Range to give away (one burner doesn't work, everything else does) #free

a balazs

The front, small burner on my electric range isn't working and is expensive to repair. I'm giving it away.
Everything else is working fine and the stove is 5.5 years old and in good condition. 

My new stove is being delivered 17th December. I would love the old stove to go a good home! I live at 7th & E NW.

This is the stove: LDE3037ST

Thanks - 
Antonia Balazs
antonia dot balazs @ gmail dot com

ISO 5/5T boys clothes

Farrah Freis

Hi all--

Before I buy new, does anyone have good condition fall/winter boys clothes in 5/5T (or 4T pants that don't run small) that they're ready to part with? My son seems to have had a crazy growth spurt mid-season. I'm looking mostly for play clothes, stain-free (and the boy loves corduroys). Happy to pay. 
Many thanks and hoping everyone is staying safe!

Free and FS: dining table, vintage chair, shoe trees, rag rug, crock pot, Chinese lamps, ironstone platter, etc. #free #forsale #furniture

judith shapiro

Still rearranging, thanks to spending more time at home!

- basket of vintage shoe trees (for small man or big woman)
- NEW EuroPro crock pot, never used
- rag rug
- Clean, as new pink throw blanket or shawl
- Large oval fancy tablecloth with padded edges

For sale:
- Handmade wooden table with drop leaves, made for my husband's parents, opens to 4 feet x 6 feet.  Some water damage to surface  Asking $150
- Two Chinese table lamps $25 each
- Antique white Ironstone platter by James Edwards $10
- Redoute print of an amaryllis flower, nicely framed $20
- Antique blue spindle chair (legs have been sawed off so it is for a small person) $20

Pick up on Cathedral south of the Zoo. Hope you see something you like!

Kitten not included.

Judy Shapiro

Pleiades Art Jewelry Virtual Exhibition and Sale Now Through Jan 31 #artshow #shoplocal #art #jewelry #shopping


The Pleiades Art Jewelry group is pleased to announce its first ever Virtual Exhibition and Sale, currently live on line running through January 31, 2021. This is the 35th year of the event, which usually takes place at The Mansion at 
The event showcases a collection of jewelry and metalwork with an exceptionally wide range of designs incorporating diverse techniques and materials. All designs are original, and hand crafted by the exhibiting artists.

Click here to shop from the 
curated group of artists Pleiades Art Jewelry

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Re: Leaf collection program - any activity?

Meghan Kowalski

I've seen the vacuum trucks out and about (particularly along Reno) this week.


- original message - 
It's well beyond our scheduled leaf collection pick up date, so I was wondering if anyone has noticed any Cleveland Park leaf collection activity by DC Public Works. 

Re: Leaf collection program - any activity?

Bruce Maliken

I just saw them on Cumberland and Davenport Streets. 

Bruce Maliken

(240) 475-4193 

- original message - 
It's well beyond our scheduled leaf collection pick up date, so I was wondering if anyone has noticed any Cleveland Park leaf collection activity by DC Public Works.  

Re: Leaf collection program - any activity?

Mustafa Bahar

They are here this morning - Brandywine and Connecticut 
Mustafa on Brandywine 

- original message - 
It's well beyond our scheduled leaf collection pick up date, so I was wondering if anyone has noticed any Cleveland Park leaf collection activity by DC Public Works.

Re: ISO advice on best document scanner for newspaper pages

Carol Grigsby

After looking hard for a large enough flatbed to scan old large-size mimeographed letters, newspaper articles and such, I settled on a handheld Iris:

They advertise these for scanning books but I don’t think they work as well for those – very good for scanning delicate, larger items though..

Good luck



Ellicott St NW

ISO Pediatric Dermatologist

Christopher Backley


Can anyone please recommend a pediatric dermatologist? Ideally someone close to Cleveland Park?



Leaf collection program - any activity?

GLENN bass

It's well beyond our scheduled leaf collection pick up date, so I was wondering if anyone has noticed any Cleveland Park leaf collection activity by DC Public Works.

