Furniture for Sale #forsale #furniture

Glenn Kellogg

Moving Sale: 

Antique Victorian Dictionary stand ($300)
Gold framed mirror ($40)
Two vintage, velour, barrel chairs ($40/pair) 
Oval, antique end table ($20)

Contact: (at) 

Connecticut & Woodley

Friend of the Listserv

Re: Draft ANC 3C Resolution ton DDOT Study on Connecticut Avenue

Ed Carley <ed.carley@...>

From previous message: "The day after the center lane was permanently made into a left-turn only lane, we all turned to each other and asked: Why didn’t they do this years ago!?"

So what you’re saying is, last time DDOT made a big change, people were really happy with the results?

I’m sure that lots of Cleveland Parkers thought that change would be the carpocalypse too and panicked about it, but as you’ve pointed out, they immediately liked the result when it happened. So let’s build the darn bike lane. Otherwise I’m worried someone is going to have to get killed on Connecticut to get DDOT and Mary Chen to take action to make the corridor safe for everyone who uses it.

Ed Carley

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ISO replacement dishwasher recommendations

Cheryl Maltz

Hi neighbors,

It’s time to replace our old dishwasher. Ideally, looking for something that:
·         does a good job washing (and drying) dishes
·         isn’t extremely loud
·         is reasonably priced
·         has reasonable duration regular wash cycle

Does anyone have a model/manufacturer/specs to recommend (pro or con)?

Many thanks,

(near the zoo)

Re: ISO KitchenAid dishwasher repair person

Cindy Sherman

We have had our KitchenAid dishwasher repaired by the father/son team at Silver Spring Appliance Service (240-271-4267). Kirk and Blake are authorized professional technicians for several appliances. They’re exceptional.
Thanks very muchCindy Sherman

- original message -
My KitchenAid dishwasher has been leaking. I would appreciate any recommended repair person, especially if they are familiar with KitchenAid.

Free: 2 youth bed latex mattresses - trying to avoid adding to the landfill #free

Karen M. Schneebaum

Before I call for a special pickup for 2 used custom youth bed latex mattresses (63"x29"x6"), does anyone have a use for them? Hate to add to the landfill, but don't expect another generation in the family for at least 20 years....

Karen on Cortland
schneebaum @ gmail dot com 

From DC AG Karl A. Racine: Conversations on Combating Hate - Webinar on April 14, 1-3pm


Office of the Attorney General
Karl A. Racine
In Your Community
Conversations on Combating Hate
We have a hate problem in this country. And sadly, we’re trending in the wrong direction. 2019 was the deadliest year on record for hate crimes – and we still haven’t seen the national data from last year. We learn about these crimes on the news, from our communities, and experiences in our own lives. No one should have to fear being the victim of a hate crime. No one should have to worry that they will be targeted because of the way they look, who they love, or where they worship.
This year, as the president of the National Association of Attorneys General, I launched an initiative called the People v. Hate. The initiative aims to raise awareness of hate and bias, prevent hate from taking root in our communities, support residents who have experienced hate, and develop and share best practices on improving hate crime data.
Combating hate isn’t a partisan issue – we must work together as a country and in our communities to root it out. That starts by having open conversations.
On April 14, I’m hosting a webinar centered on the impact of hate. The event will bring together victims of hate crimes, survivors, and their families. They will share their personal stories of devastating loss, resilience, and advocacy in the wake of deadly attacks and their recommendations for changes to prevent hate and support those who have experienced its horrific consequences.
Among the several family members and survivors joining the discussion will include Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer, who was killed in the Charlottesville attack in 2017, and Rabbi Hazzan Jeffrey Myers who survived the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018. Their stories are important. No one should have to experience what they and their loved ones have gone through. And through conversations like this one and needed action, we can work to make sure no one else has to.
Click on the link below to register for this webinar on The Rise of Hate and its Deadly Consequences. I hope you join.
Thank you.
KAR signature
Karl A. Racine
DC Attorney General
400 6th Street, NW Washington, DC 20001
Email: oag@...
Phone: (202) 727-3400
Have a consumer complaint?
Call the OAG Consumer Protection Hotline at (202) 442-9828
Submit online form

ISO Gladiolus bulb advice

Stephen Sanford

Looking for advice from local green thumbs.

Will gladiolus bulbs be OK surviving in the ground over the winter here in NW DC?


