Connecticut Avenue NW Reversible Lane Operations and Safety Study (whew!)

Ann Hamilton

I have been impressed with the quality of the discussion on this listserv about the alternatives for reconfiguration of the traffic lanes on Connecticut Avenue – thoughtful, substantive, and only rarely infused with a touch of hostility. The problem is quite straight-forward: The only “given” is the width of the roadway (60 feet, enough for six 10-foot-wide lanes, while the competing demands for that space are legion – commuters, cyclists, shoppers, schools, pedestrians, zoo-goers, buses, diners, and businesses, to name but a few).  So there will inevitably be winners and losers from any decision.

In very over-simplified terms, the difference of opinion about the valuable community resource that is Connecticut Avenue can be distilled into Bikers vs. Walkers and Drivers. Those who side with the Bikers have been urged to write to DDOT in support of “Option C.”  Since the discussion has led my preference to lie elsewhere, I urge those who have expressed reservations about that option to be sure to write to DDOT to weigh in. I wouldn’t want DDOT to be led solely by volume to believe that the community has a strong and unified view. If you don’t support Option C, it would be very helpful if you could say which option (modified as necessary) you would like to see, rather than simply describing problems (with which they are probably very familiar).

Their website says the Project Email is Conn-Ave-revstudy@..., but I am not confident that it is read and absorbed. They also offer the email of the Project Manager, Ed Stollof, Edward.Stollof@... and the Deputy Project Manager, Cynthia Lin, Cynthia.Lin@....   

Ann Hamilton 

The foregoing is the point of this message, so you can stop reading right here.  But if you haven’t taken a dive into the details of the DDOT options,  (or if that link doesn’t work) [as far as I can tell, DDOT’s own website has not been updated], or if you’d like a CliffNotes summary, here is what I pulled together for myself (which probably contains errors, for which I apologize in advance): 

No-Build (Keep Reversible Lanes, No Protected Bike Lanes). Peak: AM - 4 lanes inbound, 2 lanes outbound; reverse for PM peak; no parking.  Off-peak: 2 travel lanes each direction; parking on one side of CT.  May include intersection improvements (probably true of other options). 

Option A (Keep Reversible Lanes, Two One-Way Protected Bike Lanes). Peak: AM – 3 lanes inbound, 1 lane outbound; reverse for PM peak  Off-peak: 2 vehicle lanes each direction.  Requires expensive overhead signage opposed by Commission on Fine Arts.  Always: 2 one-way bicycle lanes. no parking. 

Option B (Remove Reversible Lane, No Protected Bike Lanes). Peak: 3 lanes outbound; 3 lanes inbound; no parking.  Off-peak: 2 lanes each direction; parking and loading both sides. 

Option C (Remove Reversible Lane, Two One-Way Protected Bike Lanes).  Peak and Off-Peak:  2 lanes outbound, 2 land inbound; 1 Protected Bike Lane; 1 parking/loading lane for 118 cars in commercial areas [not clearly defined], remove 507 parking/loading spaces in other areas.

Option D-0 (One Reversible Lane, One Two-Way Protected Bike Lane).  Peak: AM – 3 lanes inbound, 2 lanes outbound; reverse for PM peak.  Off-peak: Something about left-turn pockets (not constructible), conflicts in narrower 2-way bike lanes.  Needs overhead signage.

And several complicated options (D-1, D-2, and E) described as “by others”.  Option E contains a “Fatal Flaw” since it does not conform to DDOT’s guiding principles.

As for parking, there are now 625 spaces, of which 209 are in commercial areas, distributed as set out below.  The table attempts to show how many of those would be removed. (If formatting doesn’t work, see Slide 34). 

                                                                                                      Removed                           ­

                                                   Current       Option A     Option B       Option C       Option D

Nebraska – Fessenden                    20                20                0                       11                11

          Albemarle – Van Ness           81                 81                0                       41               41

          Porter – Macomb                54                 54               0                       23                 23

          North Rd. – Cathedral           34                34                0                       10                 24

          Woodley – Calvert                 20                20                0                        6                  6

          Added during Peak                                      0                0                     <118­­­>             0

                  TOTAL                          209               209               0                  91 + <118>       105

        Loading                                   21                 21                0                       5                  12

Re: Dialing "202" for All Local Calls

Sara Schreiber

This is the first time I’ve heard this information, Chuck. No notification from Verizon, at this point.
Sara Schreiber
Fessenden St.
- original message -
Dear Listserv,
We are being told by our landline provider that we'll now have to dial "202" before all local calls to another 202 number. This is due to the fact that 202 is no longer going to be the only DC number -- 771 is being added. We should begin transitioning to 202 dialing on April 10 and must do so starting November 9.
Is this what everyone is hearing from their landline and cell providers?
To be clear, if there will now be two "DC" area codes, I can understand the new rule. Without "202," the phone companies won't know if we're 202 or 771.

