Re: ISO Ophthalmologist recommendation

Roslyn Beitler

This query came up very recently on the listserv and a couple of us recommended Dr. Schor with Eye Doctors of Washington. They have several locations, and one of them is in Chevy Chase at Friendship Heights, right above where the buses park. 301.215.7100.

Roz Beitler 

Editor's note: This is not a repeat discussion, as the previous query was seeking a highly experienced eye surgeon for cataract removal, while the query that has prompted this round is for someone to treat a recurring eye infection.

Re: E-bikes abandoned in neighborhoods. Who to call?

It is sad when people dump bike share bikes into Rock Creek. But it doesn't mean the program is not working to take more cars off the road, to everyone's benefit.

I'm not sure about your reference to urban China and bike trash. I've been to China and haven't really noticed it to be that trashy and certainly have not seen bikes strewn about the street. Now, there was a photo circulating about a year ago where bikes were being disposed on in a landfill. Far different than bike trash strewn streets, which does not happen and is a bit offensive to Chinese people.  

As for someone parking a bike on the street, that is the price we pay for living in the city. Yep, every now and then a bike will be parked on your street. And then it will leave because someone will ride it away, as the program is intended.

Steve Seelig

- previous message -
Update: it turned out one can write to support@... 
You have to provide the tag number and the street address.
After a bit of back and forth they did finally come collect it. Overall they were pretty responsive.
I hope that when we see these ebikes abandoned in ravines and river beds we can get into the habit of reaching out or DC will start to look like urban China with piles of bike trash.

Connecticut Ave bike lane debate in today's Post

Cleveland Park Editor

Our ongoing Connecticut Ave/bike lane/parking discussion has hit the big time. Here's the report on it in that was on the front page of the Metro section of Sunday's Washington Post:
[or go to if the long link is broken by your email system]

-Peggy Robin
CP Listserv Moderator

What was that procession down Connecticut Ave yesterday?

Bosworth Dewey

Anybody know what that flag waving protest was passing through Woodley Park around 2:00 yesterday? Police escort and about 500 people.

Bos Dewey
Ellicott St.

Re: ISO KitchenAid dishwasher repair person

Arlene Holen

Mr. A Weinstein has kept our KitchenAid dishwasher going for many years. 301-421-1942.
Arlene Holen

ISO Someone to remove and replace draperies

Margo Arnold

Dear Listserv,

I'm looking for recommendations for someone to remove and replace drapery in my apartment please.
13 feet across, 8 feet high in living room,  facing due south
Bedroom 5 feet by 5 feet.
Total 130 sq.feet.

Please respond to my email address, no phone calls please - margo@... [margo @ ix.netcom dot com]

Thank you,

Margo Arnold
Veazey Terrace #719

NNV Virtual Lecture: Steve Roberts Update On The Political Landscape - Tuesday, April 13 @ 11am

Sal Selvaggio

Date: Tuesday, April 13
Time: 11:00a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Price: Free!

You need to register for this event by clicking the link below. 

A Zoom link will be sent to your email before the event.   

An Update on the Political Landscape
Speaker: Journalist Steve Roberts

More than two months after the inauguration, journalist Steven Roberts will help us take stock of where the new administration and the new Congress are heading. Steve will discuss the surprises (good and bad) so far and the challenges ahead.

Steve Roberts has been a journalist for more than 50 years, covering some of the major events of his time, from the antiwar movement and student revolts of the 60s and 70s to President Reagan's historic trip to Moscow in 1988 and 13 presidential election campaigns. His 25-year career with The New York Times included assignments as bureau chief in Los Angeles and Athens, and as Congressional and White House correspondent. He was a senior writer at U.S. News for seven years, specializing in national politics and foreign policy. As a broadcaster, Roberts has been the chief political analyst for the ABC radio network. As a teacher, he lectures widely on American politics and the role of the news media. Since 1997, he has been the Shapiro Professor of Media and Public Affairs at the George Washington University. He is the recipient of many honors and is the author of a number of columns and books, including with his beloved wife Cokie Roberts.  

Northwest Neighbors Village is a local non-profit dedicated to building a supportive community where older adults are valued and age with dignity. We are delighted to offer these programs for free to our neighbors, and keep you engaged and learning. To learn more about us or to support our efforts to enable older adults to thrive in Northwest, DC, please visit our homepage.

Sal Selvaggio
Northwest Neighbors Village Outreach  

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Furniture for Sale #forsale #furniture

Glenn Kellogg

Moving Sale: 

Blue accent chair ($20) 
Side table ($20) 
Oak swivel and adjustable desk chair ($25)
Metro Shelving- 4’ ($50) 
Queen Elizabeth print ($20)

Contact: (at)

Connecticut & Woodley

Friend of the Listserv

Still Life with Robin: A Useful New Word....But Not For Long!