ISO studio lights and video editing tutor

Liza Chapkovsky <lizachapkovsky@...>

Hi Neighbors,
I am seeing if anyone has old studio lights they would be willing to sell or donate. My dad has recently gotten into videography and is looking to up his game! 
He’s also interested in learning more about the movie making/editing process, and becoming better acquainted with some of the video editing software. If anyone is available for tutoring services (maybe two or three lessons) please let me know.
The type of equipment he is looking for is attached below. 
Thank you !
Liza Chapkovsky

FREE: Bench and stool #free



Ikea Bench

It’s a little wobbly, (probably easily fixable) but still very useful.

19-3/4” high x 26-1/2 “ wide x 15” deep


euro modern style,

Good condition

seat ht 27-1/4” overall ht:  38-1/2 “ width  18” at base

if interested in one or other contact me at elnoir1001@...  
Conn at Tilden

Re: Question Re: Metro begins phasing out older SmarTrip cards as part of upgrades to faregates and fare payment technology

Alec Dann

Look on the back of your card and find the card serial number on the lower right side (20 digits separated into five groups of four). If the first four digits of the card serial number are 0167, your card does not need to be replaced.

Smart Benefits can refer to automatic additions of credit to your card when it falls below a minimum level. Smart Benefits can also refer to money added to your card by your employer if you participate in a commuting program (pre-tax deductions from your paycheck).

38th St 
The original message about the SmarTrip phase-out is available in full at  

Re: Zoo traffic

James Linde

There is no way a community is going to force the Zoo to build a parking garage. Maybe they can put in for an additional appropriation from the federal government to pay for it? The zoo cut the garage out of their plans purely for budgetary reasons.

Editor's note: You can read more about the Zoo's cancellation of plans to build a parking garage in this article in the Washington Business Journal dated July 26, 2018:  

- from previous message - 
It would make sense if we, as a beleaguered community, would finally require the Smithsonian to solve its own parking problems and not put it on the neighborhood streets to absorb their parking. How about Lawn signs: BUILD ZOO PARKING GARAGE!  Let's do a little parking shaming. Nothing in life is free, especially in the big city. [snip]

ISO KitchenAid dishwasher repair person

Schwartz Alan


My KitchenAid dishwasher has been leaking. I would appreciate any recommended repair person, especially if they are familiar with KitchenAid.
Thanks very much

Re: Question Re: Metro begins phasing out older SmarTrip cards as part of upgrades to faregates and fare payment technology

Betty Sinowitz

Can the exchanges take place in Metro stations? Specific offices? Will buses also be affected by these changes?

Cathedral Avenue

Editor's note: If you read the original Metro announcement at you will find a link to a webpage at that answers most of the questions people have about how and when the exchanges can be made. The main thing to note is that only plastic farecards issued in 2012 or earlier need to be replaced. You can look on the back of the card to see the series of numbers at the bottom right edge of the card. If you see the numbers 0167, your card does NOT need to be replaced.

If you have other questions not answered by reading the material at , call SmarTrip customer service: 1-888-SMARTRIP (1-888-762-7874)..
The original message about the SmarTrip phase-out is available in full at

Moving Sale, Sunday, 9am-12noon: As Priced or Best Reasonable Offer #forsale #moving

Scott Mezistrano

See list below. But there is so much more. Pictures of some items are at

·      3512  30th St NW
·      Between Ordway and Porter Streets
·      Sunday, 9 am to noon
·      Cash only

All items in very good condition unless noted otherwise. As priced or best reasonable offer.

·      Apple Magic Mouse, $25 each

o   Barely used
o   We have two

·      iPod Nano, 6th generation, $50

o   Barely used, perfect condition
o   Box, charging cord, instructions

·      FitBit Alta, $25

o   Excellent condition, not a scratch
o   Charging cable, dongle, extra strap, and basic instruction booklet

·      Belkin Stereo Cable, new in box, 7’, $10

·      Digital camera package: $30

o   Nikon CoolPix L3 digital camera, including manual and quick-start guide
o   Kingston 15-in-1 Hi-Speed Card Reader
o   Tamrac heavy nylon carrying case; has belt loop and pocket for extra media
o   Fisheye lens for phone camera

·      KVM Switch, $10

o   Switch between two computers while using one monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
o   Brand: IOGEAR 

·      Surfboard Cable Modems, $20 each

o   Arris SB6190, $20

§  DOCSIS 3.0
§  One 1-GB ethernet port
§  1.4 Gbps, 32x8 modem channels

o   Motorola SB6121, $20

§  DOCSIS 3.0

·      Apple Airport Express, $20

o   Purchased 2011 but never used

·      Actiontec Dual-Band Wireless Network Extender (MoCA), new in box, $20

·      21” monitor and sound bar, power cords; line down right side of display, $10

