

Re: ISO PLUMBER - Emergency leak

Margo Arnold

Dear Celia:
I consulted Archie Starks, JC Enterprises. He said he can help you. His telephone number is 301/873-5938.
Margo Arnold
Veazey Terrace

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

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Friends, Does anyone have a plumber they can recommend for a leak in the kitchen and bathroom?

Free: De Longhi espresso maker that needs repair #free



I have a De Longhi espresso maker that stopped working so I purchased a new water pump for it but don't have the patience to install it anymore. Anyone interested in taking the machine off my hands? It makes a great espresso!


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