Peggy Robin

by Peggy Robin

The good news this week is that covid vaccinations will be available to any DC resident age 16 and up starting this Monday, April 12.

I just learned a new word that may not be very useful for very long. And that’s a good thing, too. The word is impfneid – and it’s the German word for "vaccine envy."

All winter long, people who were not yet eligible to be vaccinated – or WERE eligible but could not manage to snag one of the coveted appointment slots – would learn of their friends who’d already had their shots – or they’d see Facebook photos of people smiling as they held up their CDC vaccination card – and instead of feeling happy for them, they’d feel the sting of jealousy. No wait, it’s more like a jab than a sting. A jab of jealousy for not getting the jab of inoculation.

Trust the Germans to come up with a word that encapsulates a myriad of negative emotions in one consonant-heavy mouthful. It’s like schadenfreude, but in reverse. Instead of feeling happy at someone else’s misfortune, you are unhappy to learn that someone else is protected, and you’re not.

But that’s all about to change, starting Monday, as vaccination opens up to all adults in all states – and non-states like DC.

Of course, it may take a few weeks for all who want the shot to secure appointments, so there may still be some weeks of impfneid ahead of us.

Want to learn more about the origins of this word? I got it from a wonderful podcast about language called “A Way with Words” – and each week the show covers a plethora of odd phrases, idioms, nonce words, and other linguistic oddities and delights.

The impfneid segment is here:   

The full episode is here:   

And the website for the series is here:     

If you end up waiting in a long line to get your shot, I recommend passing the time by listening to some episodes of the show. Here's one that's especially appropriate -- it talks about people who say "waiting in line" versus "waiting on line" -- -- but I do hope your line is not too many episodes long!  

Still Life with Robin is published on the Cleveland Park Listserv and on All Life Is Local on Saturdays. 

Re: Draft ANC 3C Resolution ton DDOT Study on Connecticut Avenue

Ed Carley <ed.carley@...>

As if to prove my point, a person on a bike was killed by a person driving a car last night at Massachusetts and 2nd St NW. Does a tragedy like this need to happen in our neighborhood for people to understand that people who ride bikes just want to get from A to B with out dying?

Ed C

- from previous message -
[snip] So let’s build the darn bike lane. Otherwise I’m worried someone is going to have to get killed on Connecticut to get DDOT and Mary Cheh to take action to make the corridor safe for everyone who uses it.

ISO Ophthalmologist recommendation

catherine chieco

Looking for an experienced ophthalmologist to treat a recurring eye infection. 
Prefer upper Wisconsin Avenue location but open.



Re: Zoo parking

Betsy Berlin

I was a FONZ member. You will be delighted to learn that the pandemic killed it. The Zoo's partnership with FONZ is over.

Editor's note: Here's an article explaining the split:

- from previous message -
The zoo would have greater parking capacity if they did not subsidize driving by offering free parking to FONZ members.

Re: ISO Gladiolus bulb advice

Deborah Linde

Yes they do and they multiply rapidly. Mine have survived through 10? winters.

Newark St. 

- original message -
Looking for advice from local green thumbs.
Will gladiolus bulbs be OK surviving in the ground over the winter here in NW DC?

Re: Draft ANC 3C Resolution ton DDOT Study on Connecticut Avenue

Jennifer Duffy

From personal experience, I have my doubts that bike lanes will make Connecticut Avenue safer for pedestrians. In fact, I fear it will make it worse. Crossing L & M Streets (M & 22nd is especially bad) since bike lanes have been added has become hazardous. Despite claims that cyclists obey traffic laws, the reality is that many don’t and don’t seem concerned about who has the right of way. I won’t bother to recount what many cyclists have said when I’ve called them out for almost running me down when I’ve had the right of way. One post here suggested that only cars, not bikes, can kill people. That’s not an accurate statement, and ignores the reality that bikes can inflict serious injury. 
I don’t see where the new plans for Connecticut Avenue account for pedestrian safety. 


The referenced message is available here: 

Re: DC Water Bill Insanity - HELP - DC Water Bill Went from $260/month to $990/month

Calvin Gurley

If the required period to file a protest (30 days after the billing date) is still available, file the complaint. Take the complaint to the in-person hearing stage. In the meantime, monitor your water meter by daily recording the usage (four digit number) up to the hearing date. Review the daily meter readings for average usage and any spike(s) in usage. Present your daily monitoring report to the hearing officer, especially if your review reveals spikes in usage but knowing the minimum use of water by family members.