Re: ISO someplace to have a watchband reattached or replaced #iso

Mary Latka

I second the recommendation for Town Jeweler in Cleveland Park. They are great, and local!


- previous message -
We use Town Jewelers on Conn Ave near Macomb St for watch batteries and watch repair. It’s a family business and the older gentleman owner is a watch repairman for most watches. Very nice people.

Re: ISO someplace to have a watchband reattached or replaced #iso


I recommend Friendship Jewelers — the jeweler near Dalton Brody on Idaho Avenue — for watchbands and jewelry. Joel is the owner and is always helpful.

Beth-Ann Gentile

- previous message -
The jeweler next to Dalton Brody on Idaho Ave. is Joel, and the shop is Friendship Jewelers, . They've been in neighborhood over thirty years, father and son. Years before Cathedral Commons was next to Sullivan’s Toy Store.

Re: ISO Feedback on PNC Bank...and Capital One

Lisa Wallace

I have been a PNC customer for over 10 years and have mostly been happy with them until recently. I was chatting and doing business with the PNC folks at Cathedral Commons last year and was encouraged to take advantage of their offer for a credit card. I did not need another credit card- I exercise my Capital One MC a lot and it works well! But I decided maybe to help out and you never know when you might want a back-up card. I assumed my APR was going to be reasonable because my credit score is in the excellent range. Well, they did not come back to me with a reasonable rate and I called all of their customer service offices, no one could give me an audible answer of why having a high credit score would they give me not just a high but and extremely high APR %. I tried a few more phone calls and asked my friends at the branch - nothing! I also relayed that processing the credit card would be contingent on if they could adjust the rate or I didn't want or need it. It was processed anyway. So that's it. That's my story with PNC. Note: I am extremely happy with Capital One Credit Services.

~Lisa Wallace Giordano

Re: ISO Feedback on PNC Bank...and Capital One

Lucie Patton

I’ve been with PNC for a long time.

Their service is good depending  on which branch and the manager. I loved this one manager’s service so much I moved with her to her different branches... even Rockville! Her name is Georgia Di Bella and she now runs the Bethesda branch (across the old Modell’s and Panera) on Wisconsin. She’s a star when it comes to customer service! 
We used to use PNC for our business banking but we had such a bad experience with the business relationship person and their portal that we switched our business banking to Capital One whose portal was so much better. However, Capital One closed all their branches in Bethesda and screwed up something big for us that I started looking again and was reconsidering PNC. I don’t know if their difficult-to-use portal has been fixed but I found out the business relationship person we had a problem with before is not only still there but has been promoted. Needless to say, we didn’t move our business banking back to PNC. Relationships are important for us.

- previous message -
Capital One is slowly moving to all digital and cafes. Their branches will eventually close, cafes with ATM's will remain and be opened, Targets and CVS' will have ATMs for cash and deposits should phone deposits not be available for you.
PNC bank seems to be a favorite. Are they favored for business accounts as well?

TAKEN / DONATED AND DONATIONS ! Old Camera equipment FREE available for pickup but donate to help feed others #donate #free

Rick Gersten

NICE RESPONSES! These cameras will be donated to the DC youth missioned organization - , at the suggestion of another listserve reader. Plus, we received several offers for the cameras by readers who despite not obtaining the cameras will be donating to S.O.M.E. (So Others Might Eat). Others sent money used to bring coffee & breakfast this morning to the folks living in tents at Dupont Circle. Thanks much


Enjoy Free Zoom Classes on Jewish Robots (Mar 10) and on Jewish Community of Argentina (Mar 17)

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The only requirement is to register for them at 

(21W5) Can Robots Be Jewish? On 10 March 2011 at 8:00-9:15 PM EST

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(21W7) Jewish Community of Argentina  on Sunday 17 March 2021 at 2:00-3:30 PM EDT

Continuing its exploration of Jewish communities in Latin America, the Jewish Study Center turns to Argentina -- home of the region's largest Jewish community and the site of two horrendous antisemitic bombings in the 1990’s. With a rabbinical seminary, cherished legacy of writers on Jewish life in Yiddish and Spanish, Argentina's Jews have played a particularly influential role in Jewish life in the Spanish-speaking world.

Our guide to Argentina's richly complex Jewish community will be Alejandro Dujovne, Ph.D., Social Sciences.  He is a researcher at CONICET – the Argentine Scientific and Technology National Agency – and directs the master’s degree in Sociology of Culture at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín.  He was the co-founder and director of the Jewish Studies Program at IDES-CONICET.  His main areas of interest are modern Jewish cultural history of Latin America and Argentina and the history and sociology of book publishing.  His 2014 book A history of the Jewish book: the Argentine Jewish culture through its publishers, booksellers, translators, printers and libraries examined Argentine Jewish culture within the wider diasporic Jewish geography through the printed word.  In 2015 this book won the Latin American Jewish Association Book Award.