Gifts (maybe for yourself)

·      Swarovski Angel Fish pin, $25

o   New in box

·      Waterman pen/pencil set, $150

o   Beautiful caramel marbleized lacquer finish
o   Picture doesn’t do it justice
o   In box

·      Cross pens/pencil, $10 for all four

Living Room    

·      Vintage (1950s) reading lamp, Gerald Thurston, metal, brass, adjustable height (58” max), cantilever arm (33” max handle to shade), $150
·      Vintage mid-century modern table lamps, “Gilbert,” white lucite acrylic, pair, $65
·      Teak cabinet, fair condition, 20” x 48”, sliding doors, $25



·      Split-queen bed set. Split-queen fits up tight stairways!

o   Mattresses, each is 30” x 80”, $75 for the pair

§  7” high, three-layers: soft foam top layered over medium-firm density foam. The bottom layer is extra firm. 

o   Metal bedframe (for queen or split-queen; black metal), $50

·      Night table, beautiful wood, three-drawer, top is slightly marred, $45



·      Teak lateral file, 33.25” w x 20” d x 28.5” h, $100
·      Teak desk with two-drawer file, dimensions, $95
·      Ikea Billy bookshelf, $25
·      Mail sorting cabinet, $10



·      Wool carpet, 3.5’ x 5.5’, $35
·      Curtain rods with finials, rings, and brackets, $10 each

o   2 are ~3’
o   2 are ~6’ 

·      Asian armor sculpture, 24” h x 22.5” w, metal, wood, rope, $60 (sells new for $650)
·      Draperies: 4 lined euro-pleat panels; brown, tan, ivory, aqua/teal; $50

o   2: 107” L  x  ~36” w
o   2: 104” L  x  ~54” w            


·      Cookware:

o   Magnalite (not magnetic or induction)

§  7-quart, $45
§  3-quart + steamer basket, $30
§  1-quart, $20

o   Revereware 3-quart + steamer basket, $25
o   Ekcoware 4-quart, copper bottom, $15
o   Unknown brand, 4-quart, copper bottom, $15

·      green water glasses, 14+ oz., we have 16, $3.50 each; 8 for $24; 16 for $45
·      wood card table, multi-stains (great with a tablecloth; maybe re-stain), folding legs, $65


Banquet, Outdoor, Garage, etc.        

·      Lightweight, plastic banquet tables, brand: Lifetime

o   24" x 48", folds in half, adjustable-height legs, $45
o   28" x 48", $35

·      Captain's beach chair, $30
·      Three plastic window-box planters, $3 each, $5 for all

o   ~ 3.5’, 2.5’, 2’

·      Snow blower, $100


Men’s Clothing – all new with tags

·      Johnston & Murphy over-the-calf socks, $4/pair, $15 for all four

o   Retail = $16
o   We have four
o   Tan, basketweave pattern


Free: lots of opened cleaning supplies, paints, etc., that can’t go on the moving truck

See you Sunday morning!

Scott & Jeff
3512  30th St NW
Between Ordway and Porter Streets

Friends of the Listserv


Baked by Yael

Cakepop Class & Magic Show
Sunday, April 25, 2021, 2:00 p.m. ET
Click here to register.
It’s the ultimate family afternoon!

First, it’s the magic show that happens in your hands performed by acclaimed Chicago magician Scott Green, followed by a cakepop class taught by Yael Krigman of the world famous Baked by Yael bakery in Washington, D.C.

It’s all live on Zoom, and it’s all very interactive.

When you book, you’ll get a box that arrives a few days before showtime. Inside is everything you need to be a part of the magic show, AND everything you need to make your own delicious cakepops. You’ll also receive a link to the live Zoom event a few days ahead of time.

This event is geared toward families with children ages 6 and up. So if your kids are 6 and 9, great! If they’re 15 and 12, great! You’ll have a fun time.

One registration includes a Mystery Magic Box and a Home Cakepop Kit. You're welcome to order one for each child or share.  Price includes shipping.

During the magic show, Scott will make insanely fun magic happen in your hands. The magic box is full of magical surprise after magical surprise, and Scott will even teach your kids tricks they can do by repurposing the stuff from the box.

During the cakepop class, we'll teach you how to crumble the cake, mix it with frosting, and then roll, dip, and decorate your cakepops. Choose from 3 cake flavors: Birthday (vanilla), Chocolate, or Gluten-free & Vegan Chocolate.

