Re: ISO sweet treats!

Ann Hamilton

Check out Levain Bakery on M Street in Georgetown. At $4 per extra large cookie, how could it not be delicious?

Ann Hamilton

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I’m preparing a birthday picnic for next week and I am looking for a place to get special sweets, extra-fancy cookies, or macaroons. They need to be delicious as well as beautiful. Any suggestions?

Chevy Chase development planning - contribute your views

larry s. enten

Potential for future Chevy Chase  development: too much? Like the way Bethesda looks? 
The city council is due to vote on moving a process forward.

The DC  Office of Planning has begun the process of developing a Small Area Plan for Chevy Chase. This process was started by ANC 3/4G in its resolution which conditioned its support of the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments for the preparation of a Small Area Plan that  will  hopefully/ maybe assure that any changes in zoning that would result from these amendments, and then in its Task Force on Racism and subsequent Housing Report and Recommendations. The Small Area Planning effort  partially results  from the work of this ANC.  

That process continues with the Office of Planning's Chevy Chase Small Area Plan and will not be completed until later this year. You can be part of a process. Sign up to receive notifications about the project:  

A Community Advisory Committee has been selected by the DC  Office of Planning. This group  is working with Office of Planning to inform our community and to facilitate conversation to bring forth points of view.  

Visit the project webpage that includes an engagement timeline with a  Spring schedule of activities, and then read the March 4 Kick-Off Meeting Summary (with answers to questions from the meeting).  Read the Q&A section re:  the relationship of the Small Area Planning to the Comprehensive Plan Amendments and other specifics about development in Chevy Chase. Sign up for the Office of Planning Virtual Office Hours on April 7 and 8 using its link. You can also meet Office of Planning staff at the Ch/Art Pop-Up on April 18. Details of the event can be found on their website: There will be a Survey and Small Group workshops coming later in April.
Email your city council person how you feel. Folks with petitions will soon be canvassing our Chevy Chase area. I like the way our neighborhood is now, and personally, even a foot in the door for potential, incremental expansive development is easy to see through.   

Larry S Enten

Re: ISO sweet treats!

Michael Winfield

You should call Sherri Berliner, definitely the best coconut macaroons!
Sherri 301-928-1992

Michael A. Winfield

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I’m preparing a birthday picnic for next week and I am looking for a place to get special sweets, extra-fancy cookies, or macaroons. They need to be delicious as well as beautiful. Any suggestions?

Free chile pepper poster #free

Linda Ayres

Free poster. Unframed. Contactless pick up

Linda on Cortland
LINDAAYRES2710 @ gmail dot com

Free: Antique Chaise Lounge/Fainting Couch #free

Matthew Paul

Antique chaise lounge or fainting couch for free.  Structurally in excellent condition.  66 inches long by 27 inches wide.

Matthew Paul
Alton Pl 
mattpaul.dc @ gmail dot com

Lifestyle and Image Consulting services on retainer

Aaron Joseph

Good afternoon,

My name is Aaron Joseph, and I offer personal Lifestyle and Image consulting services to the DMV area and elsewhere. As a business owner and consultant, I understand that ambitious, successful individuals value the importance of time, resources, and reputation. Ensuring that your lifestyle and image are in order is not a luxury but a necessity, so that you can most effectively navigate your social and professional milieus. I draw from years of successful management, entrepreneurial, personal development, and coaching experience to tailor my services to your specific needs. Book a consultation today, and experience the peace of mind that flows from having a personal consultant in your corner at all times.  

Direct link to booking: 

Use coupon code CONSULT20 for 20% off your consultation

Though I do work in-person locally, most of my sessions are held virtually through easy-to-use booking software. Payment processing and video call software are integrated right into the booking program, streamlining the entire process. My clients enjoy convenience, flexibility, and accommodation--please see my attached one-pager for more information: 

Aaron Joseph 
Director | Active Journey Consulting
Founder & CEO | Active Journey Holdings, Inc.

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

ISO sweet treats!


I’m preparing a birthday picnic for next week and I am looking for a place to get special sweets, extra-fancy cookies, or macaroons. They need to be delicious as well as beautiful. Any suggestions?