Glenn - Pick up zone 3C

Editor's note: You can find the DPW announcement with the leaf collections schedule, PDF brochures, and interactive map at Message 

Tonight is the Deadline - Serve as a Ward 3 Dems At-Large Delegate

William P Thomas

Calling all Ward 3 Democrats - 
I just want to send a friendly reminder that today is the last day to become a Ward 3 Democrat at-large delegate. Please use the link below if you have not signed up to stay involved in your local party. The self-nomination form closes at 10:00 PM today.

You will be notified via email after the link closes on December 4 with a Ward 3 Delegate Welcome Kit.  You will not need to participate in a virtual election meeting allocated by our by-laws.  

If an interested person doesn't have an email address or internet access, you can notify me of their candidacy by telephone at 202-262-0606 within the specified timeframe.
We hope you will sign up to serve our community.

Phil Thomas
Chair, Ward 3 Democrats  

Re: Options for reconfiguring Conn Ave

Sauleh Siddiqui

Hi Mark,

Thanks for engaging on this. The presentation is at a very preliminary stage, they have not defined the exact configuration of Option C yet, which means it is the perfect time for the neighborhood to start discussions and engagement. Even though construction won't start for at least two years, I think we can start the dialogue on how to bring the community together around one of the choices. 

The original Option C (slide 38) removes the current non-rush hour parking as you pointed out, but a modified Option C on slide 40 has the potential for 24-hour parking and loading on one side of the street. I agree with you that we should try our best to advocate for customer parking within the modified Option C, with enough space leftover for loading and unloading. Currently, there's no 24-hour loading zone on either side of the street, and the parking on Connecticut Avenue disappears during rush hour. This way we have a defined spot for loading/unloading along with 24-hour parking one one side that doesn't go away during rush hour.

There are other great reasons to go for Option C. It removes the dangerous reversible lanes and also provides protected bicycle lanes. This will improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, those who should be prioritized when looking at transportation infrastructure. Bicycling infrastructure has been shown to increase the frequency of customers to businesses and I think we can use that boost for our commercial district along with its sustainability benefits as well.

Always happy to chat more about this, and I encourage everyone to attend the webinar linked here.


Jewish Study Center Course Dec 9 & 16 @ 8pm, Refuge from the Nazis: A 2-Part Look at the British Kindertransport

Listserv Sponsor

Refuge from the Nazis: A Two-Part Look at the British Kindertransport (20F4)
December 9 and 16, 8:00-9:30 p.m.
Instructor: Jeff Metzger
Free Admission.

Please register ahead at

After the events of the Nazi anti-Jewish terror campaign of 1938 known as Kristallnacht, the British government put in place the Kindertransport program, a humanitarian effort to rescue imperiled children from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia in late 1938 and 1939.

About ten thousand children were rescued; no other country undertook an effort on this scale. This class will focus on the antecedent events in Germany that caused the British to put the program in place; the adverse immigration policies in the 1930s; the immediate precursor event in Germany, Kristallnacht; the efforts by British politicians and religious leaders to obtain support for the program; the failure of the United States to participate in the program; and the organization and operation of the program.

The instructor will also review, based on newly located records, his mother’s experiences as a child in the program. He will compare them to other participating children’s experiences. Finally, the course will involve discussion of the lessons to be drawn in contemporary America from the British humanitarian effort in 1939. 

The course will be taught in two sessions. This first session will focus on the precursor events to and the creation of the Kindertransport. The second session will focus on the development and implementation of the program and its effects on the involved children and parents.

Jeffrey Metzger is an attorney. He currently serves as a director of the non-profit U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, an international refugee/immigration rights organization. He represented in court unaccompanied children who crossed the U.S. Mexico border. 

All classes are free and on Zoom. Register to receive the link.

Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!