Jewish Study Center
info@... [info @ jewishstudycenter dot org]

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ANC3C Public Meeting Agenda for Monday, March 15, 2021 at 8PM

ANC 3C Administrator

The March public meeting for ANC3C will be held on Monday, March 15, 2021, beginning at 8:00pm Online. All are welcome to hear the issues presented below. Please visit for updates prior to the meeting.
Commission Business
1. Consideration of a Resolution in Support of Immediate Modernization and Safety Improvements of the Playground and Outdoor Learning Spaces at Oyster-Adams Bilingual School
2. Consideration of a Resolution asking Council to Exempt Unemployment Benefits from Taxable Income due to the Pandemic
The following Zoom link for ANC 3C’s March Meeting is a registration link only. You will be asked to provide your email address in order to receive the Zoom login link, which will be emailed to you immediately upon registration. The email will include a link to join the meeting on March 15th as well as a passcode which will be necessary if you choose to join the meeting via phone rather than computer.  ANC 3C will not retain or disclose your email address.
You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Mar 15, 2021 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Thank you,
Rachel Worsham
ANC3C Administrator

Dialing "202" for All Local Calls

Chuck Ludlam

Dear Listserv,

We are being told by our landline provider that we'll now have to dial "202" before all local calls to another 202 number. This is due to the fact that 202 is no longer going to be the only DC number -- 771 is being added. We should begin transitioning to 202 dialing on April 10 and must do so starting November 9.
Is this what everyone is hearing from their landline and cell providers?

To be clear, if there will now be two "DC" area codes, I can understand the new rule. Without "202," the phone companies won't know if we're 202 or 771.

Chuck Ludlam 
Watson Place NW
Washington, D.C. 20016

Re: Cleveland Park Metro to Close in 2022? Give Feedback to WMATA

Tamara Browne

Thanks all - can’t believe this. Time to mobilize - horrible impact on so many especially since this is a preferred entrance and exit for ADA affected - big hit for the commercial district too. 
Have to weigh in with entire delegation, Federal appropriators - so many of their staff rely on the metro - as well as USG time to rally.

Tamara Browne

- previous message -
Thanks! Doesn’t the newly passed $1.9 trillion stimulus plan have any additional funding for WMATA? I read there was a significant block of funds set aside to help struggling transit systems. The December funding helped WMATA move the proposed stark cuts back from July 2021 to January 2022. 

- original message -
The Cleveland Park Metro Station is on the chopping block (along with 21 other stations) and will close effective Jan. 1, 2022 if additional funding is not secured.  To provide feedback about this to WMATA, please take the survey at
More information about all the proposed changes is here:

Re: ISO Feedback on PNC Bank...and Capital One

Larry M Lawrence

I dealt with PNC for several years on behalf of a non-profit organization with a 6-digit budget. I inherited this account from the Riggs era. I was very happy with them & the relationship worked fine.

- previous message -
PNC bank seems to be a favorite. Are they favored for business accounts as well?

Re: ISO someplace to have a watchband reattached or replaced #iso


The jeweler next to Dalton Brody on Idaho Ave. is Joel, and the shop is Friendship Jewelers, They've been in neighborhood over thirty years, father and son. Years before Cathedral Commons was next to Sullivan’s Toy Store.

Susie Bennet

- previous message -
For years I have taken my watches and other jewelry needing repair to the jeweler near Dalton Brody on Idaho, right off Wisconsin. Small store, some lovely things, nice owner.

CM Cheh Coronavirus Update: Pre-Registration Opens Wednesday

Abigail McLean

Hi everyone,


Please see CM Cheh’s latest Coronavirus Update here:


Dear Neighbors,


This Wednesday, March 10th, the District is launching a new vaccine registration portal that will enable residents to pre-register for a vaccine and receive direct notifications when it is time to schedule an appointment. This is very welcome news, not only because my Council colleagues and I have been pressing for a one-time pre-registration system for weeks, but because this process will be far less onerous and hectic for residents. Here's how the new system will work:


Pre-Registration Opens this Wednesday - Residents who are currently qualified for the vaccine will be able to pre-register for a vaccination appointment through or through the call center at 1-855-363-0333. 

  • In an effort to avoid further portal crashes, DC Health is only opening pre-registration to currently qualified residents (pre-registration will expand to other groups and age demographics in the future).
  • Please Note: This is not a first come, first served system. The system will use a randomization process among those in the registration pool, so the order in which someone registers does not affect the order in which someone will be invited to schedule an appointment.


Pre-Registration Includes - Submitting demographic information, occupation, medical history, COVID-19 history, and contact information to the website ( or the call center (1-855-363-0333).