Cathedral Ave

Re: ISO Local Extended Stay Options

Valerie Haselton

During a renovation last fall, our family stayed at a Tenleytown house very close to Cleveland Park managed by Home Sweet City. Very reasonable and you can do nightly, weekly or monthly. Worked great for us and we enjoyed discovering a new part of town so close to CP. 
Good luck!


- from previous message -
Can anyone recommend a good place for extended stay in between selling my place and buying my next place?
Cleanliness, WiFi, affordability, as considerations much appreciated.

ISO Local Extended Stay Options

michaelsmithot <michaelsmithot@...>

Hi, All-

One more drop in the bucket towards my move.

Can anyone recommend a good place for extended stay in between selling my place and buying my next place?

Cleanliness, WiFi, affordability, as considerations much appreciated.

Michael on Porter

Free: Moving boxes #free

Jackie Frankfurt and Mark Cahn

I have 8 small moving boxes (16x12x12) broken down and available on my front porch for anyone who would like to take them. I will post once they are gone.

Jackie Frankfurt
2946 Newark Street

Still Life with Robin: "The Stormys" Best Storm Photos of 2020

Peggy Robin

by Peggy Robin

It’s awards season and while the big thing of the season is universally acknowledged to be the Academy Awards for the best movies of the previous year, I would like to take this opportunity plug one of the lesser-known award shows -- "The Stormys" -- given annually to the best stormchaser/photographer and to the best individual photograph taken of a storm in 2020. One reason why you may not have heard of "The Stormys" is that the March 31, 2021 awards event was the first time "The Stormys" had ever been presented

I have to confess, I did not watch the show live; everything I know about it came from the superb coverage of the event by The Capital Weather Gang on March 31, 2021: 

But there actually is a physical trophy that gets handed to the winners. You can see :The Stormy" in this little video clip:   

Now, I won’t call it ugly….but wait, I can’t think of any other word for it, so yes, that thing is ugly.

On the other hand, the photograph taken by the winner of the “Photographer of the Year” award is stunning:  

You can view the work of all the nominated photographers here: 

And for the best individual storm photo of the year….the STORMY goes to: 

To see all the finalists and also-rans, scroll down the page at: 

Just FYI: the last one, of the small clapboard house alone on a plain in Taiban, NM with bolts of lightning forking behind it, would have won my vote for Best Storm Photo of the Year.

And now, just to prove that Washington,DC can produce its own award-worthy images of stormy's an undated photo of lighting off in the distance, and cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin: 

Looking forward to a balmy springtime!


Still Life with Robin is published on the Cleveland Park Listserv and on All Life Is Local on Saturdays.

ISO formstone removal recommendations

sean mcnabb


Thought I’d ping the listserv to see if anyone has experience removing formstone from a facade. I’d appreciate any insights into the process/outcome/cost and any local organizations you might recommend for a project.


Re: ISO Dog Sitter / Boarding

c c does boarding and grooming for reasonable prices, multi dog discounts and treats them like family in an in home environment.

Cristina Calderón

FS: Girls 24" bicycle, Antique wooden chest #forsale

Meredith Giordano

We have the following items for sale:

Girls bicycle
24” Giant, Liv Alight.  Good condition, except brake pads need replacement. $150

Antique wooden chest
Wooden chest from Sri Lanka, probably made in the 19th Century for a British Naval Officer. Dove-tailed joints (see picture).  Measurements: 25”x 44.5’x 24.5”. $200

28th Street NW
meredithandmark @ gmail dot com

Re: ISO Bike shop recommendations #biking

Deb Niemeier

I just used Nomad Bicycle Works to do a tune up on a bike (a fairly good bike).

He comes to your house and does a bike tune. To make an appt you go to the website, upload pics of your bike, set an appt. Omar, who owns the business, reviews the pics and then calls - yes, an actual call - to talk further if he thinks he needs to know more or additional parts might be required.

He is very clear with his questions, confirms what parts he has and which you need to purchase ahead of time, and then - he shows up to do the work. I am an in-between cyclist - not casual, but also not a racer. I like bikes tuned sweetly but I don't care about the ".00001" calibration.