Calvin Gurley  

- original message -
Our DC Water Bill has almost quadrupled ... $260 in November to $990 in March. Nothing has changed in our house during this period. Sound familiar? DC Water wants us to pay for a plumber to come to the house and thoroughly check for water issues/leakage etc. For their mistake ... A mistake which seems to have happened many times across DC in the last few years.
Could all those who have experienced this situation PLEASE let me know how you resolved it? What did you do? How did you resolve it? How long did it take? What was the final outcome?
THANK YOU so very much!

Tivoli Locksmith - Open and Doing Business in Coronavirus Emergency Using Safest Practices

Tivoli Locksmith

Tivoli Locksmith - Best Reviewed Locksmith in the Neighborhood - Open and Doing Business During Coronavirus Emergency Period.

We are wearing masks & gloves, disinfecting surfaces, and practicing social distancing.

Your Security & Safety Is Our Highest Priority.

Dear Listserv Community,  

For anyone in need of a professional, certified locksmith, my company, Tivoli Locksmith offers 24/7 Emergency Lockout Services for Residential, Auto and Commercial needs. 

We have been serving the community for over 30 years and are the best-reviewed locksmith on the listserv. Here are a few of the recommendations from your neighbors: 

"I needed some locks re-keyed and so called Tivoli Locksmith. Joseph Ngana set an appointment to come assess what was needed, arrived promptly, provided helpful questions and answers, gave a very reasonable estimate.... He is clearly expert in his work, as well as gracious. Definitely 5 stars!" --M.A.   

"Mr Joseph Ngana came to my house and rescue this week when he fixed my front door lock so I could get in my front door. He was charming, friendly, explained what needed to be done and did it!! I am eternally grateful to Mr. Ngana and to the Cleveland Park Listserve that introduced me to this skillful and delightful person. He also speaks French!! " --H.M.   

"....Here is another accolade for Tivoli Locksmith and Joseph. I called him this morning. He was already out on appointments but managed to accommodate me and my finicky tenant.The apartment door deadbolt was, according to Joseph, very old. Yet he managed, from the opened back of his vehicle, to replace all of the parts and pieces that had worn out inside the lock. He's a locksmith-genius." --L.H.   

Call us for:
* Emergency service
* Re-keying
* Deadbolts
* Lockset change
* Auto or home lockout
* New lock installation
* Cylinder combination change
* Knobset change
Please call Joseph at (202) 338-5335 to schedule an appointment or with any questions.   

It's been a pleasure serving the community and we appreciate your continued support!   

Thank you,  

Joseph Ngana  
Founder, Tivoli Locksmith 
Registered Certified Locksmith 
Licensed, Bonded, Insured  
(202) 338-5335  
tivolilocksmithservices@... [tivolilocksmithservices @ gmail dot com]
Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor  

Re: E-bikes abandoned in neighborhoods. Who to call?


Update: it turned out one can write to support@...
You have to provide the tag number and the street address.

After a bit of back and forth they did finally come collect it. Overall they were pretty responsive.

I hope that when we see these ebikes abandoned in ravines and river beds we can get into the habit of reaching out or DC will start to look like urban China with piles of bike trash.


- original message -
I'm all for alternative transportation, but the ugly bright orange Jump/Lime bikes have been proliferating in my Woodley Park neighborhood and I believe the company is depositing them randomly. One just appeared in front of my house and I don't want to have to look at it for the next months. I've also noticed one of these apparently thrown over the Klingle bridge, and one at the bottom of Rock Creek below Calvert Street.
I tried to find a website or phone number to get the company to come take these away but I seemed to be required to register or become a member. Has anyone had success with this?

Re: ISO replacement dishwasher recommendations

Roslyn Beitler

I recently recommended M&M appliances on the listserv, and I got lots of positive feedback. I just bought a new dishwasher, and the choices are more complex than you realize. It's best to speak to an expert, and I used Clayton who helped me a lot, 202.882.7100.

Roz Beitler 

Small Sofa For Sale #forsale

B Mart

Excellent condition. No damage. 59" wide x 34" tall x 33" deep. Purchased at CB2 in Georgetown. Paid $800, asking $200. 

Pick up on Connecticut near Devonshire Place NW. Non- smoking home. One cat in residence.
If interested, email me at beamer202.b@...


Small Velvet Sofa For Sale

B Mart

Excellent condition.  No damage.  59" wide x 34" tall x 33" deep.  Purchased at CB2 in Georgetown. Paid $800, asking $200.  Pick up on Connecticut Ave NW near Devonshire Place.  Non- smoking home.  One cat in residence.  

If interested, email me at beamer202.b@...


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