  • The call center hours are 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


Wait to be Contacted - Based on the preferences indicated during the pre-registration process, residents will be called, texted, and/or emailed when it is their turn to make a vaccination appointment. 

  • For its first week in operation, the system is going to notify selected residents on Friday, March 12th and Monday, March 15th. 
  • Moving forward, the system will send notifications out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays by 10:00 am. If you sign up to receive a notifications by email, please remember to check your spam folder regularly.


Upon Being Selected - After receiving a notification that they have been selected, residents will have a 48-hour window to book an appointment. If someone should miss the scheduling window, he or she will be added back into the pool of registrants until selected by the system again.

  • The system will select a resident up to three times. If a resident doesn't respond to the notice after the third time, he or she will be removed from the system and will need to pre-register again.


This new system is designed to weigh individual risk factors, eligibility, and equity principles (for more detail, please see click here). And it is important to remember that there are still tens of thousands of people within the eligible workforce, senior age bracket, and qualifying medical condition categories. Therefore, it is likely that those on the pre-registration list may wait days, weeks, and possibly months before being selected for an appointment. This is, of course, not ideal, but it is a far better process than the previous scramble that greatly advantaged those with high speed internet and technical savvy. And to that point, if you or someone you know would like assistance pre-registering in the new portal, please do not hesitate to contact my office and we will help you through the process.






Abigail McLean

Special Assistant and Scheduler

Office of Councilmember Mary M. Cheh, Ward 3


(202) 724-8062 (office)

Alice Deal Middle School Mulch Madness and Spring Plant Sale!


Dear Cleveland Park community,

See below for an opportunity to help get your yard and garden in shape and support our local DC public middle school!
Spring is in the air, so it’s time to get back in the garden and purchase your flowers, herbs and veggies, and so much MULCH! Deal's motto is #herewegrow so help us grow.
Your purchases helped support our school, staff and students at a critical time. This year we are doing things a bit differently by creating two brackets for this year’s Mulch Madness sale.
Bracket 1: Warm-up with potted plants and mulch
Sale starts online on March 8 :
· Mulch, Leafgro, top soil, and potted lilies, tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are available starting March 8th for purchase to bring some color and life to your home, or for outdoor, socially-distanced Passover or Easter celebrations.
· When placing your order, you must tell us which weekend you would like to pick up your Bracket 1 order or if you would like it delivered.
· Bracket 1 orders will be available for pick up at Deal (mask on please!) or delivered to your home by our seasoned, contactless delivery teams for a small fee (all proceeds go to support Deal programs) on the weekends of March 27-28 or April 3-4.
Bracket 2: Garden big or go home!
· Post-Spring Break we will start taking orders for hanging baskets, flats of flowers, veges/herbs galore, as well as more mulch, soil and conditioner.
· Come back here to place your order starting April 6
· Donations also accepted for plants and mulch to help keep our school beautiful.
Throughout both sales, you can also donate to the Green Wall project! This is an exciting, student-led project which aims to create a living wall of greenery inside the school to clean the air, reduce noise, and provide a beautiful addition to the building.
Thank you for your support!
Liz Stuart
Hearst and Deal parent

Re: ISO someplace to have a watchband reattached or replaced #iso

Mary Dickie

We use Town Jewelers on Conn Ave near Macomb St for watch batteries and watch repair. It’s a family business and the older gentleman owner is a watch repairman for most watches. Very nice people.


ISO Bases for End or Side Tables

Scott Gordon

I recently finished a home renovation and I have a few small pieces of quartzite countertop remaining. Rather than trashing them, I am hoping to reuse them as possible tops for side tables, end tables, etc. However, I need somewhere to buy or find someone to fabricate bases. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Re: ISO info on vaccine registration - Hallelujah, new vaccine system

web26 data

Key takeaway -

"While any District resident will be able to pre-register starting Wednesday, Bowser said residents should wait to pre-register until their eligibility phase is announced so as not to overload the system. Registering early will not get anyone ahead in line, she said."
Details succinctly laid out in the link below. Given extensive previous listserv postings, many (most?) will be happy with the new process.
Woodley P
D'vorah🐝 /deborahHF

- original message - 
Has anyone been able to find DC's new system for signing up for vaccines?
Editor's notes: The CP Listserv will post the announcement of the new registration system as soon as it has launched. Right now if you go to the VaccinateDC website, you will see this announcement:

DC will launch a pre-registration system for making vaccination appointments on Wednesday, March 10 at the link below or through the COVID-19 Call Center at 1-855-363-0333. If you are in an eligible population, you may be contacted via email or phone beginning Friday, March 12 to book one of the 14,680 appointments being made available through the portal and call center. Due to limits on available appointments, it may takes weeks for you to receive an invitiation to book an appointment. 
[Please note that the typo in the word "invitation" above was an error on the website, not my transcribing error! This is NOT a good omen!]

4641 - 4660 of 175654