Omar hit the sweet spot for me. He could do more to fine tune, but as we discussed, it simply wasn't necessary for me (and from the beginning I didn't want to spend the money on unnecessary gear). I love that between the call and the arrival discussion, he takes the time to figure out your sweet spot - if you are getting your kids bike up and running, it is different from when you are getting your racer tuned - and then he operates from that knowledge. Omar is able to perfectly complement your needs. The prices are exceeding fair and after a long bike ride yesterday, I can say the work is outstanding. I'm really glad to add Omar to my list of trusted 'go to's'.

Deb Niemeier
34th St NW

TAKEN: Outdoor Kids Toys #free

Lauren Wright

These items have all been claimed. Thanks for the interest. 

35th and Porter 

Tivoli Locksmith - Open and Doing Business in Coronavirus Emergency Using Safest Practices

Tivoli Locksmith

Tivoli Locksmith - Best Reviewed Locksmith in the Neighborhood - Open and Doing Business During Coronavirus Emergency Period.

We are wearing masks & gloves, disinfecting surfaces, and practicing social distancing.

Your Security & Safety Is Our Highest Priority.

Dear Listserv Community,  

For anyone in need of a professional, certified locksmith, my company, Tivoli Locksmith offers 24/7 Emergency Lockout Services for Residential, Auto and Commercial needs. 

We have been serving the community for over 30 years and are the best-reviewed locksmith on the listserv. Here are a few of the recommendations from your neighbors: 

"I needed some locks re-keyed and so called Tivoli Locksmith. Joseph Ngana set an appointment to come assess what was needed, arrived promptly, provided helpful questions and answers, gave a very reasonable estimate.... He is clearly expert in his work, as well as gracious. Definitely 5 stars!" --M.A.   

"Mr Joseph Ngana came to my house and rescue this week when he fixed my front door lock so I could get in my front door. He was charming, friendly, explained what needed to be done and did it!! I am eternally grateful to Mr. Ngana and to the Cleveland Park Listserve that introduced me to this skillful and delightful person. He also speaks French!! " --H.M.   

"....Here is another accolade for Tivoli Locksmith and Joseph. I called him this morning. He was already out on appointments but managed to accommodate me and my finicky tenant.The apartment door deadbolt was, according to Joseph, very old. Yet he managed, from the opened back of his vehicle, to replace all of the parts and pieces that had worn out inside the lock. He's a locksmith-genius." --L.H.   

Call us for:
* Emergency service
* Re-keying
* Deadbolts
* Lockset change
* Auto or home lockout
* New lock installation
* Cylinder combination change
* Knobset change
Please call Joseph at (202) 338-5335 to schedule an appointment or with any questions.   

It's been a pleasure serving the community and we appreciate your continued support!   

Thank you,  

Joseph Ngana  
Founder, Tivoli Locksmith 
Registered Certified Locksmith 
Licensed, Bonded, Insured  
(202) 338-5335  
tivolilocksmithservices@... [tivolilocksmithservices @ gmail dot com]
Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor  

Re: Wash Post: In upper Northwest, displacement happened long ago

This long response (Message  ) is consistent with past ones - the only way to have more equitable housing in DC is to not adopt the Comp Plan amendments. There are two ways to look at that suggested approach, which is binary in its approach.  

  1. The first would be that the author is correct and that DC is ready and able to implement changes that have only taken place in a handful of cities. 
  2. The second would be that this is a ruse to simply stop any new development in Ward 3 via a fairly benign increase in density by defeating these changes.
How about we do both? What I have been hearing from proponents of the social housing movement is that we can't, which makes no sense to me.

Steve Seelig

- original message -
Excellent opinion piece in the WAPO written by Matt Frumin, reposted here 

Re: ISO Moving/Storage Company

Schwartz Alan

I have used Metropolitan Moving and Storage twice and have been terrific. On my last move I had two very large pieces of furniture that would not fit in the Broadmoor's elevator. So the guys carried it up 6 flights of stairs. No issue. They are honest and do a great job.


FREE: Various office supplies

Anne Morin

Various office supplies available for free on porch at 3718 Chesapeake St NW: 

file holders
magazine holders
paper trays
letter sized hanging folders
telephone log books
standing wire shelf - four shelves.  approx 33" high x 15" long and 9" deep
bulletin board
binder clips
lots of small notebooks with lined paper
lots of three ring binders of various sizes
clip boards
a few two pocket folders

Anne Morin

15641 - 15660 of 187845