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Webinar Tuesday on Connecticut Ave Bike Lanes

Bob Ward

All are invited to register for next Tuesday's webinar on the Connecticut Avenue Reversible Lanes/Bike Lanes project hosted by Ward 3 Bike Advocates. They will be discussing the details of the project, including the various design options under consideration and W3BA's recommended approach.
What’s Next For a Connecticut Ave Protected Bike Lane?
Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020 06:30-8pm
As you may know, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is exploring removing the reversible lane on Connecticut Avenue between Woodley Park and Chevy Chase and a possible street redesign. For the first time, protected bike lanes are being considered as a serious option. Ward 3 advocates have been talking about dangerous traffic and a need for safe, low-stress bicycling options on Connecticut Ave for a decade or more. 
Bob Ward

"Enraptured by Raptors" at Dupont Circle Holiday Pop-up Saturday, Dec. 5: Noon-5pm #holiday

Jen Packard

"Enraptured by Raptors" will be at the Dupont Circle Pop-up tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 5 from noon-5pm!  
Location:  1528 Connecticut Avenue NW (in front of Beefsteak restaurant).
Weather reports NO RAIN. 

Come buy a book, have it signed, or just talk hawks with me! Look for the fluorescent green table cloth. You can't miss it!

Read more about the book here:

Dupont Circle Holiday pop-up:

See you Saturday!

Jen Packard 

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Goodbye, 2020! Share What This Year Meant to You (for children ages 8 - 12)

Everton Rocca <evertonfrocca@...>

Goodbye, 2020! Share What This Year Meant to You (for children ages 8 - 12)

Think your kids might have some thoughts and feelings to share about the crazy year we've all just lived through?

Come join me and other students for this one-time Writing class with a Social-Emotional Learning focus! Each child will have the chance to respond to writing prompts about their experiences during 2020, share them with peers from around the country, and learn what this year has been like for others!

: $10
Length: 1 hour
Date: Saturday, December 26th (various times available)
Hope to see you there!
Warm regards,
Everton Rocca
Stanford University '20
University of Southern California '18
evertonfrocca @ gmail dot com 

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Updated! Phoebe Hearst Elementary School Annual Toy Drive, and canned food drive, too! Dec 6 & 13, 10am-12pm #donate #community


Just a reminder about the Toys for Tots collection this weekend at Phoebe Hearst Elementary School, 3950 37th Street, NW. Because of the forecast, we have moved this weekend's collection to Sunday, December 6th instead of the 5th, and we'll be collecting donations again next Sunday, December 13th, from 10-12 both days.

Drive up and drop off in the parking lot or walk up to the front of the school [ 3950 37th St NW]. We are collecting new toys and books as well as gently used book for kids ages 3-15.

We are also collecting canned food to donate to Capital Area Food Bank.

Thank you!
(Van Ness St)

Re: Mrs. K's Tollhouse closing

Sarit cioban

On no, what sad news. I will miss it so much.   

Sarit Cioban

- original message - 
Sadly Mrs. K's Tollhouse will be closing after 90 years due to you know what :(  

Re: Options for reconfiguring Conn Ave

Ako & Jeff Schwartz Shigihara

You are assuming that one agency talks to the other. Each operates in a solo based on what the others did two years prior. That is why roads are dug up to reach pipes or wires just after the city finished repaving them. One proposal has absolutely no connection to or bearing on the other. They just happen to all impact the same spot.

Jeff on 28th

- previous message -

Just so I understand – as someone who has not been closely following this – in the face of proposed Metro cutbacks, the plan is to spend $20 million to eliminate parking that remaining businesses have called critical to their success.
And that's...all in the name of allowing folks to enjoy a meal while breathing in exhaust from cars heading to Chevy Chase on a hot summer day? Can't wait for the construction! At least folks will be able to scooter to the cigar shop?

Re: ISO Recs for CDs for the toddler set

Kari Gallagher <kari@...>

Let me do a shout out to our own local wonder Mr. Lilo! Many of you know him from the local preschool circuit; he is on weekly rotation at many of the local preschools. Kids think he’s a rock star - especially with his “I am a pizza” song. Some of his songs are bilingual. My family of three girls have been enjoying him for twelve years.  

- original message -
Hi there - Any recommendations for favorite CDs for two- to three-year-olds - any genre of music or stories - only criteria being that they be tolerable for the adult ear.

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