Your Home Cakepop Kit comes with baked cake, frosting, white candy wafer, edible glitter, cakepop sticks, and a cakepop drying stand. (Please note that the gluten-free & vegan cakepops do not use frosting.)

Register at

Baked by Yael
3000 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008
Connect with Baked by Yael!  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor

Pop-up Shopping - Today!

William McLeod

Spring is here and you should see what’s “blooming” at the Dupont Circle Main Streets Pop-up on Saturday, April 10 from 12:00-5:00 pm. Over 55 artists, jewelers, potters, and other makers will sell their wares outside on the sidewalks around Dupont Circle – giving you an opportunity to discover new businesses and visit your favorite retailers. Social distancing protocols will be in place. We hope you will join us and share some "spring sunshine" by supporting our neighborhood businesses and artists.

Volunteers will be at the Dupont Circle Metro – North passing out maps and giving directions.  To learn more, visit

#ShopDupont #SpringinDupont #DupontPopUp

Posted by:
Bill McLeod
Dupont Circle Main Streets

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

This is the number to report ILLEGALLY parked cars: 202 576 6071/Zoo traffic

Paul Warren

I know that this is not necessary for most, but the last few emails have started talking charging admissions to non FONZ members to the zoo as some sort of traffic deterrent, so I just wanted to remind our reader that the National Zoo is part of the Smithsonian Institution and does not charge admission. I think that if we all look away from our tiny worlds for a moment we can acknowledge that the broader exposure the Zoo brings to large groups of people vastly outweighs some sort of experimental, lets for the first time ever start charging for access to a national institution in hopes that people do not come.

Since the Zoo and FONZ have severed their relationship,  the Zoo can if it wants, charge everybody --including FONZ members-- for parking now. See:  Zoo ends FONZ partnership - The Washington Post 

If you have forgotten that the Smithsonian does not charge admission, still, then it is time for you to treat yourself to another benefit of living in the city and get out and visit any of the Smithsonian facilities. If you are a die hard and want to shape traffic policy with your dollars, there are plenty  of pay per visit private museums as well which you can visit and then suggest that they create private parking  or dig garages to keep cars from parking on public city streets.


Re: Draft ANC 3C Resolution to support Concept C for DDOT Study on Connecticut Avenue

I believe DDOT has been clear about what they seek to accomplish - saving lives for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.  

Steve Seelig
The previous message and the 26-message thread are accessible from Message 

Re: Zoo traffic


Dear Margaret and everyone,

It would make sense if we, as a beleaguered community, would finally require the Smithsonian to solve its own parking problems and not put it on the neighborhood streets to absorb their parking. How about Lawn signs: BUILD ZOO PARKING GARAGE!  Let's do a little parking shaming. Nothing in life is free, especially in the big city. 

At the rate that office space is rented downtown, how much would it cost, per sq. ft. to park a car all day at a zoo parking lot? Why can’t  Metro make a weekend offering to reduce the cost of parking at their suburban lots and offer a wee little break on fare cards to the Woodley Park/Zoo station? This would only be on the weekend when the daily commuters are home mowing their lawns. 

There would be the occasional daughter-in-law bringing the grandkids into town to visit the grandparents in Woodley Park, but that would be minor compared to the hoards of suburbanites who circle through our streets, belching exhaust, jamming their cars too close to our driveways and parking illegally under stop signs looking for someplace to leave the car so they can show the kids a real live panda!

Perhaps Cleveland Park and Woodley Park should stop wringing their hands about the Metro and zoo parking on its streets and start a BUILD ZOO PARKING campaign!
~Eleanor O.
-previous message-
Cheryl makes a good point that the Zoo is in a residential area with virtually no adjacent street parking so visitors who bring families in cars park on neighborhood streets if they don’t want to pay for parking in the zoo. It reminded me that not long ago DC required the Cathedral to accommodate visitors, resulting in the Cathedral’s costly construction of underground parking. It would make sense for the Zoo to expand their parking facilities.

Re: Metro begins phasing out older SmarTrip cards as part of upgrades to faregates and fare payment technology

Roslyn Beitler

Thank you so much for this important information! It's another example of the invaluable help we get from the Cleveland Park listserv.

Roz Beitler 

-- previous message --
This Metro announcement says that “ Customers that participate in SmartBenefits are currently unable to transfer balances to a new card online and will be notified at a later date. Participants should login to their SmarTrip account to make sure their contact information is up to date.” When I turned 65 I started getting the senior discount. Is that considered SmartBenefits? Do I need to wait until notified to exchange my card in order not to lose my senior discount status?
The original message about the SmarTrip phase-out is available in full at

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